Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Home Library Must

Keep it Next To Your Bible and Your Miss Manners

Real Simple Solutions: Tricks, Wisdom, and Easy Ideas to Simplify Everyday
by Real Simple, Real Simple Magazine Editors (Editor)

Our associate editor gave us this tome for the holidays and we just finished reading it. It’s a wonderful book on many levels. First off, there’s a great presentation, it’s laid out in a practical organized way and is enhanced by clear photographs.

Sometimes the actual “Real Simple” magazine can be annoying; a huge heavy publication with silly content. Not so this book.

It’s filled with lots of helpful hints for basically all areas of your life.

Don’t throw away that electric toothbrush! It’s great for cleaning grout. Did you know that denture tablets are one of the best ways to clean vases? A lint roller is a particularly good way to clean a lampshade. Have a problem with your retractable lead or the retractable cord to your vacuum? Use an old fashioned clothespin to hold it in place.

We could go on, but just buy the book. You’ll find all kinds of valuable information.

From the Publisher
Looking for a new way to set a table? Need to remove an ink stain? Fresh out of toothpaste? From imaginative ideas to innovative tricks to in-a-pinch fixes, Real Simple Solutions is packed with hundreds of easy and inspired ways to help you live better. Following the success of The Organized Home, their top-to-bottom guide to streamlining your surroundings, the editors of Real Simple have compiled hundreds of creative and practical everyday solutions for every part of your life - encompassing cooking, cleaning, decorating, entertaining, dressing, grooming, working, and more. With no-nonsense content and large, lush photos, this stunning hardcover book does double duty as an indispensable household resource and stylish addition to the coffee table.

Real Simple Solutions resolves life's little complexities - and allays the stress that accompanies them. The book is chockablock with ideas that are smart, surprising and easy to do, and perhaps best of all, cost little or no money. Whether they're step-by-step directions for hand-washing delicates, a soup-to-nuts list of pantry essentials, or new uses for newspaper, readers are guaranteed rock-solid, timeless information and advice.

Inspired by the magazine's perennially popular "Simple Solutions" section, the book logically organizes ideas by activity, and presents each chapter in a consistent, clear, and artful fashion. Page after page, Real Simple Solutions features:

* Quick, low-cost ways to elevate the ordinary or unexpected, from dinnertime meals to bedroom decor
* New uses for everyday items, such as emery boards, baking soda, and old beach towels
* Simple instructions for doing common but often difficult tasks, like painting a room or carving a turkey
* Mini organizing projects readers can do in minutes, for everything from desk drawers to dishwashers

In addition, the book includes a compendium of multitasking household products and their myriad uses, and concludes with an extensive, easy-to-use index. Plus, it includes a special eight-page "Crib Sheets" booklet containing tear-out sheets that summarize each chapter. An encyclopedic, graphic take on the traditional household hint book, Real Simple Solutions helps you do the things you have to do - so you have more time to do the things you want to do.