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Gifts Galore

If you're not like us, you're still looking for great ideas to give your beloveds and your obligatories.

Here's a small sampling, courtesy of BeansTalk, of some ideas for those on your list.

Cookies In the Mail
Make Them Yourself

From chocolate-dipped hazelnut shortbread to sherry butternut drops to appetizing ginger crisps, has been sharing original recipes for tasty holiday cookies for the last two years in a Yuletide tradition done 21st century style its 12 Days of Cookies holiday e-newsletters.

For the first year ever, will deliver a baker's dozen (13 newsletters daily right to the inboxes of subscribers. (In the past, they’ve only offered 12 recipes.)

And at a highest-ever subscription of over 2.3 million, many will be able to enjoy a twist in this year's edition a strong focus on classics and quick and easy preparation.

Starting December 1, the highly-visited food and cooking site will distribute 13 newsletters of 12 Days of Cookies, which will each contain one recipe, along with sumptuous photography and chef's notes.

Here's a sneak preview of what's to come: Almond Shortbreads, Chocolate Cheesecake, Candy Cane Bars, Angel Wings, Coconut-Cranberry Macaroons, Iced Citrus Crackle, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Biscotti, Ginger Pecan Oatmeal Crisps and Super Gooey Chocolate Drops.

Anyone can subscribe prior to December 1st, after which they can still enjoy these online at See recipes from last year’s 12 Days of Cookies at:

BE a Know-It-All

BeansTalk Note: We have this book and love it. It’s a great gift, fun and informative.

Authors and conversation starter experts David Matalon & Chris Woolsey have written the ultimate handbook (and perfect holiday gift) to help you always have something intelligent to say at cocktail parties. Their brand new book The Concise Guide to Sounding Smart at Parties was called “perfect for your mental make-over” by SELF Magazine and the authors have been the subject of popular and highly rated interviews on Playboy & Maxim Radio this month.

We’ve all been there…You're at a party surrounded by people you'd love to impress, when quite suddenly, you're asked a question thought to be common knowledge, and you realize you're clueless. Never again! With this handy guide, you'll be inundated with facts covering everything from war to philosophy & politics to literature, arming you with an entire arsenal of intelligent conversation. In fourteen pain-free, laughter-filled chapters, the authors brush away years of cobwebs on subjects as wide-ranging as the typical round of Jeopardy: science, the arts, business, literature, music, religion, and more. The book cleverly covers these topics and historical figures from the History of Rap, Ameilia Aerheart, Coco Channel and the Marquis De Sade and then teaches you how to actually drop this information into casual conversation so you sound like the smartest one at the party. Publishers Weekly said “The research is impressive and bound to give cocktail conversationalists more than enough intellectual amuninition for a lifetime of parties.”

To celebrate the launch of their new book, authors David Matalon & Chris Woolsey joined some of the top agents, managers, writers, directors, producers, actors, TV, film and music execs to kick off the holiday season in style at Hollywood hot spot Vanguard (located at 6021 Hollywood Blvd.) on Tuesday, November 14, 2006. Vanguard was transformed into a snowy Winter Wonderland with the sexy Santa’s Helpers dancers along with high-flying aerialist performers and DJ sets by Goldfingers, DJ Magic Wong and DJ Echo. Guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails provided by Everglo, energy drinks provided by Monster Energy and gourmet treats while they mixed and mingled with young Hollywood’s finest.

Since David & Chris wanted to encourage their readers to get in the spirit of the holidays and help the less fortunate children in Los Angeles have a brighter holiday season, we collected new and unwrapped toys for girls and boys ages 6 months to 14 years old that are supported by the amazing work of The Children’s Institute and Los Angeles Team Mentoring. We collected toys for 522 children at the party to be distributed for the holidays.

About the authors: DAVID MATALON is a film and TV screenwriter who directed the acclaimed film Eddy, starring James Gandolfini, as well as several award-winning short features. Chris Woolsey is a freelance writer who has worked for Sony Pictures, Columbia Tri-Star, and tours the country as a youth speaker. As an actor Chris has appeared on such shows as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “One On One”.

Check out for more information.

Fresh Fragrance

New Fragrance from Fresh Scents: White Tea & Ginger
Look once, it’s an antibacterial deodorant hand soap. Look again, it’s an air freshener. The secret is in the 2-in-1 dispenser!

Fresh Scents 2-in-1 works twice as hard. A clear dispenser holds the brightly colored liquid antibacterial deodorant hand soap…but there’s more here than meets the eye. A hidden cache at the base of the bottle contains patented air freshening beads that release fragrance through tiny vents. The freshening is continuous, but a quick shake of the bottle releases more fragrance. The beads are made to last, and will freshen the air for at least 30 days.

For health-conscious women who want their hands to be really clean, Fresh Scents is a step ahead. At home and at work, it’s an affordable multi-tasker. Tuck Fresh Scents in a gym bag or leave one in a locker. It will keep the atmosphere fresh and clean, and provide a high-quality alternative to commercial hand soaps provided by most gyms.

Fresh Scents is also a step ahead when it comes to fragrances, with original and premium scents like Ripe Plum Mango (plum purple), Cotton Blossom (blue), Honeysuckle (clear) Cucumber Melon (green) and Sun-Ripened Raspberry (red). Each fragrance comes in a distinct signature shade for mixing and matching with any decorator style and color scheme. And now, White Tea & Ginger adds a sophisticated fragrance option and an elegant translucent pale gold color.

A true two-in-one product, Fresh Scents antibacterial deodorant soap is a gentle way to get hands clean and remove even the strongest odors. Cooks can wash away unpleasant smells, home crafters can rid their hands of paint remover and solvent odors. A delicate trace of aromatic fragrance fills the air each time the Fresh Scents dispenser is moved, an intriguing bonus that turns the act of washing your hands into a little indulgence. And when it comes to teaching youngsters to wash their hands, the rattle and roll of Fresh Scents fragrance beads is irresistible and the burst of fragrance is an instant reward.

Fresh ScentsAir Freshener and Antibacterial Deodorant Soap is affordably priced (suggested manufacturers retail price $2.69), and easy on the environment, with recyclable plastics, minimal packaging and biodegradable ingredients that don’t leave their mark on the world. Look for Fresh Scents at Hyvee, Fred Meyer, Meijer, Bruno’s, Kroger, Albertson’s, National Distributors, Certco, AmeriMark, Walgreen’s, Brookshire’s, Woodmans, Bi-Lo and Beauty Land, and on the internet at For more product news and store info, please visit the website at Fresh Scents is made by Fresh Scents, Inc. They’ve been keeping the world fresh and clean since 1971.

Pucker Up:
Citrus Infused Products
for Body and Home

Add a little zest to your kitchen or bath with these citrus-infused products from BARIELLE, GIANNA ROSE ATELIER, LETTERS and PORTICO SPA. Whether you chose Grapefruit, Lemon or Lime, the tart fragrance of citrus fruits will no doubt revitalize your mood, not to mention look gorgeous by the sink!

Barielle Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion

The citrusy Grapefruit scent of this moisturizing lotion works to absorb odors so your hands stay soft and always smell fresh

Retail Price: $22.00 Availability:

Gianna Rose Atelier Limonade & Citron Vert Soaps

Create a fragrant orchard by your kitchen sink, and everyone will be rushing to wash their hands before dinner- choose from crisp, zesty Lemon with hints of Vanilla Cream or Tangy Lime with notes of Guava

Retail Price: $29.50/each Availability:

LETTERS Lemon Verbena Soy Candle

Light a Lemon Verbena candle to create an aromatic ambiance for your bath with an invigorating blend of lemon essential oil and a hint of verbena

Retail Price: $18.00 Availability: Anthropologie,

PORTICO SPA Verbena & Lavender/Citrus Shampoo & Conditioner

Give your locks a dose of Lemon-Aid with the energizing scent of citrus verbena or the refreshing aroma of lavender and citrus shampoo & conditioner

Retail Price: $12.50 Availability:

Because Complexions Don’t Stop At The Neck...

Beautiful skin means soft shoulders, sleek skin back and front, and smooth, supple legs. And that means time, lots of maintenance and lots of products. Or one Spongellé™.

Spongellé™ is the first and only all in one bath product that takes care of the body complexion, from neck to toe. Spongellé™cleanses, tones, hydrates, exfoliates and massages – courtesy of an infusion of skin-pampering ingredients and a user-friendly texture that changes from smooth and soft to slightly exfoliating whenever you change your grip. A four-in-one “bodywash,” this patent-pending bath treat (with 93 claims for unique attributes) is formulated with everything the body’s complexion needs for strength, beauty and good health, including…

Skin-building collagen, Green Tea extract to send free radicals on their way Potent anti-oxidant vitamins Rich Olive Oil for the ultimate in healthy long-lasting moisture (especially important for areas like knees, ankles, elbows) Sea Kelp for essential iron and minerals Bergamot fruit essence to soothe irritated skin and fight breakouts Gentle glycerin-based cleanser
Lemongrass Essence, lightly astringent and antiseptic, to heal existing acne without drying and prevent future outbreaks

A bouquet of healing, soothing and nourishing botanicals for healthy, clear, youthful and clean.

Spongellé™'s One of a kind fragrance blends like Sandalwood-Papaya, Green Apple-Lilac, Citrus Accord-Musk, Grapefruit-Amber, Peony-Cassis, Hot Spice-Ginger, Lily of the Valley-Green Tea, and French Lavender-Meyer Lemon make the pampering perfect. Spongellé™ are available in 5, 10 and 30-wash sizes (MSRP $5, $8, $18). Green-Apple-Lilac Infusion and Grapefruit-Amber Infusion are specially gift boxed with custom dishes (MSRP $36).

From the makers of Spongeables: Spongellé™ All-In-One Bodywash Infused Sponge – the new best thing to happen to showers and baths. For product information, please call 1-866-753-8324 x17, or visit the website at www.Spongellé.com.

Perfect Pearls

Pearls of Joy is an online luxury pearl retailer based in Los Angeles. The site launched in 2000 and offers one of the largest selections of pearl jewelry in the online world. The company has rapidly become the first choice for customers looking for exceptional value and luxury pearls.

The company grew from a small E-Bay based business, to a large international company with global customers. Year after year, the company experiences substantial growth which allows them to broaden the selection.

Because they are buying directly from pearl farmers around the world, the company is able to purchase the finest pearls at lower prices than other retailers. Pearls of Joy is able to sell items for less than 85 percent than traditional brick and mortar establishments.

Education: Customers visit Pearls of Joy to educate themselves about pearls and about what to look for when buying cultured pearls.

Convenience: Shopping is available anytime, day or night. Orders are processed the same day and can be delivered within 24 hours.

Prices: The prices at Pearls of Joy are significantly less than what is found in leading retail stores, typically by 80-90 percent because they purchase pearls directly from the pearl farms.

Secure: Shopping online can be safer than shopping at the mall. The company uses the same security protocols and technology, as large online retail sites.

Customization: Consumers can request an original work of jewelry for customers that wish to commission a custom piece.

Environmentally and Socially Responsible: Pearls are a sustainable aquaculture crop, unlike gemstones that use traditional mining methods, often at the expense of the land and the people who live there.

Kevin Canning, 26, founder of Pearls of Joy, a million dollar online venture, has been dubbed the Prince of Pearls by his in the pearl industry. Due to low price points and high quality, Pearls of Joy has become one of the leading outlets to purchase pearls. “We buy directly from pearl farms so we can cut down on the sale prices, which are great for consumers.” Canning received a degree in New Media Design from the Computer Master School of Technology. He has used his web designing expertise to create the easy to browse website which now receives over 500,000 hits a week.

Canning’s knowledge of pearls is derived from the GIA where he is a graduate of Pearls and Pearl Grading courses. Along with his credentials, Canning has his very own library of rare pearl related books. “I enjoy learning new things every day. With my collection of books I am always reading up on something new and fascinating that relates to my industry,” says Canning who is also a co-founder of “The Pearl Guide,” the largest collection of pearl information available.

Pearls of Joy

Price samples: Freshwater Pearl Bracelet $105.00
Lavender Freshwater Pearl Earrings $40.50
Tahitian Pearl Earrings $368.10
Multicolored Freshwater Pearl Necklace $145.00

(In Photo above -- we love this: From their site….Unisex Tahitian pearl bracelet. The pearls used are AA+ quality baroque Tahitian pearls ranging in size from 9.0mm - 11.0mm and we finish the bracelet with a trendy sterling silver toggle clasp. Although this piece was designed originally for men, in the 7.5'' it also looks great on women. Like all of our bracelets this piece is knotted between each pearl for safety and strung with only the finest twin silk. When you buy these elegant pearls, you will receive a free jewelry box, a 3rd party appraisal, a certificate of authenticity and of course our "no questions asked" 90 day return policy. These originally retailed for $1750, sells it for $350.)

Wonderful Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman makes some of the highest heels we own -- and we only buy what we can walk in and be (relatively) comfortable in. There's a reason why celebs will only wear Weitzman on the red carpet (they're standing and walking forever and have to appear carefree and happy. Check out their website or visit one of their stores or one of the department stores (like Nordstrom's) that carry them. They are the pentultimate holiday heel and shoe.

In photos:

Crystal Clear Lucite reigns as spring’s top material in Stuart Weitzman's chic vinyl wedge

Stuart Weitzman's Gem Clutch in natural

The Perfect Fourplay
New Body Soufflés By Kama Sutra

It’s about the journey, not the destination…

On the road to love it’s important to take your time adoring one another without any shortcuts. With Kama Sutra’s new scrumptious Body Soufflés, the ride has just gotten a lot hotter. All four of these lickable, kissable water-based moisturizing creams are perfect for giving and receiving the ultimate sensual massage. They’re also the perfect way to add a deliciously yummy softness to your skin every day.

Flavors include:

French Vanilla Crème - Heavenly vanilla blended with rich buttery cream (seen in photo)

Chocolate Crème Brûlée – A sweet mixture that tastes like a fine chocolate dessert

Strawberry Crème – Ripe strawberries with a hint of milky cream

Cool Mint – Tantalizing fresh mint that’s truly stimulating

Like dessert for the skin, Kama Sutra’s new Body Soufflés have a rich and luxurious texture for the most intimate of massages. Kama Sutra Body Soufflés retail for $18.00.

For over 35 years, The Kama Sutra Company has been creating products that encourage harmony and well-being in romance. Kama Sutra products are available at and at discerning gift, boutique, and specialty outlets nationwide.
Gift Giving Ideas from Cristi Conaway

Don’t get stuck on Red Envelope (although we admit that’s a classy retail site). reflects Cristi’s sophisticated taste and the simplicity she craved in online shopping. offers only select gift items, some exclusively designed for the site and all chosen by Cristi herself. Shoppers will be thrilled by this "best of" site that makes finding the perfect gift easy for even the most challenged gift-giver.

Cristi has always delighted in searching out unusual and elegant gifts and is constantly complimented on her taste and thoughtfulness when giving a gift. As a stylish new mother, Cristi realized that having a newborn made it difficult to shop for the fabulous gifts she usually sought out. She set about creating a well-edited website filled with gifts for any occasion that would also offer a pleasant on-line shopping experience.

All gifts come wrapped in a signature suede pouch. gift boxes and wrapping are also available. The site offers gifts in the price range from $30 - $400. Customers can order online or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-838-2590. There are a multitude of delivery options including overnight delivery. is an exclusive gift-giving website conceived by Cristi Conaway, a Los Angeles-based knit and cashmere designer and former actress.

In photo: Alfi Transparent Carafe From award winning designer Julian Brown and designer Ross Lovegrove, the Basic thermal carafe is constructed with high quality scratch-proof transparent acrylic body and features the Alfi vacuum hard glass liner and screw stopper. 0.9L / 7cup $75.00

Twenty Two Shoes Launch

Chris and Alexandra Silverman launched twenty two shoes to combine drop-dead style and old-world craftsmanship. twenty two shoes are designed by the husband and wife team in their California studio, and then handcrafted by a small family-run business in the Le Marche region of Italy. With a combined total of 20 years of design experience between them, the Silvermans have successfully created a line that combines the luxury of top-quality hides, modern details, and unparalleled fit and comfort. Fall 2006 marks the unveiling of the men’s line, which shares the same name as their popular Oakland, California shoe shop founded in 2000. Go to for more information.

The twenty two shoes Women’s collection for spring includes a range of flats, platform sandals, and sexy heels with cut-out details that come in various heights to suit all goddess incarnations. The collection of shoes for spring include added comfort detailing that has become a trademark of twenty two shoes such as cork in-soles and hand-made, hand-stained leather soles.

The twenty two shoes spring line will be in stores as of February 2007. Retail prices range from approximately $250 to $400. twenty two shoes knits have appeared in numerous film and television shows and can be found featured on the pages of WWD, InStyle, Lucky, and The Stylephile. twenty two shoes is available at Dewey in California and Tootsi Plohound in New York and fine boutiques throughout the country.

In photo
Bilboa Retail $265.00
T-strap Heel
Adjustable Ankle Strap
Leather Upper
3” Wood Heel
Molded cork foot bed
Leather Sole

ghd for an Oh So Good Hair Day

If you want to give someone a gift they will use daily and adore...

We love our ghd irons. We have one at work, one at home, one for travel. We are that addicted. This is a photo from NY Fashion Week which shows the locks of super models being tended to by stylists using our favorite iron. You cannot compare results. All other hair irons pale (pale) next to this one. Believe me, we know. Our three times Japanese Straightening has long grown out and we're condemned to iron when we want super straight. But with this iron, it works like a dream and even gives a tiny curl at the end if we want. It seals in natural oils. We look nice and sleek. We use the ghd Thermal Protector and a little bit of Kerastasse serum at the tips and then we ghd away.

Personalize It

Who doesn't like to see their name in print? Fine Stationery ( offers great gifts that are perfect for the giftee who has everything. It’s also ideal for a co-worker. They offer personalized note cards or stationery.

Unique Tees

Tundrafoot T-shirts Tundrafoot is the brainchild of Chicago-bred, Los Angeles-based artist Umar Rashid, also known as Frohawk Two-Feathers. This twisted love story takes place in the Canadian
province of Nunavut, a mysterious land to the far north. It is home to Tundrafoot, the young Inuit hunter and Ten, the baby harp seal that love him. The other key players in this tale are Tyberius (penguin), the former emperor of the land, and whose subjects were exiled to South America after a series of lengthy wars with the first settlers to cross the Bering Strait. Tank (polar bear), the blind polar bear who was taken from his parents at birth, raised by cirus performers, and feels more comfortable in New York City than he does at the North Pole. And lastly, Pinky (whale), the oldest whale on Earth, who served the Royal Navy of Atlantis and Lemuria as a battle ship until he escaped to Baffin Bay to search for his long lost love. Image above: Classic boycut tee custom cut. Featuring Frowhawk Two Feathers' design of the character Pinky, the elusive whale. A peaceful display of serenity, showing Pinky showing her tail as she dives down deeper, "Sometimes you just have to let go and Dive On In". She's the gold at the end of the rainbow. Artist Note: Color study for the visually boring. Uplifting verse for the reluctant hero. Buy at (there's an 800 number listed)
Sleep Without Snoring?

BeansTalk Note: We haven’t tried this, so we cannot personally vouch for its effectiveness. However, we think that people who sleep with snorers probably will do anything to get them to stop, so it may be worth a try.

“Sleep, sleep, beauty bright, dreaming in the joy of night”, said William Blake. As many celebrities know, sleep is key to achieving beauty. While getting enough sleep is crucial, so is how you sleep.

Oxygen has been hailed as one of the latest cures for aging skin in the world of beauty from oxygen therapy to oxygen facials. Premature aging can be prevented though with a simple good night’s sleep and intake of oxygen.

First Impressions introduces SnoreEzzz, a pillow that not only reduces snoring but helps oxygenate and invigorate the skin! SnoreEzzz positions the head so that the neck is extended and the airways are opened leaving the sleeper with more oxygen intake and a better nights’ sleep. As more oxygen is taken in, vessels below the skin’s surface are allowed to flow freely and clearer breathing is achieved.

Here’s a fact to ponder….

One third of a person’s life is spent in bed, so why do people only spend pennies on pillows (unlike expensive duvets and mattresses)?

According to Renee Rouleau of Renee Rouleau Skin Care Salon in Dallas, a person’s sleeping position also affects aging. “Resting your face on the pillow in the same way every night for years on end also leads to wrinkles,” says Rouleau.

Called sleep lines, these wrinkles eventually become etched on the surface of the skin and no longer disappear when the head is not resting on the pillow. Women who tend to sleep on their sides are most likely to see these lines appear on the chin and cheeks. Rouleau recommends trying to sleep on your back.

Attached is more info on SnoreEzzz and its snore reducing properties. SnoreEzzz is available to purchase at or by calling 212-828-2747.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Life of Lebovitz

American Masters “Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens”
Wednesday, January 3, 2007, 9:00-10:30 p.m. ET PBS

American Masters, which pioneered the television biography genre, continues to offer insightful profiles of important figures in America’s artistic and cultural life. Series website:

#1909 -- “Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens” -- Annie Leibovitz has produced some of the most iconic images of the last 30 years and is, arguably, America’s most influential woman photographer. She has shot the rich and famous, the profound and powerful, the exceptional and notorious. Her camera has documented the horrors of war — most recently in Sarajevo and Rwanda. Masterful at exposing her photographic subjects, Leibovitz’s own life has been private and protected. In this film, she made the decision to bare her artistic process, her personal journey and her delicate balancing of fame and family to the camera — a camera that is being vigilantly pointed by a filmmaker who is her younger sister. From her hectic studio to her idyllic farm, viewers experience Leibovitz’s current work and the creation of her latest retrospective book. The program documents her losses as well as her grand successes.

(Image shown is her pic of director Quentin Tarantino)

New National Geographic Channel Shows

"In the Womb: Multiples”

Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 8:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM PT (2 Hour World Premiere Special)

Egg and sperm meet and spark a perilous journey of fetal development, but what if there are two, three or even four along for the ride? In the Womb: Multiples, an unprecedented two-hour world premiere special, utilizes groundbreaking technology to take viewers into the extraordinary world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. The special follows the stories of three expectant mothers from conception to birth and travels inside the womb to see the tiny fetuses begin to interact with each other — pushing, kicking and even what looks like playing and kissing. Amazing 4-D ultrasound images and revolutionary new fetal imaging techniques reveal how these multiples grow and compete for resources. For more information, visit


"Dog Whisperer: Sophie & Riley, Aussi & Sasha, Bebe & Lulu”

Monday, December 11 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Riley and Sophie are both basset hounds that were adopted by the Klooz family in December 2004. Since then, Sophie has been bullying Riley over food, treats and their owners’ attention. Can Cesar curb this sibling rivalry and restore peace? Then meet Aussi, a dingo mix from Australia. Aussi’s owner Betty is a senior citizen who recently moved to California. Aussi has since developed a severe case of aggression towards other dogs. Aussi’s behavior has become so bad that Betty can’t control her on walks and is concerned about falling down and getting hurt. Will Cesar be able to resolve Aussi’s aggression? Finally meet Lulu, a poodle mix possessive of her owners. When two puppies were added to the family, Lulu did not react well and has become increasingly hostile towards the new dogs. Can Cesar help Lulu work through her issues? For more information, visit

"Amazing Planet”

Tuesday, December 12, 9:00 – 11:00 PM ET/PT

Through stunning high definition and advanced CGI, this two-part special, narrated by Emmy award-winning actress Patricia Clarkson (HBO’s “Six Feet Under”), explores two key pieces of earth’s fascinating life story: fire and water. Join the National Geographic Channel and go on a high-speed journey from the majestic peaks of the Himalayas to the deepest trenches of the ocean floor. Examine earth’s continents, colliding and shearing apart again; its volcanoes, violently erupting; and its waters, towering and smashing. Take a compelling look at how the face of the earth has evolved over the eons and what the future may hold for the planet we all share. See how time and time again, earth has demonstrated a ferocious side that can either create or destroy. From the movement of the continents over the millennia to the formation of devastating natural disasters, Amazing Planet explains the science behind earth’s never-ending extreme makeover. For more information, visit, beginning Monday, November 27.

"Amazing Planet: Born of Fire" (Part 1)

Tuesday, December 12 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Go deep into earth’s core for a glimpse of this unstoppable engine of creation and destruction. Amazing Planet: Born of Fire explores earth’s beginnings, from space rubble circling in a slow gravitational dance some 4.5 billion years ago; and examines its future, millions of years from now, when some of our most beloved landmarks could be leveled. Advanced CGI reveals stunning underwater topography, including the seam between two tectonic plates where some of the highest mountains on the planet are formed.

"Amazing Planet: Ocean Realm” (Part 2)

Tuesday, December 12 at 10:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Amazing Planet plunges into the great seas for an in-depth look at the substance that covers more than 70 percent of earth’s surface: water. The seas nurture life and hide wonders in their depths, but they can also wreak unimaginable destruction. They create tsunamis and spin off super-hurricanes or fierce thunderstorms. Ocean Realm traces the origins of the nascent oceans, which were acidic, dense and corrosive, and explains how global warming is turning today’s oceans into a great repository of extra heat — creating more and more monstrous storms.

"Explorer: Super Carrier”

Wednesday, December 13 at 8:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

The U.S.S. Eisenhower is one of the most advanced ‘super carriers’ in the U.S. Navy’s arsenal. From the control room high above the flight deck down to the mechanics in the hangar bay, Explorer takes you on an immersive voyage onboard this ship that is fresh off a $2.5 billion overhaul. See what it is like to catapult off the deck in an FA-18 as it rockets from zero to 150 mph in 2 seconds, dodge jet exhaust from fighter jets on the flight deck, and drop laser-guided bombs from a Super Hornet for the last time before combat.

"Dangerous Encounters: Deadliest Snakes”

Friday, December 15 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

National Geographic Channel reptile expert Brady Barr has come face to face with some deadly snakes. Now, in Deadliest Snakes, Brady approaches seven of the world’s most dangerous and venomous snakes to determine which snake is the deadliest. He will scientifically investigate each species of snake by grading them on five basic criteria: size, volume and toxicity of venom, personality, and number of human deaths.

"Killer Instincts: Claws”

Friday, December 15 at 10:00 PM ET/PT (U.S. Premiere)

They slice, grab, tear, and impale- they are claws, and they can sometimes be lethal weapons. Killer Instincts: Claws travels the globe to examine the claws of land, air and sea creatures. In Africa, viewers will witness big cats, including lions, use their massive claws to rip apart victims. In North America, watch the eagle and other birds of prey use their talons to snatch-up their targets. In South America, see the local “ghost” crab comb the beaches with its pincers for turtle eggs. Whether it’s snatching, piercing or feeding, clawed combatants stalk every continent.

"NGC's State of the Earth 2006"

Saturday, December 16 at 10:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

During 2006 our planet experienced more than 150 large earthquakes, 50 major typhoons and almost a 100 tornadoes — yet the biggest disaster of the year may have been Climate Change. State of the Earth 2006 (wt) reviews the natural disasters of the past year to analyze the earth’s major systems; the air we breathe, the land we work, the waters we fish, and how wildlife plays a critical role in supporting them. A team of experts also share what they have seen and experienced to further explain why it’s not too late to slow or maybe even reverse global warming.

Attention Believers and the Curious

A Startling View Of The Life Of Jesus; A Lost Portrait Of Judas; And A Rare Glimpse Inside Jerusalem's Most Sacred Sites National Geographic Channel Explores the Contentious, Unexpected and Unorthodox in a Three Night Special Event Blasphemy? Hidden Truths? NGC Digs Beneath Our Conventional Understanding

(BeansTalk Note: Before we get into this new programming from the National Geographic Channel, let us point out that the image we've used here, this idealized, Anglo Christ has some sentimental meaning for BeansTalk. Our grandmother, who if she was still alive, would be 102, had an 11 x 14 version of this up in her house our entire childhood. That said, moving on....)

Religion is a topic rife with passion and tension, diversity, reverence and immense complexity. It is also rife with controversy. For thousands of years, across a range of religious backgrounds, bitter arguments have erupted, battles have raged and blood has been shed over unyielding differences of faith and conflicting convictions. All of which is still fiercely evident today.

For three nights, National Geographic Channel (NGC) journeys beyond conventionally accepted religious beliefs to explore the contentious and unexpected, even the unorthodox. Explorer: Secret Lives of Jesus, premiering Sunday, December 17, 2006, at 9 p.m. ET/PT; The Gospel of Judas, airing Monday, December 18, 2006, at 9 p.m. ET/PT; and Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites, premiering Tuesday, December 19, 2006, at 10 p.m. ET/PT examine the ancient manuscripts, visit the sacred sites and expose viewers to startling new claims by scholars that could challenge the basic precepts of Christianity. Is it malicious blasphemy? Is it outrageous? Or is there some new truth to be learned?

These three specials ask tantalizing questions: Did Jesus of Nazareth really die on the cross? Was Judas - long considered Jesus' betrayer - a hero? And what is at the root of the age-old controversies among Jews, Muslims and Christians? Each show draws from a wide variety of sources, including interviews with biblical scholars, religious leaders, archaeologists and authors - all sure to incite debate.

Explorer: Secret Lives of Jesus
Sunday, December 17, at 9 p.m. ET/PT (World Premiere)

More than 1,500 years ago, ancient writings were buried that offered alternative narratives about Jesus of Nazareth. There were many of these alternative gospels that rendered very different versions of the story and were considered scandalous and deemed heretical. Rediscovered within the last century, these texts offer more questions than answers. Secret Lives of Jesus examines these mysterious lost stories of Christ, exploring the fundamental questions surrounding the texts. Who wrote them and why? How do they compare to the accepted New Testament gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? And why were the stories forgotten for so long? Secret Lives of Jesus deconstructs the forces at play during this time of radical religious ideals - and offers a tantalizing glimpse inside the logic behind some of the most bizarre stories ever told about Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Judas
Monday, December 18, at 9 p.m. ET/PT (Two-Hour Encore Presentation)

This past April, more than 7 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the story of one of the most important finds in biblical archaeology - the Gospel of Judas. An ancient text that lay hidden for some 1,700 years, the document offers a radically different perspective on a man whom history has painted as the ultimate villain. The Gospel of Judas, an exclusive, two-hour encore event, traces the incredible story of what happened to the Gospel of Judas since it was found, the recent authentication process and analysis, and key insight gleaned from its laborious translation and interpretation. The Gospel of Judas presents a lost version of the last days of Jesus, using dramatic recreations to portray and clarify the complex story of intrigue and politics during the earliest days of Christianity and the contents of the gospel itself.

Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites
Tuesday, December 19, at 10 p.m. ET/PT (World Premiere)

Sacred and embattled, Jerusalem has held a uniquely important place in history. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all regard this city as holy, and a place where believers can feel closer to God. To each religion, Jerusalem and its sacred sites have varying meanings. Through extremely rare access, NGC goes inside two sacred places in Jerusalem rarely filmed: the Dome of the Rock, in Judaism, said to house the actual rock where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac, and in Islamic tradition, said to be where Muhammad ascended to heaven; and the Well of Souls, a natural cave considered by Jews to be a possible location for the Ark of the Covenant, and for Muslims, a place where the souls of the faithful will gather at the end of time. NGC also goes to the most important sacred site for Christians, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which houses the traditional sites of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Jews, Christians and Muslims each stake claims - often competing claims - to a number of other sacred sites in Jerusalem. Secrets of Jerusalem's Holiest Sites takes you deep inside this city of mystery and paradox, tracing its parallel histories central to three divergent faiths.

The Eleventh Hour

When Science Goes Wrong, He Makes It Right
Patrick Stewart stars in fast-paced investigative thriller, The Eleventh Hour

Scientific advances have allowed us to live longer and better than ever before, but there are those who would exploit new technologies to cause great harm. Enter Professor Ian Hood (Patrick Stewart, X-Men, Star Trek), a former physics professor recruited by the government as a roving troubleshooter with a remit to tackle human disasters and potential tragedies caused by modern science. Hood’s acute powers of perception and incredible thirst for knowledge make him a formidable weapon in the fight for good. The Eleventh Hour premieres Monday, December 4, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

It may sound academic, but Hood’s work is quite dangerous. His willingness to speak his mind and pursue truth proves a threat to a wide spectrum of people, from animal activists to pharmaceutical companies. A death threat made — and acted upon — soon after his appointment means he’s shadowed by a highly trained bodyguard, the coolly efficient Rachel Young (Ashley Jensen, Ugly Betty, Extras). He resents her presence and the restrictions this protection places upon him. As a result, he often makes life difficult for the very person trying to keep him alive.

Patrick Stewart talks about his character and The Eleventh Hour: “He cares deeply about the benefits of science and has very passionate feelings about how science should be used and strong feelings about people who abuse it. His wife died of cancer two years ago, which has left him deeply marked. He’s very much a work obsessed individual. We see nothing of his private life at all — it seems not to exist.”

In each of the four self-contained episodes, Hood follows a trail of corruption, taking on everything from a baby-cloning maverick to the advocate of a fraudulent cancer-cure. Stewart describes the relevance of the series, “In our stories there is a ticking clock, where we’re working against time and Hood is under a lot of pressure. It has nothing to do with science fiction whatsoever. No aliens anywhere in sight, no space time continuum. These four stories deal with very pressing current issues. These are things that a lot of people feel very strongly about and each story is quite controversial.”

British Press:

“Imagine Inspector Morse mixed with Doctor Who” The Independent

“Gripping, intelligent and well acted” Evening News

Episode one

As part of his brief as a roving scientific investigator for the government, Professor Hood (Patrick Stewart) has long been on the trail of a sinister Italian scientist, Gepetto, who is attempting to be the first person to bring a cloned baby in to the world. When he’s alerted to the grim discovery of a field filled with the bodies of fetuses that share the same DNA, he thinks it’s the work of Gepetto. As evidence emerges that the life of a surrogate mother is at risk, the case takes on a new urgency and saving her become a personal mission of redemption for Hood.

Episode one premieres Monday, December 4, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

Episode two

When a worker who’s been in an old crypt is found dying horribly from a mysterious lethal virus, the government calls Hood in to investigate. His task is to oversee the work of volunteer scientists containing the outbreak and locating the source. The virus is highly infectious — if they don’t act fast, a global pandemic will spread. But once the location of the virus is discovered, Hood realizes that his work is only just beginning. Even worse, his bodyguard, Rachel (Ashley Jensen), has been placed at risk. Hood must call upon all his resources to prevent catastrophe.

Episode two premieres Monday, December 11, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

Episode three

When he learns that a friend, Dr. Richard Adams (Donald Sumpter), has suffered a breakdown, Hood pays him a visit. Adams sounds paranoid when he says that persons unknown are sabotaging his work and threatening his life, but then he disappears. His work on global warming seems to have vanished, as well — a handful of equations are all that’s left. It’s the beginning of a fascinating puzzle for Professor Hood, as he tries to find his old friend.

Episode three premieres Monday, December 18, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

Episode four

Hood’s uneasy when he hears a media report about an oncologist named Dr. Williams. She claims that a patient of hers, a young boy called Alfie, has been cured of his cancer by drinking some local spring water. Hundreds of people flock to the source of the spring hoping that they will be similarly cured. Hood discredits the claims, but Dr. Williams is adamant that, unlikely as it seems, Alfie’s cancer was cured by the water. Hood teams up with her to find an explanation for the cure, but just when they are getting close, Dr. Williams is found dead. Trouble really starts when Hood manages to solve the mystery of what cured Alfie.

Episode four premieres Monday, December 25, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

Interview with Patrick Stewart

Can you tell us about your character, Professor Ian Hood?

Professor Ian Hood is a physicist, an academic now retired and working for the Government as a Science Adviser. He’s not a bureaucrat — he’s in the field following up and investigating criminal, illegal or just down right dangerous science as it’s occurring within society. He cares deeply about the benefits of science and has very passionate feelings about how science should be used and strong feelings about people who abuse it. He’s a widower. His wife died of cancer two years ago, which has left him deeply marked. He’s very much a work obsessed individual. We see nothing of his private life at all — it seems not to exist.

Is there any chemistry between Hood and Young?

Oh yes certainly. She’s a professional policewoman who is fairly discontented at having to be this kind of minder to this retired scientist. She also feels as if her career in the police is passing her by while she’s doing this protection work, but they have quite a frank and confrontational relationship and I think that’s one of the things that gives it a certain charm.

How would you describe the series?

It’s pragmatic and realistic in its view of the way certain things are in our society, but its thrust is investigative thrillers. In our stories there is a ticking clock, where we’re working against time and Hood is under a lot of pressure. In our stories, we deal with very pressing current issues. One episode looks at human cloning. It’s a moving, powerful story about a grieving man who feels the only way to alleviate his grief is to have a copy made of the son he’s lost. Another episode deals with global warming and issues of climate change and features a scientist who has been making some very significant discoveries about the pattern of global warming. A third one deals with the consequences in an urban environment of a dangerous and deadly disease occurring, in this case, smallpox. The fourth story concerns a situation where somebody is claiming that spring water is curing cancer and people are abandoning their conventional treatments to go and drink this water believing it’s going to cure them. How do you deal with something like that, and how do you try to balance people’s emotional needs with the proper aspect of medical science with alternative therapies as well? These are things that a lot of people feel very strongly about and each story is going to be quite controversial.

So this is about science but not science fiction?

It has nothing to do with science fiction whatsoever. No aliens anywhere in sight, no space time continuum. There are some disturbing images used, particularly in the episode that deals with the smallpox virus, but it’s all about the real world, the world of today.

Can you watch yourself back on screen?

Over the years I’ve had to make myself, because I knew that it was the only way I would learn about what works and what doesn’t work. Ashley Jensen and I watched the first episode of The Eleventh Hour together for mutual support. Terry McDonough’s direction was outstanding. The film scared me witless. It’s really quite intense.

Is it strange filming a television series and then going straight on to a multi-million dollar movie like X-men?

I’ve never thought of myself as being anything other than just an actor looking to do interesting and hopefully important work. I never wanted to waste my life or whatever talent I’ve got and it just so happens that I’ve been blessed to be in a situation where I am invited to move between the world of huge budget studio movies, smaller independent movies, and television, which is one of the places I wanted to be. I’ve also just finished a run in the West End and I’m now looking forward to a year in Warwickshire, Stratford upon Avon, being a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for a whole season of plays. I don’t see one genre as being more significant than the other, although I’m very excited about Stratford because that was a huge part of my early career, and it meant so much to me. One of the reasons I became an actor was to do that kind of work, I didn’t become an actor to work in film or television, I had no ambitions for that, it just kind of happened along the way. Money really determines how your days are spent on different productions. On Star Trek – Next Generation we would shoot between seven and ten pages of script a day. On Eleventh Hour we were shooting between five and seven pages a day. On X-Men we were shooting between one and two pages a day, and that’s because there’s so much more money available, so you are able to take much more time and trouble. In television you have to work quicker. So you move into different rhythms of work and I enjoy it because it brings variety to what I do. I’ve just been so blessed to be in the situation where I have this variety.

Interview with Ashley Jensen

How would you describe your character Rachel Young?

She’s a Special Branch Officer who’s been reluctantly appointed as a bodyguard to Professor Hood. She sees it as thwarting her career prospects, because as far as she’s concerned she’s just babysitting an old man, but when they meet, she actually respects him, and she likes him. She’s very professional and very good at her job. I think it’s really good that they’ve cast the character of a bodyguard as a woman, because that’s quite unusual. Also, there’s not the usual sexual tension between the two, which I think makes the relationship more interesting than falling into the conventional storyline. It’s a really nice dynamic. I think she’s from a working class background, and is striving to make a career for herself.

What attracted you to taking on the role?

I think it’s a really cool role for a girl to play. Rachel is a gun-wielding, smart comment-making, character. Also working with Patrick Stewart was definitely a factor! The role also appealed because it isn’t like anything I’ve done previously.

Did you do any research for the role?

Yes, I spoke to some bodyguards, and a guy who actually trained Special Branch Officers. For another role I went out shadowing a police officer a few times. We learnt things like how to use a truncheon, and how to stand, so I felt like I knew what I was doing a little bit.

Do you have any funny anecdotes from your time on set?

I think the funniest thing was my character’s car. I’ve got a really tiny red mini, and in the series Rachel drives this great big automatic Land Rover. Most of the time when I turned on the engine it just rolled back, or occasionally I nearly hit something! Also one time when I had to give chase on foot, I leapt over a wall and just disappeared over the other side. The crew went silent for a minute waiting for me to appear. Luckily I didn’t break any bones, but it was really funny at the time. There were a couple of times that I fell when I was running too, but to my own credit I got up and started running again!

The participants of The CW reality series Beauty and the Geek --
Back row, l-r, Nadia, Tori, Jennylee, Erin, Megan, Andrea, Cecille and Sheree Middle row, l-r, Matt, Nate, Sanjay, Mario, Neils and Andrew
Front row (up to neck in pool), l-r, Paio and Scooter Photo: Jospeh Viles/The CW ©2006 The CW NETWORK, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Beauty and the Geek Returns

Beauty and the Geek will return to The CW for its third installment with a two-hour season premiere on Wednesday, January 3, 2007 (8 to 10 p.m. ET) with eight consecutive episodes. Beginning January 10, the series will air in its regular timeslot on Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET), with encore telecasts on Sundays (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET).

The producing team of Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg (“Punk’d”) recruited an all-new group of eight gorgeous but academically impaired women and eight brilliant but socially challenged men for the third installment to test intellect and social skills. This cycle will remain true to the series’ format, pairing the women with the men for a chance to win a $250,000 grand prize. Among the challenges, the guys will be required to deliver a stand-up routine in a comedy club and test their artistic abilities when they sketch a drawing of a nude model. The women will brush up on current events for a television newscast and research history books when they act as museum tour guides. The past two seasons saw an unlikely connection between a beauty and a geek, and the third time could be the charm for another lucky couple.

During each competition, the geek tries to pass brains on to the beauty, while the beauty helps the geek overcome social awkwardness. At the end of the eight-episode series, each contestant comes out a changed person, and one couple will walk away with a quarter of a million dollars.

The second season of Beauty and the Geek was the number one series on The WB in adults 18-34 last season, delivering gains over its successful first season by +32% in adults 18-34, +22% in women 18-34, +47% in men 18-34 and +35% in adults 18-49.

Beauty and the Geek is from fox21 and is produced by Katalyst Films and 3 Ball Productions with executive producers Ashton Kutcher & Jason Goldberg (“Guess Who,” “Punk’d”), Nick Santora (“Prison Break,” “The Sopranos”), J.D. Roth (“The Biggest Loser,” “For Love or Money”) and Todd A. Nelson (“The Biggest Loser,” “For Love or Money”).

Contestant Hometowns:

Beauties: Erin – Chicago, Illinois

Cecille – Los Angeles, California

Nadia – Burr Ridge, Illinois

Megan – Boca Raton, Florida

Andrea – Kansas City, Missouri

Tori – Elk Grove, Illinois

Jennylee – Sherman Oaks, California

Sheree – Live Oak, Florida

Geeks: Sanjay – Westminster, California

Piao – Lorton, Virginia

Alan – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Neils – Berkeley, California

Matt – Goldens Bridge, New York

Drew – Chicago, Illinois

Mario – Bridgeport, West Virginia

Nate – Evergreen, Colorado

French and Saunders Take on Celebs

Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French celebrate the Holiday Season with a series of surreal spoofs of Elton John, Boy George, George Michael and many others. French and Saunders Christmas Celebrity Special premieres Thursday, December 21, 11:00 p.m. ET/ 8:00 p.m. PT. C

TV’s phenomenally talented funny girls return to BBC America for a holiday special with a host of hilarious new send-ups and sketches. As well as “appearances” from celebrity guests there’s a visit to a folk festival with a special appearance from heart-throb singer Rufus Wainwright who finds he has two enthusiastic backing singers who won’t take no for an answer.

UK television’s parenting expert, Dr. Tanya Byron (Little Angels), has her hands full trying to control the behavior of the irrepressible two as they offer their own take on Broadway & West End hits The Graduate and Chicago, as well as a cheeky look at acclaimed movie, Vera Drake.

New BBC Crimes of Passion

Mystery Monday Features Crimes Of Passion
- Five new thrillers kick off the New Year -

This January (2007) BBC America takes mystery programming to heart with a collection of premieres that will heat up your television with crimes of passion. This special block of gripping, contemporary, thrillers will premiere on five consecutive Monday nights.


Mark Strong (The Long Firm) and Caroline Goodall (The Princess Diaries) play Michael and Anne, a seemingly perfect married couple who have it all. Under the surface, however, the relationship has been damaged because of adultery. When a young woman’s body is found dead clutching Michael’s keys in her hand, old wounds are laid bare and trust is put to the test one last time.

Trust premieres Monday, January 1, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

The Return

After ten years in jail for killing her husband in an alcoholic blackout, Lizzie Hunt (Julie Walters, Calendar Girls, seen above) is released from prison. Once home, old hurts and addictions come back to haunt her. Lizzie’s son and neighbors shun her and she’s quickly drawn back to the bottle. With the help of her old flame, Matt (Neil Dudgeon, The Street), Lizzie begins to rebuild her life. But once sober and secure, Lizzie starts to question her guilt and the intentions of those around her.

The Return premieres Monday, January 8, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.


When Chris (Neil Stuke, The Virgin Queen) is thrown from a high-rise apartment balcony, suspicion falls on his hearing-impaired roommate, Dean (Joseph Mawle, Persuasion). The investigators bring in a sign language interpreter, Penny (Susan Lynch, Bodies), who unexpectedly develops a romantic relationship with the accused. As the two become closer and the investigation grows deeper, the lines of impartiality and guilt become harder to discern.

Soundproof premieres Monday, January 15, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

A Good Murder

A trip to a museum is a life-changing event when artist Kay (Juliet Aubrey, The Constant Gardener) meets Nico (Miroslav Simunek), a handsome Albanian immigrant. What starts out as love and trust (at least for Kay) turns quickly into lies and suspicion. Kay’s been rejected by her family because of her new love and she may have to pay an even higher price when she learns that her new man is on the run from the mob.

A Good Murder premieres Monday, January 22, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

Kindness of Strangers

A mother’s helper does anything but help in this two-part psychological drama. Ellie (Julie Graham, Afterlife) is unprepared for how different her life has become after the birth of twins. Once a business partner with husband Joe (Neil Pearson, The State Within), she now juggles work with the demands of babies and her teenage son. She’s grateful when widowed Fiona (Hermione Norris, Wire in the Blood) offers to help out, but then Fiona starts taking over Ellie’s life.

Part one of Kindness of Strangers premieres Monday, January 29, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT. Part two of Kindness of Strangers premieres Monday, February 5, 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

Down and Dirty

Sporting hip waders, rubber gloves and anti-bacterial soap, quintessential apprentice and host Mike Rowe gears up for a third season of Dirty Jobs debuted this Tuesday on Discovery.

The votes are in, and the people have spoken. They want to see more dirt, and they want Mike Rowe to give it to them. Mike, of course, is happy to oblige, using suggestions that come directly from many viewers themselves. Returning with all-new episodes, Mike builds upon his already extensive résumé immersed in dirt, grime and filth as he explores the stories of ordinary heroes who perform vital occupational tasks so the rest of us don’t have to.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at 9 PM (ET/PT)
In Stamford, Connecticut, Mike joins the US Army Corps of Engineers to clean up the barrier that holds back the sea, including washing all of the muck, sediment and marine life out of every compartment and down each level. Then Mike pays a visit to McShane – the place where the best bells in the world are made. Mike joins in the long-standing tradition of making bell molds from horse manure and mud. Later he proudly pours, polishes and finishes a new bell while also restoring an old one.

Tuesday, December 19 at 9 PM (ET/PT)
Mike’s work in home deconstruction helps pave the way for rebuilding the hurricane damaged city of New Orleans. The recycled building materials go to The Green Project – a used building supply store that rehabs and restores materials so they can be recycled to maintain the heritage of the city. Then, Mike joins the good fight with the crew of the New Orleans Mosquito Abatement Board to battle the flying pests that are making life miserable for everybody post-Katrina. Mike helps ‘fish’ for ways to control the annoying little creatures by using tiny fish as their biggest allies in protecting the Gulf Coast from a nasty mosquito infestation.

DIRTY JOBS is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Film & Television. Eddie Barbini is the Executive Producer for Pilgrim. Suzy Geller is the Executive Producer for Discovery Channel.

Buckingham and Little Big Town

Rock icon and former Fleetwood Mac front man Lindsey Buckingham shares the stage with smash country group Little Big Town for the newest episode of CMT’s landmark performance series, CMT CROSSROADS, premiering Saturday, December 2, 2006 at 9-10 p.m, ET/PT.

Taped before an invitation only audience in Nashville, Buckingham and Little Big Town came together for a night of harmony on some of Buckingham’s famed tunes from his days with Fleetwood Mac, including “Go Your Own Way,” and Little Big Town’s country hits including “Boondocks.” Buckingham also performs one of the songs from his new album, Under The Skin, his first album in nearly 15 years.

CMT Crossroads pairs country music stars with popular artists from other genres—pop, rock, R&B—to play together, swap stories, and share their common love of music. Recent episodes of Crossroads have included Steve Earle and Rosanne Cash; Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett; Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers; Bon Jovi and Sugarland; and John Fogerty and Keith Urban.

Since 1975, when he and Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham has lent his unique talents as a singer, songwriter, producer arranger and guitarist, to some of the biggest selling albums of all time. Rolling Stone magazine calls him “one of rock’s most undervalued visionaries.” He was largely responsible for masterminding the sound of the new Fleetwood Mac heard on Rumours, the band’s multi-platinum masterpiece. Never content with the status quo, Buckingham refused to settle for mere commercial excellence and continued to push one of the most popular rock and roll bands in the world to the cutting edge of rock/pop experimentation, exemplified by the groundbreaking, and critically acclaimed, Tusk. His latest solo album, Under the Skin, came out on Reprise Records last month.. It follows Out of the Cradle (1992), which The New York Times called “one of the most exquisitely textured rock albums ever made.”

It has been an incredible year for Little Big Town, beginning with last October’s release of their near platinum Equity Music Group CD, The Road to Here. The group has been a CMT regular since the debut of their first single, “Boondocks,” which resonated immediately with music fans across the board and went Top 10 on country radio. Their most recent single, “Bring It On Home,” marked the second video to take the No. 1 spot on CMT TOP 20 COUNTDOWN, and was the band's first ever Top 5 hit. The group just released "Good As Gone," the third single from their hit CD, along with a music video that is already burning up the CMT video playlist. Little Big Town were recently nominated for two CMA Awards: Vocal Group of the Year and Horizon. In addition to an extended tour with John Mellencamp, the band has recently played dates with some of the format’s biggest stars, including Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and Keith Urban, and they performed at some of the industry's biggest shows, including a rocking set at the CMT MUSIC AWARDS pre-party.