Thursday, November 30, 2006

Unique Tees

Tundrafoot T-shirts Tundrafoot is the brainchild of Chicago-bred, Los Angeles-based artist Umar Rashid, also known as Frohawk Two-Feathers. This twisted love story takes place in the Canadian
province of Nunavut, a mysterious land to the far north. It is home to Tundrafoot, the young Inuit hunter and Ten, the baby harp seal that love him. The other key players in this tale are Tyberius (penguin), the former emperor of the land, and whose subjects were exiled to South America after a series of lengthy wars with the first settlers to cross the Bering Strait. Tank (polar bear), the blind polar bear who was taken from his parents at birth, raised by cirus performers, and feels more comfortable in New York City than he does at the North Pole. And lastly, Pinky (whale), the oldest whale on Earth, who served the Royal Navy of Atlantis and Lemuria as a battle ship until he escaped to Baffin Bay to search for his long lost love. Image above: Classic boycut tee custom cut. Featuring Frowhawk Two Feathers' design of the character Pinky, the elusive whale. A peaceful display of serenity, showing Pinky showing her tail as she dives down deeper, "Sometimes you just have to let go and Dive On In". She's the gold at the end of the rainbow. Artist Note: Color study for the visually boring. Uplifting verse for the reluctant hero. Buy at (there's an 800 number listed)