Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Super Sparkle

Regular readers know that we LOVE our Colorscience (we don't know why this image is all orange-y. It's actually turquoise-blue packaging). It got us all happy about mineral makeup. Here's a look at the latest...

Colorescience’s best-selling favorite, Sunforgettable brush-on SPF 30, has a glamorous new edge, with a solar system’s worth of reflective sparkle pigments that make the beauty sparks fly. Sunforgettable’s revolutionary formula introduced a new concept in sunscreen, with a light, delicate powder that enhanced the skin while protecting against the sun’s harmful rays. Now, it gets even better.

Day or night, indoor or out, the whisper of glitter adds an alluring new dimension to skin. On the face, Sunforgettable with Sparkles makes skin look younger, camouflaging fine lines and imperfections. Dusted on a bare shoulder, it turns every little shrug into an irresistible invitation. Tantalizing on a collarbone, teasing on an ankle, and downright provoking when dusted over legs, Sunforgettable with Sparkles comes in three glittering possibilities…

· All Clear with Silver Sparkles (translucent protection with a sparkly sheen)

· Perfectly Clear with Champagne Sparkles (a hint of sunshine with sun protection)

· Almost Clear with Copper Sparkles (sheer, tinted powder great for a bronzed look)

“These new additions to the collection provide all the SPF30 protection we expect from Sunforgettable products,” points out Diane Ranger, president of Colorescience. “We used the same nanotechnology that created an entirely new medium for applying sunscreen, using the reflective and refractive properties of micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. One application passed the six hour water-resistant test!”

Sunforgettable with Sparkles: Brush-on Applicator, $50; Rollerball Applicator, $65; Shaker Applicator, $50.

Colorescience is available at day spas, resorts, dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices and makeup artists’ studios. To find a Colorescience retailer in your area, visit www.colorescience.com or call toll-free 1.866.4COLORE (426-5673).