Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sonya Dakar and Adwil Celebrate Oscar Week

By Andrea Goodwin, associate editor (

Sonya Dakar opened her elegant and spacious Beverly Hills skin clinic this week to a galaxy of celebrity friends who wanted to relax and enjoy indulging in some of their favorite beauty products, beverages, spa services, clothing and accessory lines, and luxury getaway opportunities. Readers should know that Sonya Dakar corrective skin care products are an absolute BeansTalk essential and favorite, even as it is hard to stay brand loyal with the huge range of skin products available today. Anyway, BeansTalk was lucky enough to be invited to mix and mingle with the celebrity crowd and to sample some the “suite treats” ourselves. Here’s the scoop on what went down.

To start, the atmosphere of the evening was set by Carrie Zack, who served beautifully presented hors d’oeuvres and adorned hallways with her stunning concept for the floral arrangements. BeansTalk immediately felt a drop in stress when we walked in!

At ABS, we learned that the “it” top of the season is their braided neck mod dress. (Retail: $240.00) This pleated silk little number which comes in green, black, fuscia, cobalt, or teal, can be worn alone if you have great long legs or over skinny jeans. Kristin Cavalierri thought it was “gorgeous”, and other stars loved it so much they picked it up in several colors.

Mimi Turner was a hot spot as well. This designer creates the prints as well as the cuts for her amazing silk dresses. BeansTalk thought they were feminine and sexy. Gwyneth Paltrow stopped by and picked up a few pieces including a white bustier dress while Sara Rue took a black floral dress.

Lush was a hot spot of action. Celebrities couldn’t wait to try their fresh and organic bath products. Nick Verrios from Project Runway said Lush rocks and took one of every product Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan tried to steal stuff from Lush and then he found out it was free! Ha! BeansTalk gives this company big originality points for creating a fun and brightly colored line of solid shampoos, bubble baths, block soaps –which are sold by weight, and moisturizers. Most of their products are sold unpackaged, although if you stop by their Beverly Hills salon you can pick up little reusable tins to keep them in! BeansTalk was lucky enough to receive a nice assortment. So cute! We love the fresh smelling and humorously named “Green Day Bubble Bar” , “Buffy the Back Slayer” body butter, and “Honey I Washed the Kids” real honey body soap.

At the ever-socially-conscious Sonya Dakar booth, celebrities were generously signing bottles of their landmark Sunscreen 365 for a special auction benefiting Cancer Care. Cancer Care is an organization which offers support and counseling to families coping with the dreadful disease. (You might recall from earlier BeansTalk stories that this cause is close to our hearts, so we were heartened to hear about this effort!) The Sunscreen 365 skin treatment contains SPF 30 and titanium dioxide and we hear is a Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore favorite. Additionally, this product is only one from a complete line of corrective skin products which are categorized by skin issue: acne, scarring, skin refining, discoloration, sensitive, and anti-aging. BeansTalk’s recommendation: check out te Ultraluxe Age Control with nine different anti-aging complexes including a synthetic snake venom (that’s right!) for a botox-like effect.

BeansTalk chatted up Elizabeth Moore of Froote. Our readers may recognize her from her Top Design appearances on Bravo. She recently has launched a luxurious jewelry line. We loved the watermelon tourmaline and 18 carat gold hoop necklace. So did Bai Ling, who said it was “hip and beautiful.” Dominika Wolski of Dark Angel fame will be wearing a striking Froote necklace and earrings in her next shoot in Maui.

BeansTalk really enjoyed receiving the flowering teas from Numi which are actually hand sewn lily and jasmine flowers sewn around a bundle of aromatic tea. The flower actually blooms in the pot! It is amazing and beautiful enough to be featured in the recent Marie Antoinette film. Battlestar Galactica's Kate Vernon loved the hand crafted flowering teas by Numi. She especially loved that the teas were organic and very healthy. Numi teas are created by the Rahim brother and sister team who feel that their product encourages their customers to “create the time and space to develop their thoughts and feelings.” (I guess all of us workaholics need this.)

Exhausted make up artist Keri Kemper, who did over 35 makeovers in six hours, chatted up BeansTalk at the end of the day. Apparently everyone who stopped by the booth, including us, was thrilled to receive their alcohol and oil-free cheek stain. The colors which have fun names like Blushing Bride and Flush seem to be quite bright and unconventional when viewed from the bottle, but apply in a sheer and pleasing stain. Their sunburst bronzer was a big hit as well. Alas, it was back to work -- Lisa and Joni, from America’s Next Top Model stopped by the Tarte Cosmetics room. Lisa received a dramatic look with smokey eyes and red lips, while Joni got softer more natural look.

Girl Extraordinaire welcomed their guests into a girly-girl pink enclave to select really cute personalized tanks (Retail: $15.00) and doggie tees. BeansTalk thinks that our bride-to-be readers should keep these little numbers in mind when picking up bridal shower gifts. They are long for layering and perfect for SoCal weather. We hear that Dominika Wolski nabbed a “center of attention” tank and stuffed puppeo dog along with a dream big magnet while Sara Rue got a “girl extraordinaire” tank.

Sarah Rue (Less than Perfect) stopped in for ME! Bath’s signature Ice Cream. She loved the delicious scents and lavishly moisturizing body butter and couldn’t wait to use the product in the privacy of her home.

Craig Robert Young of Lost fame sampled Vava Breathe for his allergies but requested a mixed case to sample all nine responses. Sara Rue, from the new hot Fox show “Nurses”, sipped from her bottle of Vava Voom and requested a case of that as well. John Dixon, just back from Hawaii where he was filming Lost, requested another shipment of his favorite water, Vava, and took a Vava Chill for his pilot audition. Gwyneth Paltrow was served Vava water as she enjoyed her signature Oscar Facial (a combination of her Fitness Facial, her UltraLuxe Facial, her Red Light Collagen treatment, and the Oxygen Treatment) and remarked how much she liked it.

Guests were allowed to take the relaxed and positive vibe at Sonya Dakar home with them in the form of special prints from Nature’s Notebook by Courtney Noelle. Loretta Devine loved the beautifully crafted images by Nature's Notebook so much that she is hoping to commission a photograph just for her. BeansTalk received a lovely shot of the tides at sunset with the word “beautiful” inscribed in the sand. Now this ephemeral art will never “wash away” in our home.

Carribean Escapes generously gifted the stars as well. They gave Chris Kattan and fiancé Sunshine Tutt a trip to the Mayan Riviera for their honeymoon. Sunshine Tutt bragged about the wedding and found a jacket to wear during the reception…black Flux Noveau Audry Hepburn meets Yoko Ona jacket ….just imagine what that looks like!

To ensure the mood was right, Chris Kattan took Exhale Spa’s only essential oils and a lavender sache pillow to sleep on with his new fiancé Sunshine Tutt because he is such a spiritualist. BeansTalk hears that their core fusion classes are really cool as well.

We had the pleasure of meeting the creator Mary Shriver-Bugatti of the new O2Hide (Zero to Hide) line of clear accessories. These strudy and attractive clear plastic totes and purses will keep our busy travelers on the fast track in the airport. Julia Verdin brought 02H bags back to the bridesmaids in Liz Hurley’s wedding so that when they go through customs they will be given the all clear. Loretta Devine came in and was really excited about the line and all that it stood for.

Other snaphots:

China Chow loved Carpe Diem! She was blown away by such high science in something that is so simple and essential.

Lisa and Joni from America’s Next Top Model had a great time hanging at the Flux Nouveau room. Joni picked up two pieces from the fall line: cute dresses with pockets that are easy to wear.

Pumpkin from Flavor of Love came by and loved the LA Pop Art posters. Paul Litt came by and said it was his favorite thing in the entire Oscar Lounge.
Sara Rue came and took a bottle of Marani Premieum Vodka and a bottle of Mojito Island to make Marani Mojito-tinis for a home poker tournament. Adrienne Janic thought it was the smoothest vodka she had ever tasted.

Kathy Griffin was unable to stop by the Sonya Dakar – Adwil Oscar Lounge, so we put together a beautiful bag filled with treats from each of the rooms at the lounge including a bottle of PURE ECSTASY Liqueur.
With their baby girl at home sick, Donovan Leitch and Kirsty Hume asked their assistant, the lovely Debi Kohos, to put together a little something for them. As a thank you, Donovan and Kirsty gave her their certificate entitling them to a customized pair of Vans shoes.

Entertainment Weekly's Jessica Shaw is featuring Kathleen Cavalaro's Sophia necklace on Early Show this Friday.

Prince’s good friend Hanna from Lyric Jeans snagged a jeweled scarf for him. A custom-made Sophia necklace went to Chris Kattan’s mother.

Jay Jablonski, the new face of Marani Vodka, spoke to various members of the press about his part in the upcoming Brian Grazer film, “Kids in America” featuring Topher Grace and Ana Faris.

The Pure Ecstasy bar was overjoyed that guests of the Sonya Dakar - Adwil Oscar Lounge could not get enough of their intoxicating concoctions.

Loretta Devine loved her gift from Vans of custom sneakers. She couldn't wait to get home and log on to her computer to start designing her dream pair.

Here’s a more complete list of Sonya, Mimi, and Israel Dakar’s celebrity friends who visited the lounge:

Ashley Rose - actress, Broadway
Bettina Bush - singer, actress (voiceover)
Bird York - Singer, songwriter, "In The Deep" from Crash
Brian Austin Green - actor, "Beverly Hills 90210", "Domino"
China Chow - actress
Chris Kattan + Sunshine Tutt - actor, "SNL"
Daphnee Duplaix - actress, "Passions"
EG Daley - actress, singer, the voice of Babe the Pig, Rugrats.
Elena Fabri - actress
Howie Gordon – reality actor, Big Brother All Stars
Jay Jablonski - actor, "Kids in America"
Janet Chiarabaglio - actress, "The Search for Caravaggio"
Jenna Dewan - actress, "Step Up", "Take the Lead"
Jennifer Sciole - actress, "Entourage"
Kristy Frank - actress, Nickleodeon
Lauren Storm - actress, Nickleodeon
Lenore Zann - actress, "The Shooter"
Loretta Devine - actress, "Grey's Anatomy"
Megan Pope - actress, "Transformers"
Melinda Esquibel - Producer, "An Inconvenient Truth"
Natalia Cigliuti - actress, "All My Children"
Navi Rawat - actress, "Numb3rs"
Nick Verreos – Designer, "Project Runway"
Nick Zano - actor, "What I like about you"
Niki Zeiring - actress, "American Wedding"
Peter Templeman - Academy Award Nominated for the short film "The Savior"
Rob Pinkston - actor, Nickleodeon
Russ Irwin - keyboardist, Aerosmith
Sarah Jane Morris - actress, Brothers & Sisters
Stuart Parkin - Academy Award Nominated for the short film "The Savior"
Sara Rue – Actress, “Less than Perfect”
Justin Long – Actor, “Dodge Ball”, Mac vs. PC commercials
Gwyneth Paltrow – Actress
Art Linkletter – Emmy-winning actor
Cameron Goodmin - Actress
Dan Wells - Actor
David Caruso - Actor
Goldeb Brooks - Actress
Heather Tom - Actress
Jayson Blair – Actor
Joanie Dodds – America’s Next Top Model
Kari Whitman - Actress
Lisa D’Amato - America’s Next Top Model
Niecy Nash – Comidienne
Olivia Wilde - Actress, NBC’s The Black Donnellys
Patricia Arquette - Actress
Sophia Brown - Actress
Boti Bliss – Actress, CSI Miami
Alan “Scooter” Zackheim – Actor, Beauty & The Geek Winner
Christian Oliver – Actor, The Good German
Oliver Macready – Actor, Guiding Light
Bahar Soomkeh – Actress, Crash
Tina DiJoesph – Actress, Medium

02Hide – (zero to hide) - is the countries first branded collection of transparent travel bags for the modern world.
ABS Style by Allen Schwartz ( on trend contemporary collection ranging from sportswear, cocktail dresses, day dresses and evening gowns.
Caribbean Escapes ( is the authority on luxury travel in the Caribbean. They are currently the publisher of Caribbean Escapes book featuring 140 of the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean and Central America. They also are in production on a new TV show featuring the best in the Caribbean.
Carpe Diem ( - As a brand, Carpe Diem stands for drinking with a purpose – for innovative functional drinks that equally combine drinking pleasure with effectiveness. The beverages of Carpe Diem are based on traditional methods of preparation and knowledge that is thousands of years old.
Carrie Zack ( is one of Los Angeles' premier event planners. Her growing client list -- from celebrities and entertainment companies to major corporations - has gained her momentum in becoming one of the most sought-after event organizers in Southern California.
Exhale Mind Body Spa ( that encourages a connection of mind and body through therapeutic fitness, healing waters and state of the art therapies and treatments in Santa Monica. (ayurvedic treatments)
Flux Nouveau ( breaks down the line of demarcation between art and life and democratizes the art of experience in clothing in the form of couture cottons, dresses, knits and modal. Wearing it is an art.
Froote Jewelry by Elizabeth Moore ( is a clean exquisitely designed one of kind jewelry using gold, silver and precious stones.
Girl Extraordinaire ( customizes T-shirts, tanks and dog apparel helping people and pets be extraordinary for their special events.
Kathleen Cavalaro ( creates exquisite, hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces that are made to replace traditional diamonds on the red carpets.
LA Pop Art ( creates iconic artwork based on an art form commonly known as Micrography. This art form has been around for centuries and has primarily been used by artists of Israeli decent; it is the style of creating an image strictly using the words that tell the story of that specific image. Some of the film scripts that have been re-tooled into images are Rocky, Scar Face, and Reservoir Dogs.
LUSH Hand Made Cosmetics ( include bath, body, skin care and hair care made from fresh and organic ingredients. (i.e. Dream Cream – oatmeal, rose absolute and cocoa butter)
Marani Vodka ( is a premium vodka infused with milk and honey.
Mimi Turner ( is a NY-based fashion designer whose style mixes feminine fabrics with rocker chic looks.
Natures Notebook ( creates customized seaside works of art.
Numi Organic Tea ( is a organic and fair trade tea company that specializes in premium full leaf tea and an innovative line of flowering tea.
Pure Ecstasy ( a super premium 70 proof clear enhanced spirit with flavors of pomegranate, citrus and exotic herbs. (Ginseng Gurana Taurine).
Sonya Dakar ( is a family-run, luxury skin care company whose mission and passion has been to make skin beautiful and healthy by offering men and women solutions to their skin concerns through our proven, results-oriented products and treatments.
Tarte Cosmetics ( - Women know us for our chic packaging and cheeky names, but as you'll come to find out, tarte is more than just a pretty face. We’ve worked extra hard to ensure that our products are doing good things for your skin-all of our formulas are chock-full of good-for-you benefits, whether it's nourishing vitamins or soothing natural oils.
Vans ( is a fun, edgy shoe company that has its roots in the skate board and surf community.
Vava Water ( is charged with electromagnetic frequencies to create specific response. (ie Joy, Slim and Voom)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Words of Wisdom

By Andrea Goodwin, BeansTalk Associate Editor (

BeansTalk wants to give a shout out to the folks over at Local Celebrity for creating a light-hearted message tee with a serious sentiment: Respect Your Mother. This message was not lost on all of the Oscar week party goers who attended the Global Green Pre-Oscar event, where the tee was gifted to environmentally conscious stars such as Penelope Cruz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Petra Nemcova, and James Blunt. It seems like Hollywood has been inspired by Vice President Al Gore’s Oscar winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth and Melissa Ethridge’s Oscar winning theme song. (Wasn’t her performance stirring? Who would have thought it could steal the show from the Dreamgirls?)

Anyway, BeansTalk knows that the folks over at Local Celebrity, whose sense of humor is part of their trademark, are very devoted to their own mothers and want all folks to remember Mom even when it is not Mother’s Day. Hey, isn’t that holiday right around the corner?

The shirts will be available for men and women and will be sold online this week at and exclusively at Kitson in Los Angeles ( in early March for $28.00. The Respect Your Mother shirts are printed on 100% certified organic cotton. Proceeds from the RYM shirts will be donated to Global Green USA in an effort to help fight global warming.

About Local Celebrity:

Local Celebrity was started by three young siblings, two brothers and one sister, in a barn (that’s right- a barn!) down in San Diego county. After gaining fast popularity and momentum, they moved up to Los Angeles to formally start a legit apparel brand. Local Celebrity has created one of the most popular t-shirt brands without their audience even knowing. Looking to push the brand name further, Local Celebrity will also expand into other branded silk screened categories along with their “saying T’s.” Look for cut & sew hoodies, fly caps, and fresh kicks to round out the collection this spring.

Check them out at, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Kitson, and Urban Outfitters.

New Land Before Time DVD

The No. 1 best-selling animated feature-length made-for-DVD series of all time and most successful family franchises takes flight in new adventure today, February 27, 2007-- The Land Before Time®: The Great Day of the Flyers from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. A festive celebration of the magic of friendship and loyalty, The Land Before Time®: The Great Day of the Flyers stars the quintet of prehistoric pals as well as a charming newcomer to the Great Valley. This brand new adventure features the animation fans have come to expect from The Land Before Time® series. This brand new adventure is the latest in the hugely popular franchise expands this year with an all-new TV series on the Cartoon Network reaching a potential audience of 88 million households five days a week. The Land Before Time®: The Great Day of Flyers is available for $19.98 S.R.P.

Recognized by 95% of moms , Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Petrie and Ducky are back in with a new friend. The tiny dinos must help newcomer Guido figure out exactly what sort of dinosaur he is. In addition, independent, free-spirited Petrie needs the support of his best friends as he prepares for the biggest day of his life – the Day of the Flyers.

Monday, February 26, 2007

BeansTalk Giveaway Winner!!

Congrats to Celina Martin of Culver City! You've won the Vibrel Sexy Time Kit, and the $200 Swarovski-encrusted Lipstick Holder, as given to VIP guests of Ludacris' Grammy Party!

Oscar Fashion Details!

They Wore Chopard

Helen Mirren Nominee
Nominated for Best Actress for her role in the The Queen, Helen has selected to wear Chopard’s oval-shaped cognac and white diamond brooch (62 carats) on the back of her gown, a marquise-cut diamond flower bracelet (55 carats) and pear-shaped diamond cluster earrings (16 carats). AP Photo/Reed Saxon

Kate Winslet Nominee
Kate is nominated for Best Actress for her role in Little Children. For her fifth Oscar nomination, Kate selected Chopard’s fancy pear-shaped yellow diamond cluster earrings (54 carats), an oval fancy yellow-green diamond cocktail ring (17 carats), a yellow diamond bracelet (50 carats) set in yellow gold and two yellow and white diamond brooches (21 carats & 9 carats).

Penelope Cruz Nominee
Nominated as Best Actress for her performance in Volver, Penelope selected to wear Chopard for her first Oscar nomination. Penelope will sparkle in diamond cluster earrings (20 carats), a yellow and white diamond flower bracelet (30 carats) and a yellow diamond ring (10 carats).

Naomi Watts
Naomi will glow tonight in Chopard’s triple strand diamond necklace (85 carats), cushion cut diamond earrings on a French wire (12 carats) and an oval blue sapphire and diamond cocktail ring (16 carats).

Queen Latifah Presenter
This multi-talented star will sparkle on stage in Chopard’s rose-cut diamond mesh earrings (21 carats), large marquise-cut diamond cuff (100 carats), and an oval-shaped diamond cocktail ring in white gold (10 carats).

Anika Noni Rose
One of the talented stars of the multiple Oscar nominated film Dreamgirls, Anika will walk the red carpet wearing Chopard’s spectacular pear-shaped diamond drop earrings (72 carats) set in platinum and an emerald-cut diamond cocktail ring set in micro-pave.

Steve Carrell Presenter
Attending in support of his Oscar nominated film Little Miss Sunshine, Steve will attend the ceremony wearing Chopard’s L.U.C. twist watch in white gold with black crocodile strap.

Sam Mendes
Attending with his Oscar nominated wife, Kate Winslet, Sam will be wearing Chopard cufflinks.

Karen Goodman Nominee
Her film Rehearsing a Dream was nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject. For her red carpet appearance Karen selected Chopard’s pink and white diamond butterfly pin (12 carats) and pear-shaped diamond chandelier earrings (16 carats).

Stacy London
Host of TLC’s What Not To Wear, Stacy will be covering all of the red carpet glamour for Access Hollywood in Chopard’s diamond chandelier earrings (30 carats) set in platinum and cognac and white diamond cuff (26 carats).

Academy Award –After Parties

Sir Elton John
This legendary singer will be hosting his annual Oscar party and once again, Chopard is proud to be one of the evening’s sponsors. For this glamorous evening Elton will be wearing a diamond baguette watch (20 carats) and a yellow diamond stud earring (6 carats).

Victoria Beckham
Victoria will arrive at Oscar parties wearing Chopard jewelry. Her choices include a spectacular emerald and diamond earrings with coordinating emerald and diamond cuff, emerald and diamond drop earrings (20 carats), an art-deco inspired diamond, emerald and onyx cuff (35 carats) and a diamond bracelet (40 carats).

Ziyi Zhang
This beautiful Asian star will hit the hottest parties wearing Chopard’s diamond (7 carats) and multicolor briolette sapphire (26 carats) earrings with a gorgeous marquise-cut diamond bracelet (24 carats).

Emmy Rossum
This young star of stage and screen will attend the Elton John Oscar party wearing Chopard’s pear-shaped diamond chandelier earrings (15 carats), three diamond bangle bracelets (36 carats) and an oval diamond cocktail ring set in micro-melee (3 carats).

Cheryl Tiegs
This legendary supermodel will attend Oscar Parties in Chopard’s diamond swirl cuff (10 carats), Happy Diamond watch in white gold and Happy Spirit diamond drop earrings.

Melora Hardin
Star of the hit show The Office, Melora will go to Oscar parties in Chopard’s
diamond and pink sapphire heart shaped drop earrings, and two heart shaped rings – one in white diamond and one in pink sapphires.

Jacinta Gardner
Jacinta is the daughter of Chris Gardner, who Will Smith portrayed in his Oscar nominated performance in The Pursuit of Happyness. Jacinta will be attending Oscar parties in Chopard’s pearl and diamond drop earrings set in white gold and a four row Ice Cube diamond bracelet set in white gold (6 carats).

They Wore Monique Lhullier

Monique Lhuillier designs as they walk the red carpet and attend parties at tonight’s Academy Awards festivities.

Isla Fisher
This red headed starlet will grace the red carpet with fiancé Sacha Baron Cohen in an emerald green satin corset gown with gold beaded belt hot off the runway from Monique’s Fall 2007 collection. Sacha’s movie, Borat Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstanis, is nominated for Adapted Screenplay.

Giuliana DePandi – E!
This gorgeous E! host will be interviewing all of the stars on the red carpet this year in a moss green chiffon asymmetrically pleated criss cross bodice gown with gold baroque belt from Monique’s Spring 2007 collection.

Nancy Carrell
Steve Carrell’s gorgeous wife will grace the red carpet in a violet silk chiffon one shoulder asymmetrically pleated gown with jeweled sash from Monique’s Spring 2007 collection. Steve’s movie, Little Miss Sunshine, is nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year.

Kristen Bell – Oscar Parties
This Veronica Mars star will hit the party circuit in a gold metallic cap sleeve cocktail dress with keyhole bodice and embellished belt from Monique’s Fall 2007 collection.

Michelle Trachtenberg – Oscar Parties
Black Christmas actress Michelle Trachtenberg will party the night away in a black linen raffia pleated cocktail dress with floral tufted skirt and wrapped pearl belt from Monique’s Spring 2007 collection.

Zoe Saldana – Oscar Parties
The Terminal actress Zoe Saldana will attend Oscar parties in a violet floral print silk chiffon V-neck gown with frayed chiffon embroidered band from Monique’s Spring 2007 collection.

They Wore Baudry

The following wore jewelry by Beaudry

Tammy Lynn Michaels
The blonde beauty looked dazzling with a 22ct oval and round brilliant diamond and platinum necklace, a 8.50ct diamond oval double suspended bezel split shank platinum ring as well as a 8.10ct pear shape diamond and platinum double bezel swing earrings.

Giuliana DePandi
This gorgeous E! Entertainment correspondent interviewed from the red-carpet while wearing a 14ct autumn pastel colored diamond, platinum and yellow gold bracelet paired with a 6.5ct yellow and white diamond, platinum bracelet.

Expected After Parties

Elizabeth Banks Spider-Man 3
The hot young blonde will glitter while wearing 2.03ct pear shape diamond and platinum earrings paired with a 36" platinum Argyle chain with gold rondelles featuring green and pink diamonds paired with a 6.32ct Tanzanite and diamond Victorian cross pendant.

Hayden Panettiere Heroes
Young starlet, Hayden will complete her ensemble with yellow and white Marquis diamond drop earrings, a yellow 8.06ct radiant cut diamond platinum ring and a yellow 8.46ct oval diamond pendant worn on an 18” diamond forever necklace.

Sanaa Lathan Nip/Tuck
This stunning actress will select to match her evening look a pair of platinum-set pink pear and white oval diamond drop earrings.

Michelle Trachtenberg Black Christmas
This young fashionista will sparkle with 12mm Tahitian pearl drop earrings set in pave diamonds and platinum, as well as a 16mm green gold Tahitian pearl Fleur de Lys crown ring set in diamonds and platinum.

Zoe Saldana The Terminal
Dominican beauty, Zoe will hit the red carpet with fancy yellow pear shaped diamond drop platinum earrings.

Sharon Osbourne The Osbournes
This rock star wife and television personality will wear an Andalusia diamonds forever bracelet with matching Andalusia diamond drop earrings and an 8.5ct radiant cut diamond ring.

They Wore Pamella Roland


Tammy Lynn Michaels
Attending with her wife, Oscar nominee Melissa Etheridge, this beautiful actress will walk the red carpet in Pamella Roland’s black chiffon gown with sheer chiffon sleeves.

Leslie Iwerks
Nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject for her film Recycled Life, Leslie will make her red carpet appearance tonight in an iridescent green taffeta evening gown with ruched bodice.

Academy Award After-Parties

Kim Raver
Star of the hit drama 24, Kim will hit all of the Oscar parties in bay blue silk crepe strapless evening gown from Pamella’s Spring 2007 collection.

They Wore Rickard Shah

Rickard Shah shoes are designed by husband and wife team Elizabeth Rickard and Binith Shah.

Kate Winslet Nominee
Best actress nominee Kate Winslet has selected a gold metallic leather pump with an almond shaped toe, specially designed for her for this occasion. The shoe, named KATE in her honor, features a pleated front and sexy 5 inch heel. The KATE style will be added to Rickard Shah’s collection of signature silhouettes. AP Photo Reed Saxon

Giuliana DePandi E! Correspondent
This brunette beauty will be reporting from the red carpet wearing Rickard Shah’s ICON nude silk shantung peep toe with metallic gold leather heel.

Elizabeth Banks Vanity Fair & In Style Oscar Parties
Elizabeth Banks, who will next be seen in the blockbuster Spiderman 3, will make the rounds at Oscar parties wearing black satin STELLENE multi-strap heels.

Michelle Trachtenberg Vanity Fair & In Style Oscar Parties
This Black Christmas starlet will be wearing Rickard Shah’s silver satin CHARLIE heels, featuring a bow front, ankle strap and towering 5 inch heels.

Hayden Panettiere Vanity Fair & In Style Oscar Parties
This Heroes star has selected Rickard Shah’s popular peep toe heels, specially dyed in metallic gold.

Sanaa Lathan Vanity Fair & In Style Oscar Parties
This Nip/Tuck star is expected to wear Rickard Shah’s peep toe heels in black satin.

They Wore Platinum

• Leonardo DiCaprio: Platinum “Master Minute Repeater” limited-edition watch with a hand-stitched alligator leather strap by Jaeger-LeCoultre ($175,000).
• Best Supporting Actress Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson (performance and parties): Platinum and diamond earrings, bracelets and cocktail ring by Neil Lane (total multi-million dollars). AP Photo Reed Saxon
• Madonna (parties): Platinum and sapphire cocktail ring and bracelet by Neil Lane (total $10 million dollars)
• Gwenyth Paltrow: Platinum and diamond ring, bangle, and link bracelet by Neil Lane (total $1 million dollars).
• Kirsten Dunst: Platinum bracelet with Burmese rubies and diamonds from 1934 by Bvlgari.
• Diane Keaton: Platinum, diamond and onyx cocktail ring and pendant by Neil Lane. Platinum and diamond hoop earrings by Kwiat.
• Jessica Simpson (parties): Platinum and diamond ring, earrings and brooch by Neil Lane.
• Jessica Biel: Platinum, diamond and onyx bracelet, ring and earrings by Neil Lane (total multi-million dollars).
• Natalie Portman (parties): Platinum, diamond and onyx earrings and ring by Kwiat.
• Anika Noni Rose: Platinum and diamond “Dream Shoes” by Stuart Weitzman featuring 1420 diamonds by Kwiat ($500,000).
• Eddie Murphy: Platinum jewelry by Chris Aire.
• Mark Wahlberg: Platinum, diamond and onyx cufflinks and shirt studs by Kwiat.
• Forrest Whitaker: Platinum cufflinks and shirt studs by Kwiat. Platinum watch by Chris Aire ($45,000).
• Marisa Tomei: Platinum cuff bracelets by Chad Allison (total $53,000).
• Portia de Rossi: Platinum stackable bracelets, stud earrings, and cocktail ring by Kwiat (over 100 carats total, $1 million dollars).
• Amy Adams: Platinum and 5 carat diamond earrings by Hearts on Fire ($50,000).
• Lucy Liu (parties): Platinum and diamond drop earrings and colored diamond ring by Neil Lane.
• Paula Abdul: Platinum and 30 carat diamond necklace by Hearts on Fire ($200,000).
• Courtney Love (parties): Platinum ring, earrings, bracelets, and pendants by Neil Lane.
• Rose McGowan: Platinum and diamond earrings, bracelet and ring by Neil Lane.
• Melissa Etheridge (parties): Platinum and diamond stud earrings and chains by Neil Lane.
• Embeth Davidtz: Platinum and diamond ring by Neil Lane.
• Kate Walsh: Platinum and diamond earrings, cocktail ring and bracelet by Neil Lane.
• Rachel Ray: Platinum and diamond earrings and necklace by Kwiat.
• Judge Reinhold: Platinum and diamond cufflinks by Kwiat.
• Amy Smart: Platinum and diamond vintage jewelry by Kwiat.
• Erica Green (producer of Little Miss Sunshine): Platinum earrings, necklace, and bracelet by Erica Courtney.
• Sydney Poitier(daughter of actor Sydney Poitier): Platinum and diamond earrings and cuff bracelets by Kwiat.
• Jennifer Holiday (pre-Oscar performance on E!): Platinum and diamond bracelet, earrings and ring by Neil Lane.
• Patricia Field: Platinum and 11 carat yellow diamond ring by Bvlgari.
• Maria Menounos: Platinum earrings by David Morris ($51,000) or Neil Lane ($12,000). Platinum bracelet by Lazare Kaplan ($160,000), and a Platinum ring by Durnell ($160,000).
• Nancy O’Dell: Platinum bracelet and earrings by David Morris (total $506,000).

Oscar (Hand)Bags

For Hollywood’s biggest night, The 79th Annual Academy Awards, actresses dazzle on the red-carpet with evening bags by Daniel Swarovski:

Penelope Cruz Nominee
Volver star, Penelope completed her Oscar look with a satin crystal Betty clutch with braided crystal trim and cabochon crystal detail. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Jennifer Lopez Presenter
This international star selected to carry a clear crystal oval Alcazar clutch.

Abigail Breslin Nominee
The adorable young actress paired her dress with a Swarovski opal crystal Kiosque box clutch.

Monica Cruz
Monica, who attended to support her sister Penelope Cruz, carried a clear crystal Beverly Hills clutch.

Tammy Lynn Michaels
The actress, who was on hand to support wife and Oscar nominee Melissa Etheridge, sparkled with a black crystal Gourmand clutch.

Lisa Ray
Lisa, who stars in the Best Foreign Language Film Water, was perfectly accessorized with a Swarovski dark silver crystal Kiosque box clutch.

Shaun Robinson
The Access Hollywood correspondent selected a silver pave crystal Apollon ring.

Mary Hart
Extra on-air correspondent, Mary glittered with a turquoise crystal pattern Beverly Hills clutch.

Several of Hollywood’s leading ladies have selected handbags by Mary Norton to look picture perfect for their red carpet appearance at the 79th Annual Academy Awards.

Anika Noni Rose
Dreamgirls star Anika Noni Rose made her first Oscars red carpet appearance carrying DIVA – a pewter satin clutch with Swarovski crystal floral brooch.

Elisabeth Shue
This talented actress is attending with her husband Davis Guggenheim, whose film An Inconvenient Truth is nominated for Best Documentary Feature. The actress, who was nominated for her own Academy Award in 1995, will be wearing Mary Norton’s AVA black satin rectangular clutch.

Leslie Iwerks Nominee, Best Documentary Short Subject
Leslie will make her appearance on the red carpet carrying SHARON – a gold brocade metal case clutch with hand-embroidered Byzantine art work in metallic gold and emerald tones.

Jann Carl Entertainment Tonight Correspondent
Jann can be seen wearing a champagne satin ZOE with silver Swarovski crystal encrusted jewel.

Elizabeth Banks Vanity Fair & In Style Oscar parties
This Spiderman 3 star will be carrying AVA in black leather with a unique snakeskin stripe down the front.

Beau Garrett Vanity Fair & In Style Oscar parties
This statuesque star of Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer will be wearing a gold metal OHM rectangular clutch.

Watts Wears Escada

Naomi Watts attended and presented at the The 79th Annual Academy Awards, wearing a gown by Escada. Watts, expecting her first baby with boyfriend Live Schreiber, wore a custom made empire-waist pale yellow silk georgette gown with a sapphire blue satin sash accented with pleated chiffon bow and train. AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Best Actresses Get Some Support

Pretty, huh? Our friends at Victoria Secret tell us they’ve sent the best actress nominees that brassiere in the photo, above.

Here’s who received it:

Penélope Cruz in "Volver" (Sony Pictures Classics)
Judi Dench in "Notes on a Scandal" (Fox Searchlight)
Helen Mirren in "The Queen" (Miramax, Pathé and Granada)
Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" (20th Century Fox)
Kate Winslet in "Little Children" (New Line)

And here’s what they tell BeansTalk:

"What we think makes this gift so special is that it is really geared towards the actresses' needs and the actual Oscar events. The secret embrace bra is perfect to wear under Oscar gowns since it fits invisibly and comfortably under your clothing. The lip gloss is made with actual diamond dust to give nominees that extra "sparkle" as they walk the red carpet. Additionally, the personalized boxes can be kept as a memento from the day and is great for holding make-up or jewelry.

This gift really was created with the needs of the nominees in mind."

And here' s the release they sent out:

Best Actress Nominees to Receive Secret Embrace Bra and Very Sexy Diamond Collection Lip Gloss Adorned with Diamonds and Pink Sapphires

Victoria’s Secret is helping the Academy Awards Best Actress nominees prepare for their big Oscar Night with a sexy, luxurious gift. Victoria’s Secret is gifting each 2007 Best Actress nominee with an Angels Secret Embrace Strapless bra and a Very Sexy Diamond Collection Lip Gloss adorned with diamonds and pink sapphires. Presented in a lavish, black leather train case, embossed with their name and upholstered in pink satin, the gift set is worth over $7,000.

The Angels Secret Embrace Strapless Bra is stitch-free, tag-free and seam-free and creates a smooth, sexy silhouette under clothing – perfect under any red carpet gown. The bra is adorned with a dazzling, white gold chain that is decorated with 14 sparkling diamonds, weighing approximately 4 carats. A pavé diamond circular pendant sits at the center of the chain, creating a shimmery focal point for eye-catching cleavage. The chain can detach from the bra and be worn as a necklace, to showcase sexy, plunging necklines.

The Very Sexy Diamond Collection Lip Gloss is infused with genuine crushed diamonds to capture and reflect light from every angle. Scheduled to launch to the public in April 2007, this elite group of women will be the first to wear this glamorous new gloss on the red carpet. The lip gloss is ornamented with a sparkling, pink sapphire “VS” charm, weighing 0.3 carats that can detach from the lip gloss and fasten to the necklace.

Victoria’s Secret has honored the Best Actress nominees for the past six years and is proud to bestow this year’s talented actresses with this extravagant fantasy gift.

Fidelity Denim

Fidelity Denim Adore Onyx in Rinse (seen left, $189)
Adore: A Sexy Low-Rise Tapperd Leg. Fidelity knows jeans are a beautiful thing, so they want you to feel beautiful in them as well. Made from top quality Japanese denim for an unbelievable smoothness, this jean sits low on your hips and with its super sliming fit throughout the leg it can be paired perfectly with your favorite heels or comfy flats.
Color - Onyx Rinse
33" Inseam
7.5" Rise
98% cotton 2% spandex
14" in the knee narrows to 13" at the leg opening
Front leg crease
Revolve Style No. FIDE-WJ4
Manufacturer Style No. 11351028
Fidelity Denim Belladonna Silk in Rinse, seen right, $187
Belladonna: Mid Rise-Boot Cut. Fidelity knows jeans are a beautiful thing, so they want you to feel beautiful in them as well. Made from top quality Japanese denim for an unbelievable smoothness. This mid rise bootcut gives you the comfortable "boyish" fit, that you can dress up or dress down.
Color - Rinse
34" Inseam
9" Rise
98% cotton 2% spandex
16" in the knee breaks to 18" at the leg opening
Back leg crease
Revolve Style No. FIDE-WJ2
Manufacturer Style No. 11324035
Double Click on the above image.

About Fidelity DenimDenim design wizard Jason Trotzuk knows exactly what's fabulous and precisely how to provide it. Fidelity is his standout new line of denim-superbly finished, perfectly fitted, ready to go anywhere with anything, loyal to a woman in every loving, boosting, sculpting, crafty way. No denimista will want to be without Fidelity.

Fidelity launches Fall '05 with a rare sort of focus. The line will consist of six finely honed pieces. Distributors have been carefully selected. E St. Denim, National Jeans, and Traffic all know how to showcase virtually limited editions. It's cause for celebration: women finally have the ultimate classic denim brand, Fidelity, and their closets will never be the same.

With so much denim on the market, Trotzuk sought out only the most established fabric mills, in Italy and Japan, combining Fidelity's reputation with those of the best. Trotzuk demands denim of character and spends countless hours refining washes and fit development to produce a trendsetting line made to exceed consumers' expectations of denim apparel. It can't just be the perfect color. It also has to have just the right feeling tapping into denim tradition for that timeless jean every woman desires.

Fabric, Fit and Finish is where it's at for a standout jean like Fidelity because fabulous is in the details. Each different fit has its own expertly created personality, thanks to careful attention to waistbands, seams, hardware, stitching and the wash. Trotzuk finesses his finishes with elegance and attitude. Fidelity is a jean with a story to tell-maybe flirty, maybe classy, maybe haute, maybe cute, maybe out and out kick ass. Fidelity is right there with you, making it all look natural with a lived-in look, but brand new.

"The word Fidelity means allegiance, loyalty, devotion to something or someone," said Trotzuk. "I want to revive the tradition of denim jeans from yesteryear and create timeless jeans with a perfect fit to make her feel great. That is the essence of Fidelity."

Fidelity offers a complete line of denim cuts, washes, and designs to satisfy even the most discriminating taste. The denim line includes all the Fidelity favorites: Snap Dragon is the sexy, dressy jean to wear on the town. Boot cut Tiger Lily has that coveted boyfriend's jeans feeling. Orchid is the straight leg silhouette of the moment. Buttercup is a flirty capri. The higher back Hyacinth, a mature woman's must-have. The crucial Plumaria, modern skinny for a boot tuck, and the "best ass" Dahlia with sexy splash pockets. Washes are dark indigo or faded to perfection. Limited edition embroidered and specialty editions are also available and include Cherry Blossoms and Baby Rose hand-stitched embroidery.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday, 22 February 2007: BeansTalk Giveaway Contest (Win a $200 Swarovski-encrusted Lipstick Holder) Ends Tomorrow! Enter now (see details below). Winner announced in Monday's Newsletter

Get Thee An Embellished Denim Jacket

We got one of these jackets and look way cuter than this woman, right, does (the one who isn’t Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana, seen left).

Well, all right, maybe we don’t, but we certainly garnered tons of attention when we wore it to an event at the Chairman of the Board’s school fundraising event.

We love the dark denim that is as soft as flannel. We were initially hesitant because usually denim that is that vibrant is stiff, but not Joluka’s.

These jackets come in a variety of accented fabrics (we have the one in the image). Their website features all of the available designs

Women’s Fabric Embellished Denim Jacket "Fuchsia Cherry Blossom" Rich, luxuriant and bold...makes a statement! Jacket is 100% cotton denim featuring lush, cherry brocade fabric covering the collar and both sides of the cuffs. + Tapered fit + 2 inside pockets (perfect for storing cellphone, keys, wallet & lipstick) + Classic topstitching in front and back + 13 Genuine, Swarovski crystal buttons Price: $155.00


From their website, about the designers (who we met – they were darling, btw)

UMASS Amherst, 1986, Shannon lost her bracelet in the college dorm laundry room. Cheryl found it lying on the ground and went knocking on doors until she found its rightful owner. From that day forward, Cheryl and Shannon became the best of friends. Today, Cheryl lives just outside of Boston, MA and Shannon lives in Hilton Head, SC. Both are married and devoted Moms to their children. "We’re having fun, working hard and are blessed to have such great support from family and friends throughout this business adventure."

About the Company
joluka: The name, joluka (jo-loo-ka), is derived from a combination of all of our children’s names. Creating embellished jean jackets started out as a hobby which soon turned into a growing business. Currently we work with a team of designers, importers and manufacturers to offer a unique collection of jackets embellished in a variety of trims, fabrics and buttons. Our company philosophy is to make a unique, quality product out of a classic denim jacket that our customers will have fun wearing… we guarantee it! Currently joluka jackets are available in fine boutiques throughout the United States.

Save Your Handbag!

This always, always happens to us: we have a beautiful pocketbook, designer, even, and we get to a restaurant and you can’t hang it on the back of your chair. You’re not in a booth and there’s no where to put it except on the floor. So you’re left putting it on your lap, risking dropping your dinner onto the very bag you’re trying not to set down on a dirty floor/rug.

Three former New York University roommates have solved this fashion faux pas with their creation, Luxe Link. Now, we’re not saying this is a brand new idea. In the childhood days of Sunday church attendance, we had something similar. But this is much hipper.

No larger than today’s trendy hoop earring, the purse link is portable, lighter than a cell phone, and easy to use. The purse link has a stylish chain that wraps around a swanky circular top, adorned with a modern, playful design. To use, you simply unwind the chrome chain link, and place the circular top onto the edge of the table, and voila! You have an enviable hook to hang your purse. Each purse link comes in a luxurious suede pouch, which is smaller than a compact. You can keep it inside your purse, or use as a charm to hang on the purse strap.

It’s brilliant. Your purse is kept clean, kept near you, looks pretty and draws flattering comments from people who notice your new Luxe Link.

Luxe Link retails for $45 and is available at select stores this spring and online at

(BTW, the pocketbook in the image above is very cute, but it's not ours. Even though we wish it was.)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

They're All Winners. Really.

Just when you thought that Gift Bags have had their heyday! Our friends at Distinctive Assets are continuing to offer their "Everybody Wins at the Oscars" gift bags. Yes, we think this is a pretty great consolation prize. (See above article about last year's Emmy bag -- not affiliated with the official Emmys, but impressive nonetheless)

Caesars Palace and Wonderbra.


“Everybody Wins at the Oscars®!”

Nominee Gift Baskets

In honor of the 79th Annual Academy Awards

Who: Non-Winning Oscar Nominees in the major categories

What: Nominees will receive a lavish Gift Basket already valued at more than $67,000 (and growing!) from Distinctive Assets, Caesars Palace and Wonderbra!

When: February 26, 2007 (the day after the telecast)

Description: Distinctive Assets, Caesars Palace and Wonderbra are creating lavish Gift Baskets for the non-winning nominees in the major Academy Awards categories including Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Best Director.

Distinctive Assets are popular for presenting Gift Baskets for major award shows such as the GRAMMY® Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, the Latin GRAMMY Awards, the Kids’ Choice Awards and more, Distinctive Assets and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas create an assortment of gifts for a very nice consolation prize.

Caesars Palaces will provide a VIP Vegas Package including treatments at the Qua Baths and Spa, accommodations in the Augustus Tower, dinner for two at Guy Savoy and Rao’s, tickets to Celine Dion or Elton John at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, a shopping spree at The Forum Shops at Caesars and a VIP table and complimentary bottle service at PURE Nightclub.

Other gifts include:
Clear Plastic Tote Bag

2 Sweet Kidz LLC
Truly Wize, Organic Artisan Shortbread Sampler

Absolute Spa Group
Y-Spa Anti-oxidizing Products and Gift Certificate for Services

Allie’s Edibles LLC
Indulgent Comfort Sweets

Dark Chocolate Dipped Altoids

Shower Filter

Special Limited Edition Gold Plated Citrus Reamer

Bacmar International LLC
Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur


BodyMint USA, LLC
BodyMint & PetMint

be.ology ™

Celebrity Jet
Gift Certificate for Service

Chadsworth & Haig
Tresaro Throw

Cheridan Couture Jewelry, Inc.
The Backlace® by Cheri

Bikini & 2 Night Stay at the W Maldives

Shampoo, Conditioner & Detangler

Annual Gym Membership

The Mixer™ Root Touch Up for Hair

Dermacia, Inc
Cleanser, Toner, Moisture Mist, Foundation and Brushes

Elite Personal Physician Services, Inc./Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce, M.D.
Wellness Management Services & Gift Certificate for Botox or Microdermabrasion

Eminence Organics Skin Care
Cranberry & Pomegranate Body Scrub; Nasberry & Cranberry Body Wash, Nasberry Body Lotion

Ferrara Pan
Lemonheads Gift Pack

Gibson Guitar Corp.
Gibson PURE Guitar Stool

Gina Alexander, Inc.
Photo Duffle Bag

Lip Balm, Makeup Remover & Cleanser

Glamour Campaign
Glamour Campaign Skull Blazer and Skull Hoodie

Golden Fortune Import & Export Corp.
Bird’s Nest Drink

Hair Dr. Spela
Hair Dr. Jade Air Dryer and Hair Remedy Kit

Embellished Flip Flops

Hostess® 100 Calorie Packs

Huntley Drive Fitness
10 Personal Training Sessions

Imagination is Free Hardbound Book of Poetry

Embellished Jean Jackets
The French Lieutenant’s Bitch Doggie Tees

Kawesch LASIK Center
Gift Certificate for Refractive Surgery performed by Dr. Kawesch

ARTHEA Digital Video Mail

Keep It Clean
The Complete Dental Pet Kit

Li’l Ewe’s
Unique Home Delivery Service

Liv’n Out Loud! Clothing Company
Lifestyle Tees

Logitech Z-10 Interactive 2.0 Stereo System

London Sole
Ballet Flats

Balsamic Italian Vinegar

Love, Jolan B
Vintage Leather and Suede Belt

Designer Eyewear

MINU Jewels, LLC
Salam Wrap Bracelet

Mon Atelier
Gift Certificate for a Couture Gown

One Year Membership to Online Movie Rental Service

Partow Gallery
Silky Shag Rug

Prem Rawat Foundation
Peace is Possible by Andrea Cagan

Progressive Power Yoga
2 Private yoga sessions with Mark Blanchard, 10 yoga classes at Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga Studios, 1 set of DVDs entitled Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga: the Sedona Series.

20 Questions GameCube

Revance Therapeutics, Inc
Relastin Eye Silk and Relastin Skin Revitalizer

Robert Rothchild Farms
Gourmet Food Sampler

Shamar Custom Design
Shamar Vintage Kimono and Obi Handbags and Accessories

Skin Fitness Plus
Gift Certificate for Face, Skin and Medical Treatments

SmugMug, Inc.
Online Photo Albums

Snow Queen Vodka
Snow Queen Vodka

Solas Fashion
Clutch Handbag

Theodore Leaf Salon
Gift Certificate for Styling and Product

Timex Group
TX Watches

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Devil Wears Prada & Romeo + Juliet Music Edition DVDs

Uroboros, Inc.
Soul Mate Union Ring

Line of VIVITÉ Glycolic Products

White Lion Tea
White Lion Season of Teas

3 Night Stay at Winvian and REN Skin Care Set

Wicked Whoopies
One Year Supply of Wicked Whoopie Cake Snacks

Bra Wardrobe

Yoga Pants and Gift Certificate for Lifetime Supply of Yoga Pants

Housewives Go Va-Va- Voom

The women of Wisteria Lane boast enviable fashionista wardrobes. On Sunday’s Desperate Housewives, Susan Meyer (Teri Hatcher) received a surprise marriage proposal from Ian Hainsworth (Dougray Scott) during Pizzeria Scavo's grand opening event. Meyer’s happy moment garb? A dress by Voom by Joy Han - Silk Navy Flutter dress.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

REMINDER: BeansTalk Giveaway!! ENTER NOW

A lucky BeansTalk reader will a Swarovski encrusted Lipstick Holder, valued at $200. These were given to only 10 female VIP guests of Ludacris' Grammy Party!! The winner will also get their very own "Sexy Time" kit from Vibrel. For details of the celebs who partied at Ludacris' Vibrel-sponsored Grammy Party, read on.... see details below

Super Sparkle

Regular readers know that we LOVE our Colorscience (we don't know why this image is all orange-y. It's actually turquoise-blue packaging). It got us all happy about mineral makeup. Here's a look at the latest...

Colorescience’s best-selling favorite, Sunforgettable brush-on SPF 30, has a glamorous new edge, with a solar system’s worth of reflective sparkle pigments that make the beauty sparks fly. Sunforgettable’s revolutionary formula introduced a new concept in sunscreen, with a light, delicate powder that enhanced the skin while protecting against the sun’s harmful rays. Now, it gets even better.

Day or night, indoor or out, the whisper of glitter adds an alluring new dimension to skin. On the face, Sunforgettable with Sparkles makes skin look younger, camouflaging fine lines and imperfections. Dusted on a bare shoulder, it turns every little shrug into an irresistible invitation. Tantalizing on a collarbone, teasing on an ankle, and downright provoking when dusted over legs, Sunforgettable with Sparkles comes in three glittering possibilities…

· All Clear with Silver Sparkles (translucent protection with a sparkly sheen)

· Perfectly Clear with Champagne Sparkles (a hint of sunshine with sun protection)

· Almost Clear with Copper Sparkles (sheer, tinted powder great for a bronzed look)

“These new additions to the collection provide all the SPF30 protection we expect from Sunforgettable products,” points out Diane Ranger, president of Colorescience. “We used the same nanotechnology that created an entirely new medium for applying sunscreen, using the reflective and refractive properties of micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. One application passed the six hour water-resistant test!”

Sunforgettable with Sparkles: Brush-on Applicator, $50; Rollerball Applicator, $65; Shaker Applicator, $50.

Colorescience is available at day spas, resorts, dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices and makeup artists’ studios. To find a Colorescience retailer in your area, visit or call toll-free 1.866.4COLORE (426-5673).

Friday, February 16, 2007

BeansTalk Giveaway!!

A lucky BeansTalk reader will a Swarovski encrusted Lipstick Holder, valued at $200. These were given to only 10 female VIP guests of Ludacris' Grammy Party!! The winner will also get their very own "Sexy Time" kit from Vibrel. For details of the celebs who partied at Ludacris' Vibrel-sponsored Grammy Party, read on....

BTW, that uninhibited pretty lady smooching the holder, in the photo above, is "The Office" star Angela Kinsey doing something her repressed, wound-up on-camera character Angela would never do. BeansTalk loves "The Office" and adore that anal-retentive "Angela" lets loose in real life!. (here are some fun facts about Kinsey: Kinsey grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and still speaks the language. As a struggling actress, Kinsey worked as an operator for 1-800-Dentist, and often draws upon her days in corporate America for her scenes in "The Office.")

How To Win:

To win, send an email (by midnight, 22 February 2007) to Put LUDACRIS in the subject line and in the email tell us in what categories Ludacris won Grammys, as well as the titles of his winning work. (Hint: the answer can be found right on the BeansTalk Newsletter!)

The winner of the $200 Swarovski Lipstick Holder and the "Sexy Time" Kit will be announced on 23 February 2007

So Ludacris

Guests got their sexy on at the XM Satellite Radio "Release Therapy" Grammy Party for Ludacris at Social Hollywood thanks to Vibrel

Guests were abuzz Sunday night about the Vibrel "Sexy Time" Kits. They were so into them and thought it was a very sexy and clever party gift. The Vibrel "Sexy Time" Kit encourages users to try the "Release Therapy" experience and came with a sample of Vibrel, a condom and a breath mint in a sleek royal purple velvet pouch.

When the VIP hostess presented director Quentin Tarantino with a Vibrel "Sexy Time" Kit he took it, smiled a huge smile and said "I got my own 'sexy time' right here!" and left the party with a hot lady by his side.

Kevin Davitian, the actor who played Azmhat in the summer hit movie "Borat" which brought the term "Sexy Time” into the public consciousness, dispersed Vibrel "Sexy Time" kits to dozens of beautiful women who were all excited to meet him and learn his sexy time secrets. You may remember that Sascha Baron Cohen specifically thanked Azmhat at the Globes.

After Vanessa Minillo (our Filipina kababayan) gave her boyfriend Nick Lachey a lap dance when the new Ne-Yo joint "Because of You" came on, she made it clear she had plans to make good use of their Vibrel "Sexy Time" kits.

More on the Ludacris' Grammy Party...

The soon to be officially ex-Mr. Britney Speaks, Kevin Federline, sporting diamond studs many women would be happy to get for Valentine’s day, chatted up personal chef and The Challah King of Beverly Hills, Christopher Brugler, (who made his gourmet white chocolate challah for the party guests to take home in gift bags) and getting tips on how to win over the ladies with a home-cooked gourmet meal. Federline left the party with a "Sexy Time" kit and his entourage in tow and we hear that he left behind a few disappointed ladies who had their eye on him all night. Seriously. That’s what we were told.

BeansTalk hears that guests and others who’ve heard based on word of mouth want to know where they can get more "Sexy Time" Kits (Vibrel made these exclusively for Ludacris' Grammy Party). They appreciate and thank Ludacris for "looking out" for them!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Home Library Must

Keep it Next To Your Bible and Your Miss Manners

Real Simple Solutions: Tricks, Wisdom, and Easy Ideas to Simplify Everyday
by Real Simple, Real Simple Magazine Editors (Editor)

Our associate editor gave us this tome for the holidays and we just finished reading it. It’s a wonderful book on many levels. First off, there’s a great presentation, it’s laid out in a practical organized way and is enhanced by clear photographs.

Sometimes the actual “Real Simple” magazine can be annoying; a huge heavy publication with silly content. Not so this book.

It’s filled with lots of helpful hints for basically all areas of your life.

Don’t throw away that electric toothbrush! It’s great for cleaning grout. Did you know that denture tablets are one of the best ways to clean vases? A lint roller is a particularly good way to clean a lampshade. Have a problem with your retractable lead or the retractable cord to your vacuum? Use an old fashioned clothespin to hold it in place.

We could go on, but just buy the book. You’ll find all kinds of valuable information.

From the Publisher
Looking for a new way to set a table? Need to remove an ink stain? Fresh out of toothpaste? From imaginative ideas to innovative tricks to in-a-pinch fixes, Real Simple Solutions is packed with hundreds of easy and inspired ways to help you live better. Following the success of The Organized Home, their top-to-bottom guide to streamlining your surroundings, the editors of Real Simple have compiled hundreds of creative and practical everyday solutions for every part of your life - encompassing cooking, cleaning, decorating, entertaining, dressing, grooming, working, and more. With no-nonsense content and large, lush photos, this stunning hardcover book does double duty as an indispensable household resource and stylish addition to the coffee table.

Real Simple Solutions resolves life's little complexities - and allays the stress that accompanies them. The book is chockablock with ideas that are smart, surprising and easy to do, and perhaps best of all, cost little or no money. Whether they're step-by-step directions for hand-washing delicates, a soup-to-nuts list of pantry essentials, or new uses for newspaper, readers are guaranteed rock-solid, timeless information and advice.

Inspired by the magazine's perennially popular "Simple Solutions" section, the book logically organizes ideas by activity, and presents each chapter in a consistent, clear, and artful fashion. Page after page, Real Simple Solutions features:

* Quick, low-cost ways to elevate the ordinary or unexpected, from dinnertime meals to bedroom decor
* New uses for everyday items, such as emery boards, baking soda, and old beach towels
* Simple instructions for doing common but often difficult tasks, like painting a room or carving a turkey
* Mini organizing projects readers can do in minutes, for everything from desk drawers to dishwashers

In addition, the book includes a compendium of multitasking household products and their myriad uses, and concludes with an extensive, easy-to-use index. Plus, it includes a special eight-page "Crib Sheets" booklet containing tear-out sheets that summarize each chapter. An encyclopedic, graphic take on the traditional household hint book, Real Simple Solutions helps you do the things you have to do - so you have more time to do the things you want to do.
Superbowl Kisses

That's Danny Nucci. You might remember him from World Trade Center, or the hapless immigrant (friend of Leo) from Titantic. Well, here he is with the actual Superbowl Trophy. Nucci got VIP treatment (that means riding on the official bus) that included extending a sweet kiss on the winner's prize. Some people kiss the pope's ring, to others, this is just as important. And please, no emails about our blaspheming.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Valentine Luxury, Perhaps?

Spa 415 Beverly Hills

by Andrea Goodwin, associate editor (

BeansTalk is overworked, stressed out, and cranky. There simply are not enough hours in the day, and we find it amazing that when we actually have the opportunity to sleep late at night, it eludes us! What is going on! We can’t walk around with bags under our eyes. Time to go to the spa. Yes. We love ourselves enough to take time to do this. You should too. It will save your sanity.

If you live in Los Angeles, we recommend that you check out Spa 415 Beverly Hills. Spa 415 in Beverly Hills offers uniquely charming sanctuary from today’s fast paced lifestyles. Spa 415 is a day spa and medical spa that specializes in providing the latest technologically advanced procedures and products in aesthetics while featuring the finest in personal attention in a tranquil atmosphere. A true escape!

Spa 415 offers a wide array of body and mood enhancing services. If your face is a little tired and needs a perk up, we recommend trying a modern facial. Facials are this BeansTalk staffer’s favorite way to relax. At Spa 415 you can choose from aromatherapy, oxygen facials, golden spoon facials, microdermabrasion, microcurrent or vacuum facials. BeansTalk loves the idea that you could go to the Spa every day for a week and have different types of massage every day. Their massage offerings include: Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, sports therapy, lomi lomi, and hot stone. (We know for a fact that the BeansTalk ME swears by the hot stone treatment.)

BeansTalk met our friends at Spa 415 while visiting one of the Platinum Guild’s award show jewelry preview suites. Star attendees enjoyed massage and electrotherapy treatments from our friend Elma. What is electrotherapy? Electrotherapy, a Brad Pitt and Madonna favorite, uses computer controlled waveforms to contract selected muscle groups and is used to tighten muscles and drain fluid for body sculpting. We tried this treatment and found the stimulation mild and pleasant. Elma made sure to only allow a current level we were comfortable with. Other body therapies Spas 415 offers include vacudermic sculpting, and pressotherapy (for fluid drainage in the legs). We hear that the celebs enjoyed the services so much that they have been invited back to the Platinum Guild suite to pamper the stars who will be attending the Academy Awards later this month.

As Spa 415 offers complete beauty services, they also offer various scrubs, wraps, waxing, tanning, and make up services. We’ll keep you posted as we try these.
Spa 415 is located at 415 N. Crescent Drive, Suite 110, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 310/276-8018