Thursday, February 22, 2007

Save Your Handbag!

This always, always happens to us: we have a beautiful pocketbook, designer, even, and we get to a restaurant and you can’t hang it on the back of your chair. You’re not in a booth and there’s no where to put it except on the floor. So you’re left putting it on your lap, risking dropping your dinner onto the very bag you’re trying not to set down on a dirty floor/rug.

Three former New York University roommates have solved this fashion faux pas with their creation, Luxe Link. Now, we’re not saying this is a brand new idea. In the childhood days of Sunday church attendance, we had something similar. But this is much hipper.

No larger than today’s trendy hoop earring, the purse link is portable, lighter than a cell phone, and easy to use. The purse link has a stylish chain that wraps around a swanky circular top, adorned with a modern, playful design. To use, you simply unwind the chrome chain link, and place the circular top onto the edge of the table, and voila! You have an enviable hook to hang your purse. Each purse link comes in a luxurious suede pouch, which is smaller than a compact. You can keep it inside your purse, or use as a charm to hang on the purse strap.

It’s brilliant. Your purse is kept clean, kept near you, looks pretty and draws flattering comments from people who notice your new Luxe Link.

Luxe Link retails for $45 and is available at select stores this spring and online at

(BTW, the pocketbook in the image above is very cute, but it's not ours. Even though we wish it was.)