Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Isn't Just Jumping On the Bandwagon:
Rachel Pally's Dresses Are Must-Haves

Oh, there’s Angelina Jolie, all preggie with twins, donning -- again -- that sleeveless, long length Rachel Pally Caftan in Dove (a very soft grey color) . It seems to be the only dress she’s wearing lately. Maybe it’s the only one that fits her. More likely, it’s the most comfortable for her and the two fetuses, as she alternately carries and hand holds the current brood.

But here’s the thing – and yes, we realize that she IS Angelina Jolie – Rachel Pally’s dresses have the comfort of a luxury knit nightgown and the style of high fashion. The proof is in the pictures. Certified fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker has been spotted strolling the streets with her son James Wilkie wearing Pally’s Short-Sleeved Caftan. Josh Stone, Jessica Simpson are also fans. Oprah was such a fan that she dubbed Pally’s garb as one of her “favorites.” The designer created a special outfit for Winfrey’s audience that day, and you can still find Ebay listings the link the talk-show hostess and Pally.

We were lucky enough to hit the latest Rachel Pally sale this weekend at their warehouse at 2001 South Santa Fe Avenue, Suite F, Los Angeles, CA 90021. It’s still happening, if you happen to read this today: