Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fresh Fragrance

New Fragrance from Fresh Scents: White Tea & Ginger
Look once, it’s an antibacterial deodorant hand soap. Look again, it’s an air freshener. The secret is in the 2-in-1 dispenser!

Fresh Scents 2-in-1 works twice as hard. A clear dispenser holds the brightly colored liquid antibacterial deodorant hand soap…but there’s more here than meets the eye. A hidden cache at the base of the bottle contains patented air freshening beads that release fragrance through tiny vents. The freshening is continuous, but a quick shake of the bottle releases more fragrance. The beads are made to last, and will freshen the air for at least 30 days.

For health-conscious women who want their hands to be really clean, Fresh Scents is a step ahead. At home and at work, it’s an affordable multi-tasker. Tuck Fresh Scents in a gym bag or leave one in a locker. It will keep the atmosphere fresh and clean, and provide a high-quality alternative to commercial hand soaps provided by most gyms.

Fresh Scents is also a step ahead when it comes to fragrances, with original and premium scents like Ripe Plum Mango (plum purple), Cotton Blossom (blue), Honeysuckle (clear) Cucumber Melon (green) and Sun-Ripened Raspberry (red). Each fragrance comes in a distinct signature shade for mixing and matching with any decorator style and color scheme. And now, White Tea & Ginger adds a sophisticated fragrance option and an elegant translucent pale gold color.

A true two-in-one product, Fresh Scents antibacterial deodorant soap is a gentle way to get hands clean and remove even the strongest odors. Cooks can wash away unpleasant smells, home crafters can rid their hands of paint remover and solvent odors. A delicate trace of aromatic fragrance fills the air each time the Fresh Scents dispenser is moved, an intriguing bonus that turns the act of washing your hands into a little indulgence. And when it comes to teaching youngsters to wash their hands, the rattle and roll of Fresh Scents fragrance beads is irresistible and the burst of fragrance is an instant reward.

Fresh ScentsAir Freshener and Antibacterial Deodorant Soap is affordably priced (suggested manufacturers retail price $2.69), and easy on the environment, with recyclable plastics, minimal packaging and biodegradable ingredients that don’t leave their mark on the world. Look for Fresh Scents at Hyvee, Fred Meyer, Meijer, Bruno’s, Kroger, Albertson’s, National Distributors, Certco, AmeriMark, Walgreen’s, Brookshire’s, Woodmans, Bi-Lo and Beauty Land, and on the internet at For more product news and store info, please visit the website at Fresh Scents is made by Fresh Scents, Inc. They’ve been keeping the world fresh and clean since 1971.