Friday, April 04, 2008

Pa-tou-tou’s Debut

Pa-tou-tou’s debut collection, “Glamour Mix,” draws inspiration from the confident, bold and polished interiors of the Hollywood Regency style. The debut collection features 11 shapes – strong, clean forms with a modern mix of saturated color, pattern, and unexpected fabrications.

It began with the glamorous notion that when accompanied by a gleaming accessory, a woman can create a regal entrance no matter what door she is walking through, at any time, on any day. Strong silhouettes, bits of sparkle and simple palettes create this allure, always perfectly radiant and easy to read. This is the essence of Pa-tou-tou’s first eye-dancing collection.

The opulent and sleek characteristic of metal mesh is at its most restrained and chic on the clean profile of box bags and trapeze totes. Animals are never too far away from our glamour girl, and this season, an oversized giraffe pattern is given a lustrous treatment, screened onto mesh in crème and black. On the clean shapes, the effect is chic and effortless.

Emotive hues loved for their ability to pack a punch, such as Parrot Green, Dahlia Pink and Heliotrope, have a subtle intensity and surface sheen on the clean profiles of hand-held bags, while polished feminine patent and satin bags have their drama lifted through well-placed and unexpected details.

Spirited geometric patterns dance on blast-from-the-past bamboo handle totes… pleasurable jolts of citrus colors on tactile canvas form the ground for bold pattern play with slick patent striping on a deliciously fun, easy-to-pack-and-jet-away shape.

A generous, lighthearted, convertible pool tote glows like a sunny day in shining PVC colors. Ornamental motifs and classic all-over patterns vibrate, layered with classic black-and-white detail designed for everyday glamour.

Silhouettes: Rectangular cut-out handheld box bags, circular cut-out trapeze totes, vertical stripe bamboo handle totes, emerald profile bracelet bags, soft chunky chain link handle bags and chain detail bags.

Patterns / Motifs: Giraffe, Greek Key, Baroque, Asian Lattice, Spherica Lattice, Chevron Stripe

Metallic Colors: Champagne Gold, Silver, Gold Bronze

Neutrals: Black, White, Chocolate, Crème

Colors: Lipstick Pink, Kelly Green, Heliotrope, Tangerine, Raspberry Pink, Sea Blue, Parrot Green, Lemon Yellow

Materials: Leather and Patent Leather, Metal Mesh, Canvas, Lucite, PVC

Pa-tou-tou is a contemporary accessories brand, founded in 2007. Conceived in response to the over-utilitarian, repetitive (and sometimes drab!) accessories market, Pa-tou-tou reignites the fantasy of a more thrilling experience.

Re-imagining the perfect accessory, one that inspires the assured woman to live out her most stunning dream, Pa-tou-tou clutches, day bags and totes radiate the essence of progressive feminine style and fresh American glamour.

The passion and stylish certainty of the remarkable faces and places of old-school Hollywood and Hollywood Regency design epitomize the Pa-tou-tou lifestyle and look. Pa-tou-tou’s inventive bags promise this drama; a crisp, rich design aesthetic, a sense of modernity, a timeless grace and wit, and the spirit of a prosperous, frolicking time.

In 2006, the intuitive eye of fashion industry leader Cynthia O’Connor lead her to this brand-in-the-making. A year later, Pa-tou-tou was fully realized, and ready to launch its first collection, staged in the best setting imaginable - Cynthia’s showroom.

The line has been picked up by Kitson, Henri Bendel, Nordstrom, Saks Dubai, and other high end retailers