Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Secret Policeman's Ball 
"Teenage Crimewave" 
on CD and Digital Platforms

Debut Indie Rock full-length from the 
Hot Topic 'Band Grant' 2012 Grand Prize Winners

Free Track: Sometimes My Arms Bend Back 

In the winter of 2012 four friends moved amplifiers, drum kits, and guitars into a home studio in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee to begin work on their first true studio album. Battling sickness, time constraints, and (perhaps the most daunting roadblock of all) creative differences, the band and the producer worked tirelessly every weekend for two months.

What resulted is a Secret Policeman's Ball's new album Teenage Crimewave; an album where the bleakness of adulthood collides with the youthfulness of childhood... Saw-toothed synthesizers and fuzzy guitars drip with as much teen angst as the words, and screams move resoundingly over the music.

Teenage Crimewave was produced, mixed, and engineered by Andy Gregg and co-produced by a Secret Policeman's Ball at Phantom Center Studios in Nashville TN and was mastered at Sage Audio in Nashville, TN.

Audio Samples:


Track Listing
Brian's House
I'm Not a Scientician
A Flock of Beagles
A Young Stephen Dorff
They Already Banged
Try to Find Shon a New Hat
Stairway to Upstairs
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back