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Find Your InnerDosha

BeansTalk Reviews
Veria ID InnerDosha

by Colleen "CoCo" Malone
BeansTalk Biz Contributing Editor

First, a little bit of info about what a dosha is, for those that don’t yet know. It’s from Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine, thousands of years old, which originated in India. A person’s dosha is determined by evaluating aspects their physical body and mental makeup, such as response to stress, your learning and memory ability, dream retention, and a host of other details. An Ayurvedic practitioner would evaluate their patient, determine their dominant dosha (most people are a combination of more than one), and aim to assist the person achieve balance in their body and mind. This is a very simplified explanation of this venerated and complex way of approaching optimal health and well-being.

I had heard of Ayurvedic medicine many years ago, was interested in it and had read a bit about it. I was aware of doshas and knew my dominant one to be Kapha, though like many, perhaps even most, people, I am nearly equally two doshas.

To determine your dosha or combination of doshas, you can use any number of questionnaires available online. Here’s a link to one:

One absolutely does not need to establish their dosha to know which of these appealing products to use; the packaging clearly describes what type of skin or hair the contents are best for. But if you want to take VeriaID’s mostly skin and hair specific quiz to know which ones will be best for you, the link to that is:

I was very happy to learn of and try Veria ID shampoo, conditioner, and gel cleanser because I am always looking for skin and hair care products that are made of botanicals and other natural ingredients, which I find are gentle on my skin and hair. Also I prefer to use washes, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions that are free of parabens. The Veria ID line is free of them, as well as free of harsh sulfates and synthetic fragrances, which bother a lot of people. The choice to use or avoid parabens is a controversial issue. There is a lot of information and there are a lot of opinions available and unfortunately much of them are conflicting. Personally, I found the arguments against to be compelling and decided to avoid them a few years ago.

And finally, I love that this company is striving to use recycled content in their packaging and mostly wind renewable energy for producing their labels and cartons.

My results ~

Product:  For oily skin, born to shine, KAPHA dosha, Start Fresher Gel Cleanser

It’s called a gel, but it has a very nice, smooth consistency. I used a small amount of the cleanser on a wet cloth, and it lathered up nicely. After rinsing and drying my face, I was aware of how good my skin felt, soft and clean. The light citrus scent stayed with me in a good way. I felt tempted to use it as a body wash, just to have that feeling all over.

Product:  For hair that’s oily by nature, KAPHA dosha, Oil Embargo Clarifying Shampoo

I have always had oily hair, and used to find it necessary wash it every other day or even daily. At over age fifty am finally able to wash my hair every three or four days. I was hoping this shampoo would help me last four days and it did not disappoint.

I’m in LOVE with the scent! It’s citrusy, light, and refreshing. It’s a wonderfully sudsy and foamy shampoo, was easily distributed throughout my hair and scalp. Very cleansing and it definitely does the job as a clarifier. All that said, my scalp did not feel overly dry -- even directly after washing. A younger person used to washing their hair frequently will not find this harsh in the least. It’s a lovely, gentle shampoo that cleans your hair and scalp beautifully.

Product:  For hair seeking volume, PITTA dosha, Live Fully Conditioner

Even though not my predominant dosha, I want volume, so I gave it a try. I don’t blow-dry or style my hair, so waited until it was completely dry to review. My hair had lots of shape and volume and I was curious to see if that would last a day or two.

The Pitta line of these products has a gentle jasmine scent, very pleasant and pretty. The conditioner itself has a nice, silky consistency. It readily distributed throughout my hair and rinsed well, leaving it moisturized and detangled, but still feeling clean.

I want to note that the day after washing, my hair still had body and felt soft, silky and not at all limp. I was very pleased! Usually my hair starts going a bit slack the second day.
Two days after washing, my hair still felt clean, so obviously there's nothing in the conditioner to build up body that is going to be attracting dirt. And it still had shape and looked great. I can easily go another day and not feel bad about how my hair looks.


I highly recommend the Veria ID hair and skin care line and look forward to watching this company grow.

Dosha definition:

dosha |ˈdō sh ə|,
(in Ayurvedic medicine) each of three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity.
ORIGIN Sanskrit doṣa, literally ‘fault, disease.’
Energy type, Constitution

Dosha quiz

Veria website:
products: for store

From company ~
Veria ID InnerDosha is a full range of natural skin, hair and body products designed to treat specific hair and skin types as defined by Ayurveda’s doshas: VATA (dry), PITTA (sensitive, combination) and KAPHA (oily). 

The 11 products available for each hair/skin type are:
SKIN - Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Day Moisturizer, Night Moisturizer and Mask
HAIR – Shampoo and Conditioner
BODY – Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Butter
FOR ALL TYPES – 5 products recommended for all skin/hair types:
Deep Conditioner, Detangler, Eye Gel, Eye Cream and Face Scrub

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rhi Rhi Gets Snaky

Rihanna was spotted in Amsterdam on Monday, 24 June 2013, wearing a Roberto Cavalli necklace

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bullock in Bec &Bridge

Sandra Bullock, seen here with her son Louis, looked chic while out and about in New York wearing the Santa Maria Tee from Bec & Bridge’s Summer 2013 Collection.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Melissa McCarthy in Pedro Garcia

Melissa McCarthy arrived at ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ wearing Pedro García’s black suede Carlota wedge sandals (seen above) from the Spring Summer 2013 Collection.

Zapateros. Shoemakers, in the most traditional sense of the term...and the most avant-garde sense of the term. The namesake brand was launched in 1925 by the original Pedro García, and has since remained a family business.  The third generation Pedro, along with his partner Dale Dubovich and his sister Mila, are currently at the helm of the brand and are responsible for taking the García design into the realm of experimental luxury.

Pedro García is featured in over 1,000 retail locations around the world, including: Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman in the U.S., Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, Tsum / Mercury in Russia and Net-A-Porter (online) in England.


Suede wedge sandals in black. Almond peep toe. Cut-out details at toe panel. Wide ankle strap with velcro closure. Cut-out details at heel counter. Tonal footbed. Cork welt. Tonal wedge heel. Tone on tone stitching. Approx 5" heel, 1.6" platform. Leather upper, rubber sole. Made in Spain.
$495 USD
$248 USD You Save 50%

Monday, June 24, 2013

Night for Dying Tigers
Available on DVD

A cross between ‘The Big Chill’ and ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ (Toronto Film Scene) comes A Night For Dying Tigers starring an ensemble cast, including Gil Bellows (“Ally McBeal,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “House at the End of the Street”), Jennifer Beals (“Flashdance,” “The Book of Eli”), Kathleen Robertson (“Boss,” “Hollywoodland”), John Pyper-Ferguson (“Conviction,” “X-Men: The Last Stand,” “Drive”), Lauren Lee Smith (“Mutant X,” “CSI,” “Lie With Me”), Tygh Runyan (“Snakes on a Plane,” “K-19: The Widowmaker,”) and Leah Gibson (“Watchmen,” “Twilight: Eclipse,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”).  Called ‘Brilliant’ by Movie City News – A Night For Dying Tigers makes its US debut on DVD July 30, 2013 from Monarch Home Entertainment. The film was nominated for seven Leo awards.

In 24 short hours, Jack goes to prison for five years.  Tonight, for the first time since the sudden death of their parents one year earlier, the family is summoned to their ancestral home for Jack's farewell dinner.  What begins as a civil, if not joyful, reunion filled with food, drink and acerbic conversation, quickly devolves into a morally questionable whirlwind of regret, reversals, and revelations.  As they duke it out in a half-savage half-civilized fashion, these characters, and the truths behind their long history of conflict and tragedy, are slowly and surprisingly revealed.

The film was written and directed by Terry Miles.

Genre:               Drama                          Cat. #: MHV 7889
MPAA Rating:              Not Rated                  
SRP:                  $24.95
Running Time:              96 mins.                       Street Date: 07/30/13 (Preorders available at Amazon)

Friday, June 21, 2013

New Debut
"Audrey Hepburn meets Joni Mitchell" on Americana Noir Debut, 27 August 2013

“I am drunk on whiskey and I’m half your age," sings Julie Kathryn, "and I would do anything if you’d just let me stay.” That balance of wit and candor runs through 'Black Trees' (27 August 2013), the debut album from the NYC singer / songwriter.  The seven original tracks and three covers explore the blossoming and ultimate unraveling of a relationship for a result Crushable calls “vulnerable and sweet but tinged with darkness.”

Fusing the immediacy of Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant with the indie leanings of Neko Case and Cat Power, Kathryn lays bare her romantic wins and losses on ‘Black Trees,’ honing an aesthetic that's been described as Americana Noir or “Audrey Hepburn meets Joni Mitchell.” The album was produced and engineered by Felix McTeigue (Carrie Underwood, Lori McKenna, sami.the.great) and Drew Guido (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, The Bengsons) at Vel Studios in Brooklyn.

On the title track, Kathryn describes meeting a man who, like her, is spending the Fourth of July alone -- the pair's "sadness collided," but they end up as lonely as they were before they met. Kathryn proves her mettle as a narrative songwriter with “Johnny,” which was awarded third place in the Indie International Songwriting Contest in the Americana/Country category. 'Black Trees' also includes Bob Dylan's “Emotionally Yours,” Greg Brown's "Blue Car," and a version of Jay Farrar's “Windfall” featuring songwriter Ari Hest, who also duets with Kathryn on the piano ballad “In My Dreams.”

A relative newcomer to the NYC music scene, Kathryn -- who plays both guitar and piano on 'Black Trees' -- spent more than five years as a social worker after earning a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Cornell University and a Master of Social Work from Columbia University. The singer recalls, “After interviewing clients in the Tombs [New York jail] during the day, I would go out at night and play gigs.” Ultimately, it was her passion for helping others that led to her decision to pursue music full time: “When I stopped feeling spiritually connected to [social work],” she explains, “I realized I could serve a higher calling through music.”

Julie Kathryn on the Web:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pippa Loves Tabitha
Pippa Middleton in Tabitha Webb (photo from Webb's Facebook page)

Pippa Middleton looked chic while leaving a London launch event last night wearing Tabitha Webb’s sleeveless ‘Tasman’ dress in black wool crepe.

Tabitha Webb is a British design house selected by the world’s most style aware women from the Duchess of Cambridge to Miranda Kerr. Tabitha Webb was founded by acclaimed designer Tabitha Somerset Webb, and is renowned for its eminently feminine and modern aesthetic. Inspired by vintage prints and classic iconic cuts, Tabitha Webb is fast becoming the international go-to label for women attending the most glamorous and high profile of events.

Middleton loves Tabitha Webb -- here she is (and Kelly Brook, too), wearing the designer.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Secret Policeman's Ball 
"Teenage Crimewave" 
on CD and Digital Platforms

Debut Indie Rock full-length from the 
Hot Topic 'Band Grant' 2012 Grand Prize Winners

Free Track: Sometimes My Arms Bend Back 

In the winter of 2012 four friends moved amplifiers, drum kits, and guitars into a home studio in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee to begin work on their first true studio album. Battling sickness, time constraints, and (perhaps the most daunting roadblock of all) creative differences, the band and the producer worked tirelessly every weekend for two months.

What resulted is a Secret Policeman's Ball's new album Teenage Crimewave; an album where the bleakness of adulthood collides with the youthfulness of childhood... Saw-toothed synthesizers and fuzzy guitars drip with as much teen angst as the words, and screams move resoundingly over the music.

Teenage Crimewave was produced, mixed, and engineered by Andy Gregg and co-produced by a Secret Policeman's Ball at Phantom Center Studios in Nashville TN and was mastered at Sage Audio in Nashville, TN.

Audio Samples:


Track Listing
Brian's House
I'm Not a Scientician
A Flock of Beagles
A Young Stephen Dorff
They Already Banged
Try to Find Shon a New Hat
Stairway to Upstairs
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Secrets of Henry the VIII's Castle

Hampton Court: Back (above) and front (below).

Hampton Court is the ultimate royal pleasure palace, embodying an indulgent and grandiose lifestyle built by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and furthered by King Henry VIII. Its many rooms chart Henry VIII's decline from fit young warrior to bloated womanizer, and they tell the vivid stories of the ladies who became his queens. Later, King William III and Queen Mary II commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to rebuild Hampton Court, demolishing half of the red brick Tudor palace and replacing it with an exquisite Baroque castle, making Hampton Court one of the most unique palaces in the world. Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace digs beneath the brick and stone to unveil an abundance of art and lore that bring Hampton Court to life.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Don Felder on Tour, Now

Don Felder, now
Don Felder (@donfelder)--former guitarist of the Eagles, New York Times best-selling author and four-time Grammy® Award winner--will be joining Peter Frampton’s “Guitar Circus” tour, along with many other legendary guitar players, started his tour June 13 in Windsor, Ontario at Caesars Windsor.  Felder continues his touring activities in support of his second solo album (and first since 1983), ROAD TO FOREVER, which was released October 9, 2012 on Rocket Science Ventures.

Other special guests on the “Guitar Circus” tour will include Robert Cray, Steve Cropper (Booker T. & the M.G.'s), Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Vince Gill, David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Davy Knowles, Roger McGuinn (founder/lead guitarist of the Byrds), Richard Thompson, Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Vinnie Moore (UFO) and Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick).  Tickets can be purchased form Peter Frampton’s official website,

Don Felder, on his Les Paul, during the Eagles' heyday
Felder's Road to Forever debuted on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” chart at #27.  "Girls In Black," the album’s first single, reached the Top 30 on the Mediabase Rock chart.  “Wash Away” is the album’s current single, which is currently #4 on the Mediabase Classic Rock chart.  It was co-written by FELDER and Styx’s Tommy Shaw, which also features Shaw’s signature vocal sound.

DATE               CITY                             VENUE
With Frampton’s Guitar Circus:
Thu 6/13            Windsor, ONT.              Caesars Windsor
Fri 6/14             Rama, ONT.                  Casino Rama
Sat 6/15            Pittsburgh, PA              Stage AE
Thu 6/27            New York, NY               Beacon Theatre
Fri 6/28             Rochester, NY               Kodak Hall at Eastman Theater
Sun 6/30           Webster, MA                 Indian Ranch

Friday, June 14, 2013

Amazing Amy

Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler looked fabulous wearing Catherine Malandrino to the 38th Annual Gracie Awards Gala.  Amy chose an embroidered mesh cap sleeve dress with diamond pattern from the Spring/Summer 2013 Yellow Label Collection.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Hair Serum from Living Proof

The first silicone-free and oil-free hair serum, Living Proof Satin, say reps, cuts styling time in half while providing smoothness, manageability and natural movement "for the perfect blow out and polished finish with every use."

The newest addition to the Living Proof Style Lab Collection, Satin Hair Serum features a proprietary Sera-Smooth Complex that locks out frizz while polishing and conditioning strands. Reps add, "Perfect for frizz-free, summer styling, the lightweight styler is easy to use, long lasting and leaves hair grease-free for a beautiful, sleek look!"

Satin Hair Serum ($29) is available now, exclusively at Sephora stores.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pics from Upcoming
Bonnie & Clyde

History, Lifetime and A&E networks released three photos from its two-night event, BONNIE & CLYDE, slated to simulcast on all three networks later this year.  Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) and Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) star as the legendary 1930s couple whose crime sprees enraptured the American public.

Directed by Oscar nominee Bruce Beresford and Executive Produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the all-star cast includes Holly Hunter, William Hurt, Sarah Hyland, Elizabeth Reaser, Lane Garrison, Austin Hebert and Dale Dickey.

Bonnie & Clyde is a star-studded miniseries for HISTORY, LIFETIME and A&E. The four-hour, two-night event miniseries stars Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) and Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) in the title roles of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, the Depression-era outlaw couple whose criminal exploits have assured them lasting fame for eight decades. Bonnie & Clyde will be simulcast on HISTORY, Lifetime and A&E later this year. The announcement was made by Nancy Dubuc, President, Entertainment and Media, A+E Networks. The stellar cast also includes Academy Award®, Golden Globe® and Emmy® winner Holly Hunter (The Piano) and Academy Award® winner and multiple Golden Globe® and Emmy® nominee William Hurt (Too Big to Fail). The miniseries reunites Hunter and Hurt, who starred in and earned Oscar®nominations for 1987’s Broadcast News.  Hunter will play Emma Parker, Bonnie’s mother, and Hurt will play Frank Hamer, the Texas Ranger pursuing the Barrow gang. Other key cast members include Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) as Blanche Barrow, Clyde’s sister-in-law; Lane Garrison (Prison Break) as Clyde’s brother; Elizabeth Reaser (The Twilight Saga) as P.J. Lane, a writer tracking the gang; Austin Hebert (True Blood) as Ted Hinton, a lawman also on the hunt for duo; and Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone) as Cummie Barrow, Clyde’s mother.

Produced by Sony Pictures Television and from executive producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (Steel Magnolias, The Bucket List, Oscar®-winning Chicago), Bonnie & Clyde follows Barrow, Parker and the rest of the notorious Barrow Gang as they swept through the Central United States committing small-time robberies and daring bank heists, leaving murdered police officers and civilians in their wake. Bonnie & Clyde is written by John Rice and Joe Batteer (Windtalkers, Blown Away) and directed by two-time Oscar® nominee Bruce Beresford (Tender Mercies, Breaker Morant). Beresford is best known as the director of Driving Miss Daisy.

Bonnie & Clyde retells the fascinating tale of the couple whose crime spree enraptured the American public.  Rumored to have a sixth-sense power to see events before they happened, Barrow was always able to stay one step ahead of the law as they escaped capture time and again. His one blind spot was Parker, who was intent on becoming famous, fed on the alluring media attention and pushed Barrow to commit riskier and more dangerous crimes to generate bigger headlines and make them the most famous criminals of the modern era.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love Lust Faith + Dreams

Thirty Seconds to Mars, currently on its Church of Mars headline tour's latest album is Love Lust Faith + Dreams. Written and recorded around the world from Europe, to India, to the band’s studio in California, the new album was produced by Jared Leto with previous collaborator Steve Lillywhite (U2, The Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel) co-producing four of the twelve tracks. The first copy of lead single “Up In The Air” was recently carried aboard the SpaceX cargo mission to the International Space Station. After the astronauts gave the single its groundbreaking premiere in space, it debuted on radio stations worldwide. The song is already a Top 5 hit at Modern Rock radio and is also climbing at the Active Rock format. Fans can view the accompanying short film “Up In The Air” at

Thirty Seconds to Mars – comprising Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic – has sold over five million albums worldwide and received numerous awards, including a dozen MTV awards worldwide, a Billboard Music award and honors from NME, Kerrang! and Fuse. Love Lust Faith + Dreams follows This Is War, which was hailed as “an artistic triumph” by Alternative Press and “a shimmering epic” by In its two-year tour in support of This Is War, Thirty Seconds to Mars played over 311 shows in nearly 60 countries on six continents to an astounding three million people, breaking the Guinness World Record® for most shows played during a single album cycle.
Twitter –
Facebook –
Instagram –
YouTube –

Monday, June 10, 2013

Backstreet Boys are Back
The Backstreet Boys, the 2013 edition

For 20 years, Backstreet Boys have delivered the finest pop music has to offer - tightly crafted songs, floor-shaking rhythms, and unmistakable harmonies. On July 30th, all five original members - Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson - will release their new album In A World Like This.

From the first note to the last, In A World Like This impressively showcases the group's preeminent pop mastery with a collection of indelible tracks that surely rank among their biggest and best hits.

Fans were treated to a performance of new song "Permanent Stain" today on Good Morning America where the boys announced their new album and world-tour. Watch here:

Continuing with their 20th Anniversary celebrations - which included a star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame - the group will set out on a world-tour that will include a North American headlining Amphitheatre tour beginning August 2nd in Chicago, IL.

Rolling Stone caught up with the guys about the new album and tour. Read here:

The Backstreet Boys in their heyday
In A World Like This is an album that sees the guys revisiting the groundbreaking dance-pop sound that first made them international superstars. Songs like the Max Martin penned first single, "In A World Like This," are classic BSB, bursting with big hooks, unforgettable melodies, and high-energy rhythms that both highlights the group's classic sound and vision while also placing it squarely in the here and now.

First single "In A World Like This" will be available everywhere starting on June 25th.
Stay tuned for more news and activities surrounding the single release!

"We always want to top our previous albums. That's always our objective," says Carter. "All five of us were determined to create an album where every song could be a single."

Backstreet Boys did just that. In A World Like This captures unified voices making the most vital music imaginable, and five talented artists creating influential, unforgettable pop.

"Our goal is always to push ourselves as much as possible," adds McLean. "We want Backstreet Boys to keep setting the template and raising the bar."

In A World Like This was recorded in London and Los Angeles with producers / fans Martin Terefe, Max Martin, Morgan Reid & Prophet, Dan Muckula and Justin Trugman.

One of the most successful groups in music history, with countless #1s, record-setting tours, and worldwide sales in excess of 130 million, Backstreet Boys are also among pop's most influential.

Watch the "In A World Like This Tour" teaser video here:

Watch BSB perform fan-favorite "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" on GMA:

Tour Dates (more to be announced):

August 2               Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island                      Chicago, IL
August 3               Verizon Wireless Amphitheater                                       St. Louis, MO
August 4               Toledo Zoo Amphitheater                                                  Toledo, OH
August 6               Bell Centre                                                                                Montreal, QB
August 7               Molson Canadian Amphitheatre                                     Toronto, ON
August 8               DTE Energy Music Theatre                                                  Detroit, MI
August 9               PNC Pavilion                                                                            Cincinnati, OH
August 10            Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica                                                   Cleveland, OH
August 12            Bank of America Pavilion                                                     Boston, MA
August 13            Nikon at Jones Beach Theater                                           Wantagh, NY
August 15            PNC Bank Arts Center                                                           Holmdel, NJ
August 16            Susquehanna Bank Center                                                  Camden, NJ
August 17            Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach                                  Virginia Beach, VA
August 20            Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek  Raleigh, NC
August 21            Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre                                        Charlotte, NC
August 22            Chastain Park Amphitheatre                                              Atlanta, GA
August 23            Live Nation Amphitheatre                                                   Tampa, FL
August 25            Cruzan Amphitheatre                                                           West Palm Beach, FL
August 28            AT&T Center                                                                             San Antonio, TX
August 30            Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie                                       Dallas, TX
August 31            Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion                                      Houston, TX
September 5       Comerica Theatre                                                                   Phoenix, AZ
September 6       Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre                                        Irvine, CA
September 7       Mandalay Bay Events Center                                             Las Vegas, NV
September 8       Sleep Train Amphitheatre                                                   San Francisco, CA

Friday, June 07, 2013


Singer-songwriter and actor-comic Creed Bratton, currently best-known for the quirky former 60s rock-star character he portrays on the NBC TV hit comedy series The Office, is back with a new album/audio-biography Tell Me About It.

Creed Bratton along with his band The Rubbermen give us a behind the scenes look into who Creed really is - what's his story?  Is he the cubicle-stalking weirdo we loved on The Office?  Former sixties rock god?  Both?  Tell Me About It answer as many questions as it creates new ones.  The three-act "audio-biography" traces Creed's story through music. From LSD to unemployment lines and third acts, the Creed that sits behind his desk playing solitaire and eating mung beans has done it all.

“I approached my 6th solo album by writing with different writers I respected. So after The Rubbermen and I had started the album, Dave Way my producer said this is the story of your career. He said you should make this a concept album. He was right.....I hadn't even seen that side of it. So we went from there to approaching it that way. The 3 acts are like a play. It's a story that takes you along in a psychedelic way. ‘Tell Me About It’ .... a audio-biography indeed, says Bratton.

A founding member of the seminal 60s rock band The Grass Roots, Bratton recorded and toured extensively behind the back-to-back monster hit singles, “Let’s Live for Today” and “Midnight Confessions,” which became early 60s youth anthems.  Creed joined several other original Grass Roots members in 2000 for a 35th Anniversary show at the legendary Sunset Strip venue Whiskey A Go Go.
Where everyone from The Byrds to Motley Crue to The Turtles and Van Halen have played.

Bratton’s Dunder Mifflin co-workers got a preview of the actor’s guitar chops in a previous episode of The Office when Bratton rescued a not-quite-up-to-the-task boss Michael Scott from band jam embarrassment.   His last CD Bounce Back, featured his backing band, The 3DVB’s (aka The Rubbermen) and Office co-star Ed Helms, showed Bratton’s passion as a serious and accomplished musician.

Tell Me About It


Act I - Let's Start Dancing
1. One Guitar
2. Faded Spats
3. Chemical Wings
4. Yeah, Hi
Act II - The Orange Juice Tastes Like Water
1. Pablo
2. PF Sloan
3. Unemployment Lines
4. My Name Is Leon
5. Heart Of Darkness

Act III - Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Obscurity
1. Old Ruminations
2. Move To Win
3. Better On Top
4. Emmy Awards (Featuring Rainn Wilson)
5. When I Settle Down

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Drew Barrymore wore these Stuart Weitzman Naughty pumps in Rose Gold to a Bvlgari event. She wore them basically under a pair of large palazzo pants, meaning, it was too bad you couldn't see these much of .

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Adorable Anna Chlumsky ("Veep") wears a Nicole Miller ¾ Sleeve Ruched Maternity Dress available at

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Pony Up

Pony Up With High Heels
Stuart Weitzman's snakeskin ankle wrap pump.

Stuart Weitzman's snakeskin ankle wrap pump.
Valentino's ankle wrap pump.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Light It Up

L.A. Lights: Candles by SoLA

SoLA , designed by celebrated architect Barbara Bestor, debuted in Holiday 2012 with an LA-centric collection of glassware, mugs, totes, tees, hand embossed leather and brightly colored powder-coated metals. Most recently they have expanded into New York and its Boroughs, The Hamptons, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, Seattle, Portland, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston & Washington DC with plans to expand further for the Holiday 2013 season.

Sisters of Los Angeles introduces a Modern City series of traditional Mexican LA style "7 Day Candles", perfect for warm summer nights. More Candles coming soon.