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At the Circus, one of the films available on DVD from Universal in the box set due out in November. Posted by Hello

The Marx Brothers on DVD from Universal in November. A must for any DVD library. Posted by Hello

Marx Brothers on DVD! Must-Have!

Marx Brothers on DVD: In celebration of 75 years of the funniest siblings ever to grace the silver screen, Universal Studios Home Video releases The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection on November 9, 2004. This boxed set includess the first five films made by Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo − and the only films to star all four brothers together. In addition to the classic full-length features The Cocoanuts, Animal Crackers, Monkey Business, Horse Feathers and Duck Soup, The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection also boasts a bonus disc containing rare archival telecasts from the "Today" show with Groucho and Harpo Marx. Also included is a spectacular 40-page collectible booklet. The DVD is priced at $59.98 SRP. Pre-order close is October 5, 2004 for the DVD.

The American Film Institute included five Marx Brothers films on its list of America's 100 Greatest Comedies. Duck Soup, probably the quartet's best-known film, was ranked No. 5 on the comedy list and also earned a spot on AFI's 100 Best Films of all time.

Two rare telecast segments from the archives of the "Today" show are contained on a bonus disc. One features Harpo Marx in an interview. The other offers a fascinating anecdote from Groucho Marx about working with a bit player who got the part solely on her distinctive walk - Marilyn Monroe.


The Cocoanuts
Adapted from the Marx Brothers' second Broadway hit, The Cocoanuts was the boys' first feature film. Groucho portrays a hotel owner out to fleece everyone, from innocent bellboys to wealthy society matron Mrs. Potter (Margaret Dumont). Chico and Harpo play resort con men, (a fact Groucho recognizes instantly when their suitcase pops open − empty). When Mrs. Potter discovers her priceless jewels are missing, Chico and Harpo spring into action to exonerate the falsely accused bell clerk (Oscar Shaw), find the jewels and nab the real perpetrators. Complete with music and lyrics by songwriting great Irving Berlin, this nonstop screwball comedy features some of the Marx Brothers' best routines, including Groucho's famous land auction and the classic "Viaduct" ("Why a duck?") exchange.

HAMMER: You - you know what an auction is, eh?
CHICO: I come from Italy on the Atlantic Auction.

Animal Crackers
A classic of screen history, Animal Crackers is as uproariously funny today as it was over 70 years ago. This film introduced Groucho's most famous character, Captain Spaulding, whose song became the theme of his legendary "You Bet Your Life" TV program. Highlights include Groucho's Africa lecture ("One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know") and the card game between Harpo, Chico and society dowager Mrs. Rittenhouse (Margaret Dumont).

SPAULDING: As I say, we tried to remove the tusks. But they were embedded so firmly we couldn't budge them. Of course, in Alabama, the Tuscaloosa but that is entirely ir-elephant to what I was talking about.

Monkey Business
The brothers' third film was their first originally written for the screen and their first made in Hollywood. Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo play four stowaways on a luxury ocean liner who end up becoming bodyguards for rival gangsters. Written by S.J. Perelman, this laugh-filled escapade contains some of the Marx Brothers' wackiest routines, including the famous disembarkation sequence where they all pass themselves off as Maurice Chevalier. Opinions are split as to whether you can hear the normally mute Harpo's voice when the stowaways sing "Sweet Adeline." Either way, lunacy rules the waves in this madcap voyage.

MAN: What's the idea putting your hand in my pocket
CHICO: Just a little mistake. I had a suit once just looked like that, and for a moment I thought those were my pants.
MAN: How could they be your pants when I've got them on?
CHICO: Well, this suit had two pair of pants.

Horse Feathers
The Marx Brothers are at their manic peak in this uproariously anarchic parody of college life. As Prof. Quincy Adams, the fun-loving president of Huxley College, Groucho tries to keep the student body in line − and his own body close to a flirtatious blonde (Thelma Todd) who is secretly trying to rig the upcoming football game. Horse Feathers contains some of the funniest sequences in movie history including the unforgettable football game finale, each of the four brothers' distinctive renditions of "Everyone Says I Love You" and a speakeasy sequence that forever gave a new meaning to the word "Swordfish." The fourth Marx Brothers comedy boasts a script by brilliant humorist S.J. Perelman (Monkey Business, Around the World in 80 Days), songs by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby (including Groucho's theme, "I'm Against It") and direction by the great Norman McLeod (Topper, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty).

BARAVELLI: Hey, what'sa matter? You no understand English? You can't come in here unless you say "swordfish." Now, I give you one more guess.

Duck Soup
Released in 1933, this uproarious political satire is thought by many to be the Marx Brothers' greatest movie. Groucho is Rufus T. Firefly, the hilarious dictator of mythical land Freedonia. Harpo and Chico are commissioned as spies by Groucho's political rival, the calculating Trentino (Louis Calhern). The film contains many of the Brothers' most famous sequences: the lemonade stand, the Paul Revere parody, the "We're Going to War" number − a dead-on spoof of '30s musicals −and the often imitated final battle episode.

FIREFLY: To my dentist. Er .. 'Dear Dentist: Enclosed find cheque for five hundred dollars. Yours very truly.' Send that off immediately.
BOB:I'll ... er I'll have to enclose the cheque first.
FIREFLY: You do and I'll fire you.

CAST & FILMMAKERS (The Cocoanuts)

Director: Joseph Santley and Robert Florey
Screenwriter: Morrie Ryskind
Based on Musical Play, book by: George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind
Producer: Walter Wanger
Director of Photography:
Production Designer:
Cast: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Oscar Shaw, Mary Eaton, Kay Francis, Margaret Dumont, Cyril Ring, Basil Ruysdael, Sylvan Lee, Gamby-Hale Ballet Girls and Allan K. Foster Girls.

CAST & FILMMAKERS (Animal Crackers)

Director: Victor Heerman
Screenwriter: Morrie Ryskind
Based on the Musical Play by: George S. Kaufman, Bert Kalmar, Morrie Ryskind and Harry Ruby
Director of Photography: George J. Folsey
Art Director: Ernst Fegté
Cast: Groucho, Harpo Chico, Zeppo, Lillian Roth, Margaret Dumont, Louis Sorin, Hal Thompson, Margaret Irving

CAST & FILMMAKERS (Monkey Business)

Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Screenwriter: Arthur Sheekman
From a Story by: S.J. Perelman, Roland Pertwee and W.B. Johnstone
Producer: Herman J. Mankiewicz
Director of Photography: Arthur L. Todd
Production Designer:
Cast: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Thelma Todd, Rockcliffe Fellowes, Ruth Hall, Tom Kennedy and Harry Woods

CAST & FILMMAKERS (Horse Feathers)

Director: Norman McLeod
Screenwriters: Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby and S.J. Perelman
Producer: Herman J. Mankiewicz
Director of Photography: Ray June
Cast: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Thelma Todd, Florine McKinney, Robert Greig, James Pierce and David Landau


Director: Leo McCarey
Screenwriters: Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby
Additional Dialogue: Arthur Sheekman and Nat Perrin
Producer: Herman J. Mankiewicz
Director of Photography: Henry Sharp
Art Director: Hans Dreier, Wiard B. Ihnen
Editor: LeRoy Stone
Cast: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Thelma Todd, Rockcliffe Fellowes, Ruth Hall, Tom Kennedy and Harry Woods


Street Date: November 9, 2004
Order Close: October 5, 2004
Rating: R
Suggested Retail Price: $59.98
DVD Selection Number: 21250

Chico Marx (1887 -1961) Born: Leonard Marx; New York, USA

Harpo Marx (1888 - 1964) Born: Adolf Marx; New York, USA

Groucho Marx (1890 - 1977) Born: Julius Henry Marx; New York, USA

Gummo Marx (1897 - ?) Born: Milton Marx; New York, USA

Zeppo Marx (1901 - 1979) Born: Herbert Marx; New York, USA

Very early portrait of the Marx Family Posted by Hello

Harpo, Zeppo, Groucho and Chico: Legends at the Start. Posted by Hello

Marx Brothers... Posted by Hello

The brothers later in life. Posted by Hello

Vivica A. Fox wore H.Stern earrings and a necklace with one of her many changes while she hosted “Women Rock!” in Los Angeles. The show will be broadcast on the Lifetime network on October 18th. Vivica selected earrings from the H.Stern "Ropes" Collection: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $19,000 and a necklace also from the “Ropes” Collection: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $50,000.
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Kelly Clarkson at Lifetime's Women Rock! concert, carries an evening bag by Daniel Swarovski. She topped off her black ensemble with a black satin clutch accented with red, purple, and black Swarovski crystals in varying shapes and sizes. This intricate clutch comes from Swarovski's most recent Fall 2005 collection. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Here's a look at The Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills -- don't be misled by how cool and hip the decor is -- they're warm and wonderful and will really take care of you. It's rare you find a salon that has staff who are miraculous in color, cut, straightening, extensions, manicures. They do the proverbial "all." Posted by Hello

Alina of the Jim Wayne Salon -- hair stylist and blow-out extraordinaire. You MUST go see this woman. Posted by Hello

Beauty Night at the Jim Wayne Salon

BeansTalk was among the guests at Beauty Night at the Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills, coordinated by our pals at Rousso Fisher. What a lovely salon, great staff and AMAZING results!! Jim Wayne is a local legend with a justified reputation for being fantastic.

It's a great example of a very cool place, in a great location -- with genuinely warm and kind staff. Despite being in the heart of Beverly Hills, no one encountered an iota of snobbery. The staff asks you what you'd like, and doesn't tell you what they're going to do to you. Color and gloss by Wolf, cut, blow-dry and bright-red extension by Alina, manicure by Kim, wash by Roland. Teena had her hair cut by Homer, manicure by Kim, brows, too. Joelle had highlights by Debbie, cut and blow-dry by Alina, and brows. Organizer Alice had a gloss and cut by Jim Wayne -- face framingly lovely!

We munched on yummy pizza and cookies and drank fancy VOX Vodka drinks (ah, those berry Martinis!)

And in the end, everyone went away prettier and happier.

As Brentwood Magazine has said of the salon: The two-story loft is a gallery housing art and photography from local artists and also the home to proprietor and stylist Jim Wayne and color, extension and thermal straightening specialist “Wolf. ” Known to his celebrity clientele simply as Wolf, his flair for color has graced the pages of Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle and Elle.Wayne’s extensive training, and teaching at the Vidal Sassoon Academy has made the duo a hair force to be reckoned with, garnering the attention of Mischa Barton,Gretchen Mol, Carmen Electra and Kim Cattrall. But even those without celebrity status are treated like a star,“every person who walks into my salon get 110%,” Wayne says.

Jim Wayne Salon
9555 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4503
Phone: (310) 278-1191

Costner Wedding Reception Dessert Display

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner: During the reception, their gigantic chocolate dessert buffet was accented with Swarovski's crystal flower note holders. The note holders were displayed with tags in front of each dessert. Mariska Hargitay used he same Swarovski crystal note holders in her wedding at the head table. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Who's Wearing What + A Little More...

Christina Aguilera wore a colorful silk satin Yves St. Laurent dress in teal and white and red to the Shark Tale premiere in New York.

Renee Zellweger chose a Carolina Herrera black and white 50s-inspired print dress, strapless, with a halter neck.

Angelina Jolie wore bright red pointy pumps with tight jeans and a bold shiny animal print Celine coat.

Missy Elliott went for the logo look, head to toe, wearing Christian Dior beige, red-accented logo hat, coat, shoes and purse.

Star Will Smith wore a black Ferragamo jacket, over a crisp white shirt and slacks.

Bejewled and fisherman-hatted Ludacris wore Tommy Hilfiger (white t-shirt, big pendant necklace and striped blue oversized shirt).


Sky Captain co-star Bai Ling wore a front knotted yellow shirt and ultra mini frayed denim skirt by Maggie Coloumbe to the Teen Vogue Awards.


Actress Melora Hardin attended the Hollywood premiere of the play The Ten Commandments starring Val Kilmer. She chose to wear A Pea in the Pod’s pink and yellow graphic floral silk chiffon dress with “O” ring detail. She recently starred in Hollywood Mom’s Mystery and can be seen next portraying Linda Evans in Dynasty: Behind The Scenes. She and her husband are expecting their second child at the end of the year.


Coming to BBC America: Two millionaire playboys - one self-made, the other born into money - join forces as an unlikely crime-fighting team in the 1971 adventure series The Persuaders, airing as part of BBC AMERICA's retro cool Friday night line-up from November 5, 2004 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) is a brash, street-smart American and self-made millionaire from New York. Lord Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore) is an upper-crust member of the British Establishment, born into wealth and class - the very picture of social refinement.

Also: Academy Award-winner Jim Broadbent (Iris, Moulin Rouge) and Hugh Laurie (Stuart Little, Maybe Baby) star in a colorful and eccentric view of adult life and love in Victorian London as seen through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl in BBC AMERICA's original comic movie premiere. The Young Visiters [sic], premieres Wednesday, November 3, 2004 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Based on the much-loved Victorian novel, written in 1890 by Daisy Ashford, who wrote (and famously misspelled) the tale when she was just nine-years-old, the comic drama centers on two gentlemen - Alfred Salteena (Jim Broadbent) and Lord Bernard Clark (Hugh Laurie) - as they compete for the favors of a young lady, Ethel Monticue (Lyndsey Marshal, The Hours, The Gathering Storm).

Jim Broadbent, who is also executive producer, explains: "The story is told through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl and is her naïve, but startlingly perceptive and very funny, view of the English class system, the foolishness of adults and the power that young, pretty girls have over men."

Fired Hires: 5W Public Relations ( announced today that Stacie J, just fired from The Apprentice had hired 5W Public Relations for media relations, and strategic communications, and Ronn Torossian, President & CEO of 5W Public Relations will personally serve as spokesperson for Stacie J. Initial plans include a media event at Stacie's Subway store in Harlem, plans for a clothing line, and a NYC "Meet Stacie J" event for marketing and promotions executives.

Former B-52’r on Sirius: Fred Schneider, frontman of the multi-platinum music group The B-52’s, will host a new program on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Party Out of Bounds with Fred Schneider will air on SIRIUS commercial-free music channel First Wave starting Friday, October 1. The program, a three-hour musical revelry that will include the best party songs from Fred’s vast collection of 60,000 vinyl albums and singles, will air every Friday from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight ET.

From the Monolators: A little reminder that we're going to be playing at the Lava Lounge tonight (Tuesday) at 10:30. Cover is 5 smackers. For those of you who haven't been there before, it's at 1533 North LaBrea in Hollywood, 90028. That's between Sunset and Hollywood Blvd, almost on the corner of Sunset in a little strip mall (on the West side of the street).

We'll be playing new material, including our questionable version of "Dancing Queen." So that should be somewhat interesting...


Eddie from Ohio: Eddie From Ohio—a Washington, DC band which loyal “Edhead” fans have been following for over 10 years—is gearing up for the October 19 release of their ninth album, THIS IS ME, on the band’s own Virginia Soul label (through Redeye Distribution).

It’s the first collaboration for the Washington, DC band—Julie Murphy Wells (vocals), Robbie Schaefer (guitar), Michael Clem (bass), Eddie Hartness (drums)--with producer Lloyd Maines, (Natalie's father, who won a Grammy® Award in 2002 for co-producing The Dixie Chicks’ multi-platinum HOME album).

Monday, September 27, 2004

Costner Wedding Dress Details

Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner’s bride, has selected a gown by Monique Lhuillier for their wedding at their home in Aspen, CO. Baumgartner chose a strapless rusched bodice ball gown with a sweetheart neckline in a creamy latte hue. The gown, made of imported Italian Peau de Soie, features delicate folds throughout the skirt, embellished with handcrafted silk flowers.

To thank her bridesmaids, Spears gave them Swarovski’s crystal photo frames. The bridesmaids received Swarovski’s Leaves frame in either their traditional square or contemporary oval shape. These frames are surrounded by delicate green peridot, yellow chrysolite and clear crystal leaves. Posted by Hello

Spears' Bridesmaids' gift. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

EVERY (And We Mean EVERY) Fashion Detail on the Spears Wedding and More

Spears Wedding: Want the fashion scoop on the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Nuptials? You got it!

Britney Spears and her fiancé Kevin Federline were married last Saturday at a private ceremony in Studio City, California. The Bride’s two looks along with the dresses worn by the Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and Flower Girl were all custom-made by designer Monique Lhuillier.

Spears' Wedding Gown

The Bride’s custom designed wedding gown is a strapless, princess mermaid gown in a “golden latte” color. Lhuillier and Spears collaborated in designing the gown, made of 100% Silk Italian Peau di Soie. Pearl buttons cascade down the back into an ornate extravagant train of hand sewn intricate threadwork flowers and crystals. Hundreds of crystals and stones were delicately sewn encompassing the flowers of platinum and ivory silk threads. The design took months to conceive and a custom elaborate necklace and gloves were designed to match the gown.

Spears’ Wedding Veil
Spears wore Monique Lhuillier’s cathedral-length veil made of thousands of intricately placed crystals.

Spears’ Parting Mini-Dress

After the ceremony, Spears changed into a white high neck, cap sleeve lace mini dress with signature bare back.

Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids

The Maid of Honor wore a luxurious deep burgundy silk crepe back bias-cut sheath gown with criss-cross ties. Jamie Lynn Spears wore a custom deep burgundy bias-cut gown with draped neckline and criss-cross back. The remaining Bridesmaids wore deep burgundy halter bias-cut sheath gowns in crepe back satin.

Mother of the Bride
Lynn Spears wore a chocolate brown re-embroidered lace, deep v-neck fitted lace gown with mermaid skirt.

Flower Girl
For the ceremony, the Flower Girl wore a lovely white silk and tulle ballerina style dress with burgundy accent sash.

Invitations & Place Settings
The bride and groom sent custom invitations and place cards that featured a splash of Swarovski’s newest generation of crystal components – XILION Crystals. These crystals have a unique cut that has been scientifically proven to attract more light refraction for more brilliance.

Bridesmaid Gifts
To thank her bridesmaids, Spears gifted them with Swarovski’s crystal photo frames. The bridesmaids received Swarovski’s Leaves frame in either their traditional square or contemporary oval shape. These frames are surrounded by delicate green peridot, yellow chrysolite and clear crystal leaves.

Reception Centerpieces
The reception’s flower arrangements featured many Swarovski’s multi-faceted Chandelier Crystals, large teardrop-shaped crystals.

All flower bouquets were infused with Swarovski’s multi-faceted Chandelier Crystals.


The groom and his fellow groomsmen wore Swarovski jet black crystal and platinum cufflinks with their formal attire. <>

Engagement Ring

Los Angeles based jewelry designer, Cynthia Wolff, provided the jewelry worn by Spears, Federline, and the bridesmaids.

Signature Cynthia Wolff diamond engagement ring - platinum double-banded fine ring in full micro pave of diamonds featuring a fancy cushion cut center stone set in a crown style diamond prong setting on two delicate diamond bands. The ring was entirely handmade.

Spears’ Wedding Band
Her micro-pave band has 3 rows of diamonds all the way around - very fine and delicate all handmade and set in platinum.

Spears’ Tiara
She wore a vintage comb tiara from England - circa 1920 courtesy of the Cynthia Wolff Vintage Collection.

Spears’ Bracelet
A new item from Cynthia Wolff for Holiday- an 18K white gold large diamond bangle with all scallop edge and open work. The diamonds featured in this bracelet make up a delicate Snowflake pattern.

Spears’ Earrings
Spears selected to wear Cynthia Wolff’s diamond stud “flapper style” earrings with a natural freshwater teardrop pearl, suspended by a fine chain.

Spears’ Watch
Britney wore an Art Deco diamond watch, which is a Tiffany & Co. original from the 1920’s customized with a Cynthia Wolff one-of-a-kind diamond bracelet.

Federline’s Wedding Ring
This is also a Signature style by Cynthia Wolff - a wedding ring with a twist. This unique platinum "spinner" style ring (it's a ring on a ring that spins, all handmade) features 10 diamonds on the center ring.

Bridesmaid’s Jewelry
The bridesmaids also wore sets of jewelry that matched their dresses – Signature rose gold necklaces paired with large ruby briolette teardrops and Signature rose gold earrings with large ruby briolette teardrops.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears tells PEOPLE Mag (who paid her $2 million to talk to them, it's said), that she doesn't have the marriage license (rumors claim that their lawyers couldn't agree on their pre-nup), but it's not a "fake" wedding as claimed by rival US Weekly. They got the license on Saturday and have 90 days to file. The original date they were to marry was October 19, 2004, but it was to set off the voracious media (which apparently doesn't include PEOPLE which was willing to shell out the big bucks). Guests at the wedding ate appetizers like hamburgers and chicken fingers (what's that they say about you can take the girl out of the honkey tonk, but not the honkey tonk out of the girl?). She says when she turns 23, she's ready to be a mom "I am so there," she says in her very articulate way.

Lynchian: David Lynch to Highlight National Peace Conference at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield

News Conference with All Speaker Sunday, September 26, 10 a.m.Maharishi School Auditorium

Creating Peace Day Conference Sunday, September 26, 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

(See for schedule of events)

David Lynch, three-time Academy Award-nominated film director, to speak at Maharishi University of Management

Peace Conference Speakers

David Lynch—Award-winning film director of Twin Peaks, The Straight Story, and Mullholland Drive

Dr. Robert Muller—Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations

Dr. John Hagelin—Director of the Institute of World Peace and President of the US Peace Government

Dr. Maureen McCue—Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University of Iowa College of Public Health and a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility

Dr. Sue McGregor—Professor and Coordinator of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at Mount Saint Vincent University of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Samite of Uganda—One of the most acclaimed traditional musicians in East Africa and Director of Musicians for World Harmony

A delicious organic vegetarian lunch will be served during the conference. For information and to register, please visit

Celeb Watching: The following celebs were at the Emmy Party BeansTalk attended: this party include Laura Linney, Brooke Burke, George Lopez, Catherine Bell, Cloris Leachman, Fran Dresher, Kelsey Grammar, Hal Sparks, Rachel Boston, Tany Roberts, Roma Downey, Tom Green, Dave Foley, Gabrielle Union, Gary Cole, Gordon Clapp, JC Chazez, Eva Longoria, John Ratzenberger, John Schneider, Kaley Cuoco, Malina Williams, Hill Harper, Patricia Richardson, Ananda Lewis, Amy Davidson, Daphne Zuniga, "Kill Bill's" David Carradine and "Full House"/"Aladdin" star Scott Weigner.

Alligator Alley: LaCoste, once the staple of the early 80s preppy, is back in full swing. There’s a campaign currently at Neiman Marcus.

Maher Guests: REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER continues its second season with a new edition Friday, September 24, 2004 at 11 p.m. Featured on this week's show as an interview guest is actress Drew Barrymore; roundtable guests include journalist Maureen Dowd, writer Larry Gelbart and cartoonist Aaron McGruder.

New Jewels: Rosy Blue launches new jewelry brand in India The Rosy Blue Group launched this week in Mumbai its international retail jewelry store under the “ORRA” brand name.

After a test-launch in Bangalore in April, the Company has launched in the Indian market. ORRA stores are now being set up across the country in addition to select Intergold stores being converted into ORRA stores. By end September, there will be 20 exclusive ORRA stores across India, and projects to have a total of 40 stores all around the country within the next three years.

ORRA will reflect the brand’s “Only Diamonds” offering. Diamonds used will be of the finest quality IF/VVS/ with Colors G/H. While the entry price point is 90 Euros, at the higher end it has handcrafted jewelry at 8800 - 12400 Euros.

The Indian consumer has become extremely discerning and ORRA aims to fill this gap with its premium diamond jewelry with international quality standards.

Keeping in view the Indian preferences, ORRA has introduced a complete new set of designs for the Indian market which are inspired by the rich heritage of India with a western stylization. These designs have been created at the Groups five global design centers.

About Rosy Blue A leading global diamond company with an annual turnover of almost $1.5bn. Established in 1960, Rosy Blue is located in 15 countries and employs over 10000 employees. The company’s global activities include manufacturing of rough diamonds, manufacturing and distribution of polished diamonds and jewelry, as well as providing strategic alliances for its branding partners.

For more information:

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Today is An Official BeansTalk Holiday!

Please check in tomorrow! We'll be back with news you won't get anywhere else!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Still More Emmy News, Plus More

Alias Actress Bejeweled: Jennifer Garner, who was nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Agent Sydney Bristow in the ABC drama Alias, chose Chopard jewelry for the Emmys. To complement her lace evening gown, she selected two of Chopard’s beautiful black and white stackable diamond rings - each featuring 200 diamonds totaling 3.51 carats ($17,000 each).

Buffed Up Jack Nicholson: Creative Nail Design's Angi Wingle buffed Nicholson's nails to a high shine before he went front-row to check out daughter Jennifer Nicholson's fashion show during Olympus Fashion Week.

Erica Courtney at the Emmys:

Red Carpet
Joan of Arcadia Emmy Nominated Actress Amber Tamblyn wore
Platinum and Diamond Morganite Pear Shaped Cross Drops on Gypsy Earrings and Anchor Earrings on Post Huggies
Platinum and Diamond Tiara Bracelet
Platinum and Diamond Kunzite Ring with Rose Gold Cross Overlay
Platinum and Diamond Oval Flower Cross Ring

Presenter Kathryn Morris from Cold Case wore
Gold and Diamond Open Flower Chandelier Hook Earrings
Gold and Garnet Ring
Gold and Diamond Tiara Ring

Entertainment Tonight Correspondent Maria Menounos wore
Platinum Rosecut Diamond Chandelier Earrings with Diamond Beads on Platinum Square Canary Diamond Earrings on Small Huggies
Platinum and Diamond Cushion Cut Charm on thin 20” platinum and Diamond bezel chain
Platinum and Radiant Cut Canary Diamond Ring

Actress Aisha Tyler from Emmy-Nominated Shows Friends and Last Comic Standing wore
Gold and Diamond Cross Necklace
Gold and Diamond Princess Cross Ear on Large Huggie

Heche Hair: Goody Products Creative Consultant, hairstylist Richard Marin, worked with actress Anne Heche to create a red carpet hairstyle inspired by the softer side of glamour. Heche’s golden locks were given waves reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. To add volume at the root, Marin used the Goody Ouchless Volumizing Brush, while curls were achieved by using the Ouchless Ceramic Roller Brush. The overall look was soft, sexy and timeless. With a successful career in styling, Marin has also created signature styles for stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Diane Kruger and the casts of the hit series Friends. Marin is represented by The Cloutier Agency.

More Leiber Lovers at the Emmys:

Judith Leiber
was out in full force last night as 12 of this year’s attendees made Leiber their handbag of choice. Cynthia Nixon, Best Supporting Actress in a comedy, wore a camel painted python minaudiere with a gold metallic Nappa asymmetrical pump from Judith Leiber’s new Holiday 2004 shoe collection. Mary Louise-Parker, Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie wore a hazelnut mink wristlet and Allison Janney, Best Actress in a Drama wore a mint green crystal minaudiere. The nominees include: Kim Catrall, Jennifer Garner, Amber Tamblyn and Janel Maloney all wearing either a satin or crystal minaudiere in silver, gold, black and raspberry. In addition, Mary Steenburgen, of Joan of Arcadia, nominated for Best Drama as well as Portia De Rossi and Alia Shawkat whom both star in Arrested Development and won Best Comedy, all carried a coordinating Judith Leiber clutch. Marlo Thomas who wore a classic silver minaudiere, accepted The Bob Hope Award on behalf of her father, Danny Thomas and Mischa Barton who wore a glittered snakeskin clutch was a presenter.

Get Your Cashmere Here: There’s little question that the hot must-have, must-have is the classic cashmere. Nothing beats it for softness and elegance. and Alice + Olivia have teamed up. Online women’s retailer, has teamed up with alice + olivia to offer customers an inexpensive and simple way to care for cashmere. alice + olivia wool and cashmere shampoo, will be sold exclusively on, offering customers the option to no longer make the trip to the dry cleaner, saving time and money. The shampoo is a combination cedar extracts, baby powder fragrance and sulfate free shampoo to clean and preserve the natural components of the yarns. Cashmere items carried on this season include, Alice and Olivia, Juicy Couture, Vince, Joie and Theory. The cashmere shampoo will be available exclusively on, retailing for $8.00.

Darling Daisy: Actress and Pilates expert Daisy Fuentes showed attended the Redbook magazine Mothers & Shakers luncheon in an outfit by Pamella Roland: an ivory crepe shoulderless blouse with a scarf tie at the neck paired with an olive stretch tweed skirt with velvet accents.

Shaving Grace: The Hot Touch Facial Groomer has a tiny shaving coil at the tip, like the world’s smallest electric razor. It can be used anytime and anywhere. And when regrowth appears, the Facial Groomer whisks it away, too. In about five seconds, your target area won’t have a hair in the world.

Small enough to slip into a purse, backpack or locker, the Facial Groomer goes go everywhere. Look for the Hot Touch Facial Groomer at Target Stores and Walgreens (suggested retail price $9.95, includes a double-sided brow attachment) or at

George Mang Makes His Retail Debut Exclusively at JILL KOHL: Meet the Designer on Thursday, October 7, 2004

Noon6 p.m. at
Jill Kohl
A Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Sponsored by Pravda Vodka

Doc Op:

“A powerful new documentary…” - Tavis Smiley, NPR

“It's tempting to compare filmmaker Greg Spotts with Michael Moore. Like that pugnacious documentarian, Spotts aims to champion the little guy…” - Seattle Times

“Stories of heartache and fear as jobs move overseas…His goal in making the movie was not to solve the problem, but to start a dialogue.” - CNN “Lou Dobbs Tonight”

“Offshoring: See The Movie...After several pals were laid off, he turned his lens to unemployed workers whose jobs had traveled abroad.” - BusinessWeek

“Poignant...” - US News & News Report


Former MTV Producer Goes From Glitz To Grit In His Debut Political Documentary “American Jobs”: Personal Investigation Explores Loss Of American Jobs To Foreign Competition, Revealing Parallels Between Plant Closures And “Offshore Outsourcing”

First-time filmmaker/MTV Producer Greg Spotts returns to Los Angeles for the LA premiere of his acclaimed new political documentary “American Jobs” at the Silver Lake Film Festival. The result of a personal investigation that took Spotts to nineteen cities, the self-funded documentary “American Jobs” is now available for sale on DVD at

"American Jobs" will be shown at ArcLight Cinemas as part of the Silver Lake Film Festival on Sunday, September 26 at
3:15 PM. Immediately prior to the screening, Spotts will be joined fellow political filmmakers to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities of political documentary filmmakers as their films begin to compete with narrative features at the box-office.

“American Jobs” offers recently laid off garment workers, textile manufacturers, aerospace machinists, engineers, software developers, and computer programmers an opportunity to share their stories, and demonstrates how the NAFTA-inspired movement of manufacturing plants to low-wage countries established a template that is now being used to shift high-skilled white-collar work to
India and other countries.

In his travels, Spotts chronicles the new perils faced by American families, as multinational corporations use “global sourcing” to replace middle-class Americans with lower-wage foreign labor. In the worker’s own words, the documentary reveals families left behind by the brave new world, facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, and no health insurance while they struggle to retrain for an uncertain future.

The Silver Lake Film Festival screening of “American Jobs” will take place:
Sunday, September 26 at 3:15 PM
ArcLight Cinemas, Theater 13
6360 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Tickets are $11.00 and may be purchased at the ArcLight Cinema box-office or at
The panel discussion “Politics of Film” will take place before the screening and is included in the price of admission.

To view clips from the film, visit
Visit Spotts’ blog:

ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY: “American Jobs” began as a personal exploration of the widely reported “jobless recovery.” Disturbed by the news that three million American manufacturing jobs had disappeared between 2000 and 2003, Spotts, 36, took six months off from his job as a freelance television producer and hit the road with a video camera.

From January to June 2004, Spotts traveled alone to over nineteen cities and towns in eight states, interviewing workers in their homes. His film offers the workers an opportunity to share their stories, and demonstrates how the NAFTA-inspired movement of manufacturing plants to low-wage countries established a template that is now being used to shift high-skilled white-collar work to
India and other countries.

The Silver Lake Film Festival screening marks the continuation of a ninety-day speaking tour that began in the small manufacturing town of
Kannapolis, NC and will take Spotts to many of the cities and towns where the movie was filmed.

Quiet Riot on DVD: Quiet Riot – 89’ Live in Japan is now available on DVD. 89' Live in Japan was filmed during a tumultuous period for Quiet Riot. With singer Paul Shortino at the helm, the band quickly displayed their versatility and resilience, and rocked crowds the world over on their tour for the release of “QR”. This footage serves as a glimpse into a very interesting and complex chapter of one of the greatest Metal bands of all time.

Track list:
Party All Night

I'm Falling

Stay With Me Tonight

Run To You

The Wild And The Young

The Joker

Drum Solo

Coppin' A Feel

King Of The Hill

Cum On Feel The Noise

Bonus Video - "Stay With Me."

Item# DR-4423

UPC# 022891442394

Street Date 11/16/04

Prebook 10/19/04

Running time 50 minutes

Audio: 5.1 surround

Retail 9.95

Friday’s Style Lounge: STYLE LOUNGE Befitting HEAL THE BAY DJ Gary Dourdan (CSI). As mentioned, we dropped by Chez Dean. A partial list of Celebrities who attended: Gary Dourdan (CSI), Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives), Courtney Peldon (Boston Public), Nia Vardalos (Big Fat Greek Wedding), Virginia Madsen, Amy Davidson, Brad Sherwood, Angelica Bridges, Ashley Peldon, Enya Flack, Jenna Mattison, Kathleen Robertson, Kerri Kasem, Lisa Edelstein, Lisa Foiles, Marla Sokoloff (The Practice), Callum Blue, Carolina Bacardi, Caroline D'Amore, Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Dominic Purcell, Drew Fuller, Golden Brooks (Girlfriends), Hal Sparks (Queer as Folk), Ian Anthony Dale (Mr. 3000), Tatyanna Danilchenko, Jennifer Freeman (My Wife and Kids), Joel David Moore (LAX), Johnny Strong (Fast and Furious), Karin Anna Cheung (Better Luck Tomorrow), Keri Lynn Pratt (Jack and Bobby), Lisa Ann Walter, Samantha Daniels (Miss Match), Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives), Rachel Miner, Roma Maffia (Nip/Tuck), Ryan Starr, Shelley Morrison (Will & Grace), Cloris Leachman (Emmy Nominee), Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Kiesha Whitaker, Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Andrea Bowen (Desperate Houswives), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), Nicholas Gonzalez (The OC), Chris Pontius (MTV's Wild Boyz), Alyson Stoner (Missy Elliott), Allison Munn (What I like about You), Colin Blake (The Assistant), Doug Robb (Hobbastank), Nick Hexum (311), Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls), William Mapother "In The Bedroom, Lords of Dogtown), Andy Dick (The Assistant), Celesta Hodhe, Chrsitian Ash (Jack and Bobby), Native Wayne (103.1), Amy Pietz (Rodney), Ivan Beyer, Steve Reevis (The Missing).

The event took place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday, Septemer 16, 2004 and Friday, September 17, 2004 at Chez Dean. Chaz Dean Studio 6444 Fountain Avenue LA, CA 90028

Celebrities were treated to complimentary services including hair styling by Chaz Dean, manicures, straight shaves by True Gentlemen, airbrush tanning by Portofino Sun Spa, psychic/spiritual readings by Michelle Morgan, Refelxology by Cote Azur Spa, facials by Matty's Skincare, and makeovers by Maven Cosmetics.

Monday, September 20, 2004

No, He Did NOT Get It At A Thrift Store: Everwood actor Gregory Smith wore a TRUNK LTD. T-shirt - a crew neck, featuring The Doors “Lizard King” from 1971 in carbon (a grey-black) to the Entertainment Weekly Magazine Pre-Emmy Party September 19, 2004.
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Emmys, Emmys, Emmys

Ellen Degeneres jokes that she'd like the valet to fetch her car. She's wearing a Viktor & Rolf tux. BeansTalk adores Ellen. We think she would've been an excellent choice as host.Posted by Hello

Emmy Fashion Trends

As expected, shades of green were very popular at the Emmys and was worn by --

Allison Janney
(in silk chiffon by Monique Lhuillier),
Jamie Lynn Seigler
(in Monique Lhuillier),
Lorraine Bracco
(in super sheer, fitted halter, custom-made gown by Douglas Hannant), Cheryl Hines (in an aqua ruffled gown by Norma LeMain),
Stockard Channing (in a deep teal detailed gown),
Mariska Hargitay (in Vera Wang) and
Jennifer Aniston (the former "Friend" wore a very pale green, strapless Channel gown and Fred Leighton earrings) were notable.

Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Edie Falco (both of HBO winning series) chose black with ruffled tulle. Falco's was by Randolph Duke and Parker's was Chanel Couture.

Colors in general (Patricia Heaton in her rainbow-colored Elie Saab -- carrying a Lana Marks bag and wearing Tony Duquette jewelry, and Heather Locklear in her sari-inspired halter gown represented all colors) were popular, as were slits, deep V-necks and satin silk.

Kim Catrall (in Pamella Rolland),
Barbra Streisand,
Jorja Fox
(in lingerie-style vintage by Christian Dior from The Paperbag Princess), Daphne Zuniga (in a floaty chiffon, tiered ruffled gown),
NYPD Blue's Linda Park (in deep pink, also lingerie style) and
Debra Messing
(in Michael Kors) were in shades of pink (the latter in a more coral color).

Black remains popular, as seen on Megan Mullally (in Lhuillier),
Alexandra Hedison,
Barbara Walters
(in Donna Karan),
Portia de Rossi
(in Givenchy, with a Diane Von Furstenberg for H. Stern bracelet), Laura Linney (in Prada, with Cathy Waterman jewelry and Manolo Blahnik sandals), Anne Heche (in Giorgio Armani),
Kristin Davis
(in Prada beaded corset style gown),
Drea de Matteo
(in vintage from The Paperbag Princess) .
Ellen Degeneres' black tux was by Viktor & Rolf.

Joely Richardson and Jennifer Garner both wore white, but what a difference as the Nip/Tuck star wore a fitted, slit cut-to-there white satin silk with rhinestone brooch accent at the hip, and Garner wore a fluffy large lace ensemble (complete with black sash belt). Garner's dress, as demore as it appeared from the front, was nearly backless, showing off her shoulder blades.

Mary Steenburgen and Diane Sawyer both chose ivory, but Mrs. Ted Danson, opted for a fitted, halter-topped, low cut dress cut into fringe below the hips and Sawyer a high necked, sleeveless ensemble. Felicity Huffman also wore a more traditional straight-ahead ivory gown (her husband William H. Macy wore a tux from Brooks Brothers).

Strapless was popular (I wore it, but to quote Julie Jordan "No one is ever going to mistake you for one of them) --
Amy Yasbeck
(in gold Giorgio Armani),
Marlo Thomas
(in ivory),
Janel Maloney
(in bright Big Bird yellow by Vera Wang; her hair was done by Laurent D. of Prive, btw),
Jane Kaczmarek
(in a unique floral and dot printed Randi Rahm gown with Tony Duquette jewelry) and
Teri Hatcher (in a printed Elie Saab) all wore the style.

Long-sleeves were worn by Bonnie Hunt (in a lavender off-the-shoulder gown), Barbara Walters, Meryl Streep and Mullaly.

Melina Kanakaredes (in Giorgio Armani), winner Mary Louise Parker and Sharon Stone had peek-a-boo parts on their dresses (Kanakaredes in bright red, Parker in chocolate and Stone in pink Elie Saab).

Amber Tamblyn, in a deep burgundy red gown with pink edging accents was very vampy in her poses for the photogs. She wore jewelry by Erica Courtney.

Richardson, Walters, and Cynthia Nixon (in chocolate Chaiken) wore single-shoulder style gowns and Di Rossi's neckine was asymetrical.

Star Jones wore Fred Leighton jewelry and talked endlessly about her wedding on the pre-Emmy E! show, which she hosted (she's still an improvement over Joan Rivers). Jones wore a Mark Bouwer dress in gold (also the color Maria Menounos wore, perhaps a "host" fave).

Although Mischa Barton, fast rising Fashionista, also wore gold, hers a very 20s-inspired gown by Maggie Norris.

On the hair front, Messing, Linney and Di Rossi took their cue from 40s-siren Veronica Lake, wearing their hair down and just over one eye. There weren't many fussy hairdos, despite the high glamour.

Diamonds were everywhere (see stories below in previous entries), and chandelier earrings are still popular -- Aniston, Walters, Falco and Garner all wore them.

As for the awards themselves, there were little surprises there, too. Sentimental favorites, as their series have bade goodbye (not to say they weren't worthy) include winners Parker, Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce, as well as Parker's castmate Nixon (one of the "Sex and the City" girls was bound to win, as they were all nominated).

Many actresses were looking particularly refreshed, almost to the point of being unrecognizable. They had the "she looks like someone, but I can't quite say who" look. Of course, we would never say who.


For the first time ever to be seen on the red-carpet, Portia Di Rossi sparkled in The Diane von Furstenberg by H.Stern collection -- Love Knot Earrings: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $16,000; Sutra Bracelet in Diamonds: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $120,000; Power Ring: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $13,500

Additionally, the following nominees and presenters wore H.Stern at the 56th Annual Emmy Awards:

Melina Kanakaredes: Legacy Bracelet: Cognac and white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold, $5,600; Legacy Earrings: Cognac and white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold, $3,100

Marlee Matlin: Spring Earrings: 18 green tourmalines set in 18k yellow gold, $5,400; Lizard Bracelet: 18k yellow gold, $3,200.

Teri Hatcher: Floral Diamond Earrings: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $37,000; Virtuose Ring: smoky quartz set in 18k noble gold, $1,100; Top Diamond Bracelet: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $46,000.

Reporting the Emmy Awards from the red-carpet, Mary Alice Stephenson also wore H.Stern: Cobblestones ring: 2 crystals set in 18k noble gold with diamond accents, $1,700.

The following attended Emmy parties, wearing H.Stern:

Lake Bell: Sophia Necklace: white, yellow and cognac diamonds set in 18k noble gold, $90,000; Sophia Ring: white, yellow and cognac diamonds set in 18k noble gold, $11,000; Sophia Earrrings: white, yellow and cognac diamonds set in 18k noble gold, $10,000

Marsha Thomason
: Deco Earrings: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $12,500; Deco Bracelet: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $15,000; Deco Necklace: diamonds set in 18k white gold, $14,500

Shannon Lucio: Dots Earrings: white and cognac diamonds set in 18k white gold, $790; Dots necklace: white and cognac diamonds set in 18K white gold, $2,500.

“All my life I have collected fine jewelry…I am passionate about it,” says Diane von Furstenberg. “It was always a dream to be involved in designing jewelry but it had to be with the right company. I spotted H.Stern more than 20 years ago, for their very fine quality, workmanship and designs. I approached them, and finally seduced them...I wanted to work with them and am VERY excited about this collaboration,” she concludes.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Junior Drake bag which was the Entertainment Tonight/People Magazine party gift bag -- filled to the brim. See story below. Posted by Hello

Jamie Lyn Seigler Discala in a green gown from Monique Lhuillier. The sage green satin bias cut gown features antiqued crystal tulle halter strap. Posted by Hello

Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party Fun

Just got back from the Entertainment Tonight Party at The Mondrian's Asia de Cuba -- lots of fun, great food, wonderful atmosphere, amazing gift bag. Sponsored by PEOPLE Magazine, the outside atmosphere of the party was fantastic.

Handbag designer, JUNIOR DRAKE created a one-of-a-kind couture leather tote bag exclusively for the party. The favorite of celebs such as Queen Latifah, Ashanti, Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Ali Landry, Junior Drake bags are sold at L.A.'s trendy Fred Segal, as well as other high-end boutiques.

The exclusive Junior Drake Emmy party bag featured the latest beauty, personal and lifestyle products including Body Drench Sea Foam Body Scrub, Alterna Pro Haircare's Hemp Shine Spray, Barielle Foot Cream, Bed Head Hard to Get Styling Wax, Bed Head Big Fat Fun Eye Pencil, Brasilian Roots Sterling Silver Earrings, Jeunesse Face Serum and Eye Cream by Chamonix, Celestial Seasonings Tea Tin, EarthScience Men's Shaving Cream, Heide's Butter Mints, Diane Von Furstenberg Lipstick, Hot Kiss Briefs, Keane and Snow Patrol CDs - Interscope Records.

And that isn't all! Le Petit Ecolier cookies, L'Occitane 4-pack Soap, $30 Mystic Tan certificate, "Frasier Final Season" DVD, mini bottle of Patron Tequila, Murad Day Reform Treatment, People's Star Tracks Photo Book, gift certificate for two smoothies from Robek's, KPAK Shampoo and Conditioner, ICE Gripper Spray Wax, ICE Controller Gel, certificate for five days of meal delivery from Susan's Healthy Gourmet, Glitter Make-Up Trio from Tony and Tina and Trampoline Records Greatest Hits CD.

The special menu created by Asia De Cuba executive chef Christian Plotczyk included rare steak, salmon, their famous Calamari salad, Asian Salad, Chicken and Vegetable Salads. Yum.

They also had a "Beauty Bar" sponsored by Revlon -- it featured tons of Revlon product, free for the taking -- they had little white chiffon bags you could fill up with lipstick, mascara, gloss, eyeshadow, and more.

Who Carried Judith Leiber Handbags at the Emmys

Cynthia Nixon (handbag and shoes)
Kim Catrall
Jennifer Garner
Mary Louise-Parker
Amber Tamblyn
Mary Steenburgen
Mischa Barton
Portia De Rossi
Janel Maloney
Allison Janney
Alia Shawkat

Emmy Afternoon Fashion Update

Drea DeMatteo, nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series has selected a beautiful black chiffon 1930’s gown from the vintage retail boutique The Paper Bag Princess. The gown features short sleeves and gold embroidery along the neckline and around the waist. She’ll complete her look with a vintage black beaded handbag with gold embroidery, also from The Paper Bag Princess.

Teri Hatcher will be presenting an award this evening wearing a gown by Elie Saab Couture at the 56th Annual Emmy Awards. She’ll wear a white strapless gown with black and gold splatter-paint detail. The gown is part of Elie Saab Couture’s newest Autumn/Winter 2004 Collection.

Pamella Roland On the Red Carpet

Kim Cattrall – Sex & The City

Kim Cattrall, nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy will hit the red carpet on Sunday night in a pale pink evening gown, from the runway from Pamella’s Spring 2005 fashion show. She’s selected a silk chiffon slip gown featuring delicate pink beading with marabou feather accents.

Beth Littleford – Method & Red

The actress, currently starring on Fox’s summer comedy Method & Red, is attending the ceremony with her Emmy-nominated husband, producer of the reality hit Last Comic Standing. She’s selected a chocolate brown plunging v-neck jersey halter gown, accented at the waist in sumptuous satin.

Sofia Milos – CSI: Miami

She’ll attend Emmy parties in an ivory silk charmeuse gown with side cutouts.

Kwiat Diamonds at the Shrine


WHAT: Kwiat’s shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings with five-skinny drops and a diamond right-hand ring

WHO: KIM CATTRALL, Sex and the City

WHAT: Kwiat diamond bow brooch sewed onto a silver handbag

WHO: MARIA MENOUNOUS, Entertainment Tonight

WHAT: Stuart Weitzman shoes adorned with $100,000 worth of Kwiat Diamonds

WHO: TERI HATCHER, Desperate Housewives

WHAT: Kwiat Swirl earrings, Deco bracelet, Vintage brooch and Right-Hand Ring

WHO: JESSICA WALTER, Arrested Development

WHAT: Kwiat long drop earrings and jasmine bracelet


WHAT: Kwiat drop earrings, open-link bracelet, and ring

WHO: JANN CARL, Entertainment Tonight

WHAT: Kwiat yellow gold and ruby brooch

WHO: STEVEN COJOCARU, Entertainment Tonight

WHAT: Kwiat Medusa brooch in yellow gold, emeralds, and diamonds