Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ugly Aside: Here's Somewhere City

STRANGEco, purveyors of the peculiar, is proud to announce the release of the newest addition to the Somewhere City family. Developed in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, Somewhere City is designed by Goran Lelas, an accomplished designer whose magical style spans fashion, illustration, children's literature and costume design. The new Somewhere City plush dolls feature the two signature characters from the series- Memo Wee the elephant and Oink Le Rouge the pig. Both are over 9 inches in height and are constructed from a soft and innovative terry cloth material.

Croatian born Lelas began his design career in Milan, where he relocated to shortly after graduating from the University of Design Zagreb. He has worked in diverse fields, from stage and costume to high-end fashion design as well as children's illustration. Always working for the best in their respective industries, Lelas has built a reputation for bringing magical whimsy and childlike dreamscapes to the high fashion and high art worlds. Some highlights from his resume include Casa Vogue, Vanity, Sergio Rossi, Pret a Design, and children's adaptation of the opera The Magic Flute.

Somewhere City Plush Dolls - suggested retail price - $25.99 each

The Somewhere City collection is the first toy collaboration between STRANGEco and The Museum of Modern Art and the first toy designed by Lelas. In addition to the high quality plush dolls, the collection features a special series of six plastic toys, each created with interchangeable pieces and high quality design. The MoMA Design Store also features two exclusive box sets featuring three figures per set.

In addition the box set, STRANGEco, is releasing the Somewhere City plastic toys in special individual packaging, available at all MoMA Design Store locations, MoMAstore.org, and at finer retailers worldwide through STRANGEco Distribution.

For more information, visit www.strangeco.com/somewhere.

Somewhere City MoMA 3-Pack- Suggested retail price - $29.99 each

Somewhere City Individual Figures- Suggested retail price - $9.99 each


The foremost purveyor of artist-based toys, design objects and curiosities, STRANGEco continuously creates and produces innovative designs, and has deservedly gained recognition as the leader of the art toy revolution, from both artists and customers alike. Working closely with artists they admire, the STRANGEco staff help to develop character designs often only seen in two dimensions. The end results are beautiful original art pieces in three-glorious dimensions which fans can actually afford and collect. Notable artists STRANGEco has worked with include Mars-1, Jim Woodring, Friend With You, tokidoki, Nathan Jurevicius and many others.


Croatian-born Goran Lelas is an accomplished designer whose magical style spans fashion, illustration, children's literature, product and costume design. Beginning with creative illustration in Milan for Vanity, Casa Vogue and Vogue Bambini, Lelas has developed a signature aesthetic that has carried into sculpture, apparel and shoe design. Lelas has also created highly detailed costume design theater and opera, including a special production of Mozart's The Magic Flute in his native Croatia. His work has been published in Vogue Pelle, Vogue Bambini, Casa Vogue, Glamour, ID Magazine, The Shanghai Daily and The New York Times.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Guests On Our Favorite Shows

The Daily Show With John Stewart

Wednesday, 30 April Robert Schlesinger- author –White House Ghosts

Thursday, 1 May Howard Dean- DNC Chair

Monday, 5 May Harry Reid- The Good Fight

Tuesday, 6 May Fareed Zakaria- The Post-American World

The Colbert Report Upcoming Guests

Wednesday 30 April Noah Feldman- author- The Fall And Rise Of The Islamic State

Thursday, 1 May James Kunstler author- World Made By Hand: A Novel

Monday 5 May Carl Hiaassen- author- The Downhill Lie: A Hacker's Return To A Ruinous Sport

Tuesday 6 May Nathan Gunn- opera singer

Wednesday 7 May George Johnson- author- The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

Thursday 8 May Arianna Huffington- author- Right Is Wrong: How The Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded The Constitution, And Made Us All Less Safe

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kettlebell Beach Body

For killer abs, toned arms, and a taut little booty in a hurry, turn to the KettleBell.
Celebrity trainer Missy Beaver gets her A-list clients in shape for bikini season with this
black cannon ball like toning tool with a variety of swinging moves. Using the KettleBell
will accelerate fat loss, while producing strength, balance, coordination, and increase
range of functional motion.

Results happen FAST. After the first week, you’ll feel different. After the second week,
you’ll look different. And, after the third week, you’ll be feeling good in that itsy-bitsy
teeny-weeny bikini.

The following exercises are a snapshot at Missy’s celebrity workout routine. It should be
done 3 times a week and only takes 20 minutes.


Stance: Position one foot directly behind KB. Raise other foot off the floor.

Pick a spot in front of you to focus on to maintain balance.

Keep eyes up chest up and tighten your body.

Motion: Bend front knee slightly and hinge at the waist to grab KB with double overhand grip.

Pressing through heel, straighten up, bringing KB up with you.

Use back leg to help maintain balance.

You keep your core tight and while still keeping the raised leg behind you off the ground, lock out your hips at the top of the move by squeezing your glutes and tightening your abs. Then to reverse the move, slowly lower the KB to the ground on one leg and rest the KB on the ground for a second.

Muscles worked: Abs, thighs, hips, hamstrings, glutes. Works your muscles at the same time as creating balance and stability.

A women should use and 18lb kettlebell and a man should use a 36lb kettlebell.

1 set; 5 reps each side


Stance: Feet shoulder-width apart, turned out at 45 degree angle. KB in center of your feet.

Bottom Position: Bend your knees, push your hips back, eyes and chest up.

Grab the KB with an overhand grip.

Motion: Push your heels through the ground to stand up.

Pull to continue upward momentum of KB to chest level, sliding hands from top of handle around to the sides of the handle (horns).

Top Position: Knees locked, thighs, glutes and center, tight.

Hold KB by horns at chest level for a split second then return to starting position.

Muscles worked: Hamstrings, hips, glutes, lower back, arms. A safe way to get the KB to a position to perform other exercises like the two handed push press squat or lunge.

18lb for a beginning women and 36lb for man.

1 set; 10 reps


Stance: Feet shoulder-width apart.

Snatch pull kettlebell to chest level.

Motion: Bend at the knees 6 – 8 inches, and then drive through heels while pressing kettlebell overhead.

Top: Body tight, arms fully extended, elbows locked.

Lower KB back to the chest position.

Muscles worked: Shoulders, arms, traps, legs. Shoulder strength and endurance, good exercise to work your way up to being able to do a one-armed push press.

18lb for women and 36lb for men.

1 set, 10 reps


You should start this exercise with a very lightweight or no weight at all until you have
mastered the movement.

Stance: Feet slightly wider than shoulder-width.

Extend one arm in the air

Turn BOTH feet 45 degrees away from extended arm

Look up at extended arm

Motion: Keeping your eyes on the extended arm, bend diagonally forward to touch inside of front heel with free hand.

Rotate torso to keep arm locked out towards ceiling.

Tighten body, and push with rear heel to straighten up to upright position with shoulders over your hips.

Muscles worked: Abs, obliques, back, hips, shoulders.

This produces a hard core increased should back and hop flexibility and a solid and defined mid section. Gets rid of the dreaded wings (muffin tops)

Start with no weight until you are comfortable with the movement then you should start with a 9lb KB for women 18lb KB for men.

1 set; 5 reps each side


You will need a bench, chair or your couch to perform this exercise.

Stance: Balance on one foot, other leg in front. Arms out front for counterbalance.

Motion: Lower until you are seated on the chair, slight pause.

Tighten body then push through heel to return to standing position.

Touch opposite toe to floor to maintain balance, if necessary

Muscles worked: Quads, glutes, hips, hamstrings, abdominals, back. This exercise produces incredible leg strength toning of legs and glutes and increased hip and hamstring flexibility.

1 set, 5 reps


Motion: Squat down as far as you can

Use the momentum continue to lower yourself to the floor and roll back on your shoulders, legs in a loose tuck.

Use the forward momentum to roll back forward, and return to the bottom of the squat position.


Stance: Feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Double overhand grip on KB

Bottom Position: Bend knees, as though squatting hips back, shoulders forward, eyes and chest up.

Motion: Immediately drive your heels through the ground to explode to upright position.

Top Position: Push your hips forward explosively, squeeze glutes at top tightening your thighs and abs.

Squeeze glutes at the top of arc. Keep shoulders loose, elbows locked.

As KB begins downward swing, bend knees and hinge at the hips.

Continue with the swinging motion following the KB not fighting it

Muscles worked: Hips inner thighs glutes hamstrings back and shoulders. It produces strength endurance, cardio and core strength. Do 10 swings you will feel like you just ran a 200-yard sprint and burn a lot more calories in a lot less time.

18lb for women and 36lb for men

1 set, 10 reps


Stance: Feet a few inches apart, kettlebell to one side.

Bottom Position: Bend your knees, hips back, grab handle of KB

Motion: Push your heels through the ground to stand straight up.

Top position: Body straight, Thighs, center and glutes tight. Avoid bending to either side

Muscles worked: Obliques, legs, glutes, hips

18lb for women 36lb for men

1 set, 5 reps


Missy Beaver is an Elite Nike Fitness Professional who trained with Pavel Tsatsouline (the man credited with introducing Kettle Bells to the U.S., and the country’s foremost authority on this new discipline), and has since become the latest (and most sought after) expert herself. Missy holds the following feathers in her fitness cap:

* Z Health instructor (new age physical therapy)
* Psychology Degree
* Shiatsu Massage and Chinese Medicine
* Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Missy is releasing her much anticipated training DVD: “The Ketttlebell Revolution with Celebrity Trainer Missy Beaver” in Summer 2008. The DVD was directed by Fisher Stevens and produced by Linda Klein (producer of “Grey’s Anatomy”). www.misfitla.com

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frédéric Fekkai Cuts Give Back To Greenwich, Ct Community

Fekkai Cut for Charity at Frédéric Fekkai Greenwich Benefitting Bush-Holley Historic Site Education Programs

Frédéric Fekkai will donate 100% of the proceeds from his first five haircuts, $750 each, in his newly opened Greenwich salon on May 19th, 2008 to the Bush-Holley Historic Site Education Programs for Children.

Kicking off with the official salon opening on May 15th and lasting through May 31st, 2008.

Twenty percent of all salon services benefits The Bush-Holley Historic Site Education Programs for Children. Fekkai will do cuts himself on May 19th, donating 100 percent of the proceeds from his first five cuts to the charity. Haircuts with Frédéric Fekkai are $750.

Housed in a former flower shop on the charming, tree-lined Lewis Court, Frédéric Fekkai Greenwich has a sunny, open layout with high ceilings. The 2,100-square-foot salon will feature 10 styling chairs against original exposed brick walls in a warm setting with dark-brown leather lounge seating, soft silk pillows and sophisticated polished-nickel table lamps. As with his salons in New York, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, and Dallas, Frédéric Fekkai Greenwich will offer hair styling, color, manicure, pedicure, brow grooming and make-up application. The salon will offer extended evening hours, along with special touches like a menu of delicious edibles from nearby restaurant.

Bush-Holley Historic Site Education Programs are designed to expand visitors' understanding of ongoing history through quality programs presented by scholars, artists and community leaders. Each year thousands of students and teachers come to Bush-Holley House, the centerpiece of the historic site on Cos Cob Harbor. Interactive, inquiry-based programs allow students to creatively explore topics and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Programs are designed to complement classroom teaching while providing students and teachers a memorable day full of fun and discovery. Topics include colonial American history, the American Revolution, slavery in the North, the Industrial Age, and the development of American Impressionism. All programs meet state curriculum standards for both Connecticut and New York states.

Monday, May 19, 2008
Call ahead for appointments: 203.861.6700

Frédéric Fekkai Greenwich
2 Lewis Court
Greenwich, CT 06830

This Saturday!

Double click on image to enlarge.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let a Lantern Sleeve Light
Up Your Fashion Style

We confess we fell instantly in love with Rachel Pally's Lantern Sleeve Long Dress; we got two at last winter's sample sale. There's something innately flattering about this style of sleeve, especially for us (we are very concerned about ginormous arms).

Kimono, flutter, bell -- all so very five-minutes ago. The hottest sleeve in fashion now: the lantern sleeve.

The lantern sleeve is a full, gathered sleeve attached to a drop-shouldered garment. We're seeing it in a shorter sleeve, 3/4 length as well as in a long sleeve (Blumarine makes a floaty silk print top with long sleeves).

As seen in our photo spread below, the lantern sleeve works on jackets, tops, coats and dresses.

It's an ideal choice for camouflaging flabby upper arms. The look is most flattering on narrow shoulders with smaller bustlines; it's less so on those with larger bustlines.)

Here's a look at just some of the available styles, in a wide-range of price points...

Juicy Couture Lantern Sleeve Fleece Parka

Feminine, fashion-forward, and keeps us cozy, too? Thank you, Juicy.
Fleece jacket with 3-snap and zipper closures at front. Pintucking at front and drawstring at hood and bottom hem. Elastic banding and ruching at back and vertical welt pockets at hip. Ribbed banding at cuffs. Elbow-length sleeves.
30" long.
99% cotton/1% polyester.
Wash cold.
Made in the U.S.A.
Original Price: $278.00

Vince Lantern Sleeve Cardigan

Vince puts a fashion-forward spin on the classic cardigan.
Cardigan sweater with 5-button closure at front and ribbed banding at edges. Ruching at cuffs. 3/4 sleeves.
23" long.
85% cotton/15% cashmere.
Dry clean.
Bottom layer sold separately.
Original Price: $195.00

Juicy Couture Heather Lantern Sleeve Fleece Parka

Feminine, fashion-forward, and keeps us cozy, too? Thank you, Juicy.
Fleece jacket with 3-snap and zipper closures at front. Pintucking at front and drawstring at hood and bottom hem. Elastic banding and ruching at back and vertical welt pockets at hip. Ribbed banding at cuffs. Elbow-length sleeves.
30" long.
99% cotton/1% polyester.
Wash cold.
Made in the U.S.A.
Original Price: $278.00

Ella Moss Dress

• Color - Black
• 70% rayon 30% nylon
• Dry clean only
• Unlined

Rebecca Beeson Lantern Sleeve Top

• Color - Grape
• 50% cotton 50% modal
• Elastic arm cuffs

Rebecca Beeson Lantern Sleeve

• Color - Riverstone
• 50% cotton 50% modal
• Unlined
• Pleaded bodice
• Semi sheer light weight fabric
• Bubble sleeves

Rachel Pally Lantern Sleeve Mini Dress

Rachel Pally's signature jersey fabrics prove that sexy forms need not come at the cost of luxurious comfort. Wear it one day as a dress; the next, as a top with your favorite jeans. Each signature piece goes every which way but loose.
• Color - Pacific
• 92% modal 8% spandex
• Dry clean only
• Unlined
• Front pleating
• Raw cut hem

(BeansTalk Note: We have two of Pally's Lantern-Sleeve long (below-the-knee) dresses, one in Lake and one in an olive green)

Mike & Chris Button Front

Mike & Chris Timothy Lantern Sleeve Cropped Fleece Jacket in Black

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Helene Berman Lantern Sleeve Doll Coat

Ultra-modern animal print patterns a collarless doll coat shaped with an Empire waist and three-quarter-length lantern sleeves.
* Front button closure.
* Inverted pleats at front and back.
* Banded cuffs.
* Approx. length from shoulder: 36 1/2".
* Fully lined.
* Cotton/polyamide; dry clean.
* By Helene Berman; made in England.
* Individualist.

Burberry London Double Breasted Lantern Sleeve Trench Coat

The classic trench is reinvented in a fresh, feminine silhouette. Three-quarter-length sleeves blossom at the elbows to end in a voluminous finish, while front and back pleats below the waistline create a fun, full skirt.
* Button closure with logo detailing.
* Coat hook at base of neck.
* Two side pockets with button closure.
* Epaulets at shoulders.
* Adjustable belt at waist.
* Approx. length from shoulder: 40".
* Cupro/viscose lining.
* Cotton/elastane; dry clean.
* Made in Italy.
* Collectors.

Vince Lantern Sleeve Cardigan

# Essential cotton and cashmere sweater is dressed up with bloused three-quarter sleeves. V-neck
# Five-button front
# Ribbed cuffs and hem
# Dry clean
# Imported

Lilly Pulitzer Dasha Silk Mini Dress

# Psychedelic garden print brightens a fun little frock with lush lantern sleeves. Wide neckline
# Side zip closure
# Elbow-length sleeves
# About 18" from natural waist
# Fully lined
# Silk; dry clean
# Imported

Aqua Lantern Sleeve Silk Blouse

Scoopneck front with 3/4 lantern sleeves, shirring at neckline, rounded hem.
* Electric Blue (43), Fuchsia Pink (69), or Black (09)
* Pure silk
* Misses' XS (0-2), S (2-4), M (6-8), L (10-12)

Sweet Pea Red Floral Mesh Lantern-Sleeve Top

red floral print mesh lantern sleeve top
* • Color: Red / Black / Cream / Grey
* • Lightweight printed mesh
* • Square neckline
* • Rouched bust, empire waist
* • Lantern three quarter sleeves
* • Flared bodice, raw edge hem
* • Double layered
* • Contemporary, loose fit
* • 100% Nylon; Hand Wash; Imported
$49.99 (marked down from $60)

Michael Kors Lantern-Sleeve Tunic Dress

# Silk
# Machine washable
# Imported
# Cascading circle print
# Scoop neckline
# Ruched three-quarter lantern sleeves
# Unlined
# Hits above knee; approximate length from center back neckline: 31 inches
Orig. $159.50
Now $119.62
Max Studio Shirred Lantern Sleeve Dress

Every wardrobe needs a fail-proof dress like this one. The soft and stretchy mesh fabric never wrinkles and is also cold-water washable. It has 3⁄4 length sleeves with flared bubble cuffs, a chic black and white vertical wave print and a flattering empire shape with flirty hemline. Notice the charming details like: shirring, baby ruffles and also textured marrow edging; zoom in for a closer look. Fully lined, this dress falls 21 inches from the waist and fits true to size. Studio M 95% NYLON, 5% SPANDEX
$79 (from $118)

Brewster Chooses Malandrino

Actress Jordana Brewster (who doesn’t work enough for our liking), out at a Hollywood party last week, wore a silk crinkle chiffon embroidered cutout dress in black and white from Catherine Malandrino’s Holiday/Resort 07 collection.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Masterpiece Classics
to air Gaskell's Cranford

Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters was adapted into a wonderful BBC/PBS production starring Justine Waddell. Gaskell’s North and South (please don’t confuse it with the U.S. Patrick Swayze Civil War era miniseries) was a most gorgeous adaptation, which catapulted star Richard Armitage into near-Darcy status.

There’s little question her work, albeit about “everyday” life of the time, is infinitely relevant to contemporary society and the ideal source material for television.

Gaskell was certainly a more obscure Victorian writer than some of her peers, but by adapting her Wives and Daughters a new audience was introduced to Gaskell’s observant, wry and engaging books, which had previously been languishing on many a library bookshelf.

The latest of Gaskell’s books to be turned into TV fare is her Cranford. The three-part miniseries’ producer is Sue Birtwistle whose name some may recognize as the producer of the watershed 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice.

While Cranford does share some elements as in Wives and Daughters – her world is concerned with funny old ladies and nice young men – (here in a rural Cheshire town in the mid-19th Century), Cranford may wrongly be perceived as too ordinary and staid, and perhaps not "romantic" enough, but it is a winning portrait (we were lucky enough to buy and view a U.K. DVD).

May 4, 11 and 18, 2008
In 1842, Cranford is a village on the brink of change, where some find romance and opportunity, and others fear the breakdown of social order. Cast includes Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins, Imelda Staunton.

Masterpiece Classics, 9 p.m. PBS.

Image: Lisa Dillon, Eileen Atkens, Judi Dench and Imelda Staunton star in Cranford

Presidential Candidates
on WWE RAW (Seriously)

Presidential candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain each make an appearance on a three-hour edition of WWE®'s "Monday Night RAW" tonight (21 April 2008) on the USA Network starting at 8 p.m. ET.

The three Presidential candidates intend to tap into the power of the more than five million viewers who each week tune in to watch RAW, making it the number one weekly year round show on cable.

Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama will be in Pennsylvania. The three top Presidential contenders will each address the WWE audience in taped messages.

Voters can visit smackdownyourvote.com to register and to learn more about WWE’s Smackdown Your Vote! campaign

Friday, April 18, 2008

We Believe in Being True

BeansTalk Note: The cosmetic line Being TRUE is an excellent well-kept secret. From the line’s start, we’ve had the opportunity to sample the various powders, liners, lipsticks, lip glosses. There’s something very precise and thoughtful and clean about their products, if that’s accurate enough for everyone to understand. So we’re happy to let BeansTalk readers about TRUE’s latest.

Being TRUE introduces new shades and limited editions of tools and colors. The new products feature lighter, natural shades.

As the weather gets warmer, and natural light reveals just how much makeup adorns faces, “natural-looking” makeup in shades of brown, bone and beige enhance true beauty.

In the bright light of a spring or summer day, a natural-looking, healthy complexion can be mastered. Shades of peach, pink, bronze and gold are natural hues found in all skin tones and when worn together, add and enhance luminance to all complexions.

New from TRUE:

Luminance Collection – This limited edition holds a treasure of eye shadows, eye liner, bronzer and blush in Being TRUE’s signature color-cache compact. A must have for spring and summer’s fashions of brights and prints. Matte Peach, Soft Pink Shimmer, Rich Golden Brown, Bronze Glaze, Gilded Pink, and Sheer Gold Metallic create a pallet to compliment any skin tone and highlight eyes and cheeks. Also included is a set-by-step instruction guide with tips on getting a warm and glowing look, along with the Press Definer Brush for precision eye lining. Suggested retail: $86.00 ($136.00 value)

Dual Eye Liner - Express / Reflect – To define and intensify the eyes for spring and summer, Being TRUE welcomes their new Dual Eye Liner: Express/Reflect. A dual ended kohl eye pencil, Express gives a rich shade of mocha for soft definition, while Reflect neutralizes and brightens tired eyes with its sheer pink pearl shade. Suggested retail: $18.00

A limited-edition color of Sheer Lip Shine, Aglow practices what it preaches. This sheer golden toffee gloss with a brilliant dual reflection of pink and gold shimmer is designed to amplify the natural lip tone leaving you Aglow! Suggested retail: $16.00

Essential Brush Set –This limited edition set of hand-made professional brushes comes with an Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Contour Brush, Shadow Diffuser Brush, Liner Diffuser Brush, and Powder Blush Brush. Also included are tips and instructions on using Being TRUE’s professional tools. Suggested retail: $110.00 ($132.00 value)

The targeted skin care line is sold in six collections addressing specific and changing skin care needs, completed with the essential daily products. The entire brand consists of 205 skus and product categories that include skin care, professional and cosmetics. Prices range from $12 - $120.

Being TRUE is sold exclusively through high-end salon and spas and is currently available in over 400 doors including Nob Hill Spa in San Francisco, Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort and Spa in Dana Point, La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, Marriot Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, Hotel ZaZa in Dallas, The Spa at Four Season’s West Lake Village, Restore Spa in New York City and Valley Ho in Scottsdale.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lush Lash

(BeansTalk Note: We actually have some Renew, but haven't tried it yet. We'll let you know in a review, soon. Meanwhile, here's the 411 on this lash builder.)

Renew Eyelash Revitalizer:

Helping lashes to reach their full potential, Renew Eyelash Revitalizer naturally stimulates lashes to a longer, fuller and healthier state within 4-6 weeks. Retail price $80.00.

* 100% natural ingredients
* Professional formula
* No rash or burn to the skin
* Strengthens growth
* Hypoallergenic
* Non-comedogenic
* For men and women

Renew Eyebrow Revitalizer:

Encouraging healthy growth of existing follicles, Renew Eyebrow Revitalizer is the answer to anyone who has been a victim of over-tweezing. This gentle serum gently cleanses and dissolves dead skin to unclog pores ultimately leading to natural hair growth in only 4-6 weeks. Retail price $35.00.

* 100% natural ingredients
* Professional formula
* Cleanses & dissolve dead skin cells
* Eliminates clogged follicles
* No rash or burn to the skin
* Strengthen hair growth
* For men and women
* Hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zooey Helps Launch T-Shirt Recycling Program

We love Zooey Deschanel (so of course we took the opportunity to get her on BeansTalk!)

On 15 April 2008, an exclusive soiree was held to celebrate the launch of national t-shirt recycling program at Barneys New York and Barneys New York CO-OP. Indie rock duo She & Him, featuring M. Ward and actress/singer Zooey Deschanel, performed for surfer Kelly Slater, designer Magda Berliner, Loomstate co-designers Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn, Barney’s Julie Gilhart and a mix of fashion insiders and influencers. Event revelers – including Deschanel’s parents Caleb and Mary Jo –donate gently worn T-shirts and dance the night away to tunes by DJ Paul Sevigny.

As part of the kick-off of the second season of “The Green” on Sundance Channel, the network has partnered with Barneys New York CO-OP and the eco-chic fashion brand Loomstate to launch a first of its kind, national T-shirt recycling program. T-shirts donated at the event and at all Barneys New York and their CO-OP store locations nationwide from April 13-27 will be “re-fashioned” by Loomstate designers Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn. The eco-luxe T-shirts will be sold exclusively at Barneys New York and Barneys New York CO-OP for Holiday 2008, with proceeds from the program benefiting 1% For The Planet. Photo: Michael Williams / Startraks

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Maintain Hair &
Hair Color During Summer

by Les Haverty, Artistic Director of FHI Heat

It's almost that time of year again...The beach, swimming pools, and many outdoor activities are about to cause aggravation because they can adversely affect your hair's moisture and color. These days the nice thing is that we have many helpful options to protect our investment in our hair. I will outline my recommendations or strategy to maintain your hair's brilliance and shine through out the summer season.

-Shampoo with hydrating, color safe, sulfate-free shampoos. "These are usually the safest for daily use. I recommend sulfate free shampoos because they use natural cleansers to clean the hair without using the harsh sulfate detergents that are responsible for degrading the color or lowlights you spent your hard earned money on. I would also recommend an acidifying conditioner. These are usually citrus-based conditioners which have a pH value between 3.0 and 3.7, and remember that hair's natural pH is 4.5 to 5.5. Acidifying conditioners help seal the cuticle around the color molecules on the hair shaft and allow for the color to last longer!"

- Wash hair with tepid or lukewarm water. "I recommend that one use tepid or lukewarm water when shampooing to get it clean. Washing with too hot water can actually open the cuticle removing the hair's natural moisture and further dry out the hair making it feel like card board or a corn stalk. It also contributes to color loss. Also nobody likes the extremely cold water in the shower--burrr. This can be done daily (for oily scalps), but if you are one with a dry scalp, every other day is okay as well. On in between days, try using a natural bristle brush and brush the hair from scalp to ends allowing the natural oils or sebum to cover the hair, after all this is your body's custom conditioner for your hair. Very IMPORTANT, make sure you shampoo immediately following swimming in the pool! The chlorine and bromine used in today's pools can strip hair and discolor it. In the summer, the sun can amplify these chemicals increasing the stress to the hair, leaving it very brittle. Also, wash hair right after pool time and ocean time. The oceans contain massive amounts of salt, which can cause your haircolor to fade as well. Add the sun's solar energy into the mix and you will start to see the bleaching effect on hair, the sun is like a bleach factory. At the very least, one should rinse the hair off with tepid fresh water after pool and ocean swims."

-Conditioning hair in the summer months is very important. "I stay stick with the acidifying type for daily use if you have color and highlights. The pH is usually between 3.0 to 3.5 for these conditioners. The acid helps keep the cuticle closed while holding onto the hair color. For this type of hair I would also try a hydrating conditioner once every two weeks to maintain the softness and condition of the hair. If unsure as to your conditioner's pH, I recommend giving the manufacturer a call. For extremely dry and brittle hair try keeping a comb in the shower as well. After applying the conditioner to the hairs ends and mid strand, comb the conditioner through the hair. This makes sure that the hair, which needs the most help, absorbs it."

-Style hair with alcohol free and silicone-free products. "Some manufacturers claim that the alcohol dries the product and not the hair...but if your hair is already on the dry side naturally, I would stay away from mousses, gels, and sprays containing alcohol. The non-alcoholic products work just as good, if not better because they are non-damaging. Once the alcohol in the hairspray dries and attaches to the hair, it forms a bond and that bond is strong. When shampooing, the alcohol is also going to strip some color and moisture from the hair. Nowadays we have such a great selection of natural hair sprays, shampoos and conditioners that work fantastic. I think it's worth the shopping time. For styling products, I recommend serums that contain no drying silicone, but instead natural moisturizers, such as FHI Heat's Hot Sauce which contains jojoba crystals. Silicone leads to brittle hair, and when heat is applied, the silicone melts and embeds itself into the hair shaft, causing color not to stick to hair!

-Finish hair with UV enriched sprays. "Use a spray or pomade that has a UV protectant and use just enough to get the desired look. With pomades in the summer months, be careful not to apply too much as it will weight the hair down and the sun's heat may actually make the hair look greasy."

-My at-home tip for summer beach hair and skin spray:

- Boil 2 cups of bottled water

- Add 4 tablespoons of SPF 40 or higher sunscreen (lotion or cream works best)

- Stir until well emulsified

- Let cool

- Put into a clean spray bottle with sprayer nozzle.

"I use this on my hair at the beach and also my skin for a recharge in battling the suns harmful UV rays...it also gives my hair that nice shiny look!"

- Use gentle heat styling tools featuring far-infrared heat (gentle, healthy heat). Blowers, flat irons, curling irons, all hair tools that utilize ceramic, tourmaline, and far-infrared heat can help prevent heat damage. Stay away from metal irons and blowers that produce infrared heat (non-healthy heat). As you know, tools have come so far in the last few years. Once upon a time, the harmful infrared rays of curling irons and blow dryers did actually damage, fade, and even burn and scorch hair. Those days are long gone due to ceramic heater technology and thanks to the introduction of tourmaline gemstones in the construction of these tools. Ceramic heaters produce a soft, smooth heat wave pattern known as far-infrared heat which is very gentle to the surface it penetrates--in this case hair. Add the semi-precious gemstone tourmaline to the mix and you now have an ionic effect on hair that helps it retain moisture and look and feel much shinier after even one use. We at FHI Heat have gone even further down the technology line to add our proprietary Nano-Fuzeion technology. This is FHI's advanced combination of three distinct nano technologies (Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag), which result in unmatched styling and health benefits for one's hair. Nano Titanium enhances the ionic effect, allowing the hair to absorb more moisture for superior conditioning and shine. Nano Titanium Oxide helps remove chemical pollutants and toxins, which build up in your hair from normal exposure to the elements. Finally, Nano Silver removes harmful or damaging bacteria from the hair. The moisturizing elements of Titanium work together with the cleansing and purifying characteristics of Titanium Oxide and Silver to leave your hair healthier, shinier, and more vibrant. So you can see we have come a long way from using a clothes iron on our hair. hehe!"

"The last thing piece of advice: stay out of the sun whenever possible or at least wear a hat when prolonged outdoor exposure is in the forecast."

FHI Heat products are available at fine hair salons and professional beauty retailers nationwide, via toll-free number at 877.FHI.HEAT (877.344.4328) and online at www.fhiheat.com. FHI Heat products include blow dryers, styling irons, curling irons, heat razors, heat-activated conditioners, styling clips, carbon combs, brushes and a chemical straightening system.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Walsh Wears it Well

Formal or casual, there’s something breezily elegant about “Private Practice” star Kate Walsh.

Walsh wore a Herve Leroux smoke colored gown for the Red Cross Red Tie Affair. Leroux’s signature design are his bandage dresses that are notable for the enhancement of the wearer’s curves.

The actress also has colored her tresses a much deeper dark color, quite a switch from her own signature red hair.

Walsh – seen in her Paige Premium Denim’s signature Laurel Canyon low-rise boot-cut jeans in the medium stretch destruction wash was caught by pap lenses Wednesday, 9 April 2008. “All styles are in right now but the boot cut is really making a comeback,” says designer Paige Adams-Geller. “The most important thing is to wear what is right for your body – skinnies, flares, crops or boot cut – find what’s right for you.”

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Isn't Just Jumping On the Bandwagon:
Rachel Pally's Dresses Are Must-Haves

Oh, there’s Angelina Jolie, all preggie with twins, donning -- again -- that sleeveless, long length Rachel Pally Caftan in Dove (a very soft grey color) . It seems to be the only dress she’s wearing lately. Maybe it’s the only one that fits her. More likely, it’s the most comfortable for her and the two fetuses, as she alternately carries and hand holds the current brood.

But here’s the thing – and yes, we realize that she IS Angelina Jolie – Rachel Pally’s dresses have the comfort of a luxury knit nightgown and the style of high fashion. The proof is in the pictures. Certified fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker has been spotted strolling the streets with her son James Wilkie wearing Pally’s Short-Sleeved Caftan. Josh Stone, Jessica Simpson are also fans. Oprah was such a fan that she dubbed Pally’s garb as one of her “favorites.” The designer created a special outfit for Winfrey’s audience that day, and you can still find Ebay listings the link the talk-show hostess and Pally.

We were lucky enough to hit the latest Rachel Pally sale this weekend at their warehouse at 2001 South Santa Fe Avenue, Suite F, Los Angeles, CA 90021. It’s still happening, if you happen to read this today:

Rachel Pally Sale
2001 S Santa Fe Ave, Suite F
Los Angeles, Ca 90021
(Corner Of Santa Fe & 15th Street)
**Valet Parking Available**
Contact At Sale - 818-512-9474 Or 818-512-9575

Cash, Check, Visa, Or Mastercard Only. Today open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. www.Rachelpally.Com

Don’t be put off by the industrial surroundings, because there are treasures inside.

This is our second visit to one of these events and believe us, if we hadn’t just resigned from our day job, we could easily go shopanista/shopaholic or whatever you kids are calling it these days. In other words, boy, could we have spree-d.

Even current styles are included in the sale; dresses, skirts, tops, leggings and accessories are in organized, stacked cardboard boxes with photos of the styles in front. Reach in and find the right size and color.

The dressing room is tent sized and don’t be surprised if you’re nude-ing up in front of a magazine model or the BBW Bunco player from the ‘burbs. Pally’s dresses just look good on everyone.

We’re crazy about Pally’s Midnight color, which is best described as a deep, sincere, dark blue. OK, we know sincere may not mean the same thing to you as it does to us, but we think readers of BeansTalk will understand its meaning.

The images above show the Midnight Button-Front Baby Doll dress and short leggings we got Friday (as well as a Midnight Bandeau). We also found the last non-white-label (white-label is plus size) Cape Jacket, a signature of Pally’s and a big favorite. It’s in Lake (a kind of blue/green/aqua grayish). We already have the tiered dress in that color (the image is seen here, in this posting), so it’s such a great set.

We also have the Pam and Round-neck Bubble Dresses in Midnight, as well as the Cape Jacket. We have the longer (knee)-length lantern sleeved dress in a forest green and amethyst.

We're not bragging, we just love her dresses! Dresses are, on the average, $75 (they're usual up to $298).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

As Earth Day approaches and more companies strive to ‘go green’, PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics creates cosmetics that use natural, non-toxic ingredients for the well-being of the consumer and the environment.

Proven to reduce waste, pollution, and deforestation caused by mass animal consumption, vegan-ism is not only influencing dietary decisions but making an impression on the beauty industry as well. To be environmentally responsible, PeaceKeeper develops vegan-friendly products.

Eco-Sensual Lip Balm, which launched in 2007, is 73% organic and 100% vegan, containing natural ingredients to moisturize and heal. This year, PeaceKeeper will debut their newest vegan product, Eco-Sensual Nail Polish Remover, made from fermented corn and soy sugar.

Many manufactured ingredients deplete environmental resources. PeaceKeeper products are made with mineral-based and food-grade formulas that do not contain synthetic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, acetone, toluene, mineral oil, FD&C colors, artificial fragrances and artificial preservatives. PeaceKeeper’s collection of Lip Paints, Nail Paints, Lip Glosses and vegan-friendly products promote a sustainable planet and healthy way of life. Now that’s Beautiful™.

About PeaceKeeper
PeaceKeeper is the first make-up company to donate ALL of its profits, after taxes, to women’s health and human rights advocacy issues. Through its unique brand of “dual-purpose” cosmetics, PeaceKeeper encourages consumers to more fully recognize the level of abuse and inequality suffered around the globe – and to become an active part of the solution simply by how they choose a product. To learn more about the programs PeaceKeeper supports, please visit www.imapeacekeeper.com.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Would You Wear These?
(If You Are Anyone Other
Than An Olsen Twin?)

Here are some of fashion’s latest footwear offerings. For you? Or no? If you can teeter on these towering heels and are confident enough to don some edgy footwear, this little BeansTalk installment may be for you. All available through neimanmarcus.com

Gucci Grease High-Heel Platform Sandal

Orange suede with GG detail.
• Made in Italy. $595

Fendi Cage Heels

Black suede with knot detail.
• Gray rubber strap across strappy upper.
• Gold-tone hardware.
• Buckled halter ankle strap.
• Rubber sole.
• Chain link detail on heel.
• Made in Italy. $690

Christian Lacroix Beaded T-Strap Pump

• Black/red.
• Open-toe.
• Crisscross upper; beaded T-strap.
• Red buckled ankle strap.
• Covered heel.
• Made in Italy. $795.00

Manolo Blahnik Patent Buckled Sandal

• Black patent leather.
• Silver-tone hardware.
• Grommet detail on upper.
• Oversize buckle on ankle strap.
• 4 1/2" covered heel.
• "Koyu" is made in Italy. $865.00

Gucci Corset High Heel Sandal

• Black patent leather with side lace up.
• 4" heel.
• Made in Italy. $740.00

Christian Louboutin Crisscross Patent Cork Sandal

• Choose black or white patent leather.
• Crisscross straps at vamp.
• Buckled halter strap.
• Cork sole.
• 4" covered heel.
• Made in Italy. $815.00

Stella McCartney Beaded Wedge Slide

• Navy multicolor floral beading.
• Tonal silk bow upper.
• Gold-tone stud detail.
• Wooden heel.
• Grip sole.
• Made in Italy. $1,165.00

Brian Atwood Harlow Suede Platform Sandal

Saffron suede.
• Latticework detail on vamp.
• Peep toe.
• Buckled ankle-wrap strap.
• Platform sole.
• Covered heel.
• Made in Italy. $740.00

Christian Louboutin Patent Stiletto Wedge Sandal

• Red patent leather.
• Gold-tone hardware.
• Strappy upper.
• Buckled slingback.
• Cork insole; platform sole.
• 4 3/4" stiletto wedge heel.
• Signature red sole.
• Made in Italy. $835.00