Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kate Walsh attended the premiere of Scary Movie 5 wearing these Stuart Weitzman's black satin Vixen heels. Anna Chumlsky also wore Wetizman's Vixen's at an event, but hers were in ivory. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sophia's Swimming in Jewels

Sofia Vergara, visiting New York, appeared on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show wearing jewelry from Jacob & Co. to each appearance. 

Vergara started her day at Good Morning America wearing Jacob & Co.'s tear drop earrings featuring over 37 carats of pear shaped emeralds and rubies, highlighted with brown pave set diamonds, as well as a three stone finger ring featuring white diamonds and rubies. The earrings and ring are highlighted/shown in close-up below.

For her second appearance of the day on The Dr. Oz Show, Vergara wore the Jacob & Co. Rose Gold Leaf Earrings with pave diamonds, a classic rose gold bangle with white diamonds along with the Flower Cocktail Ring with rose cut diamonds. The jewels are highlighted/seen in close-up, above the photo of Vergara and Dr. Oz.

About Jacob & Co.:
Jacob & Co., the luxury timepiece and diamond jewelry house, was founded over 25 years ago in New York City. After years of designing for private clients and a sterling reputation with leaders in the entertainment industries, the company launched its flagship store in New York City in 2004.  Jacob & Co. has solidified its position as one of the world’s leading luxury watch and jewelry houses with the introduction of the legendary Five Time Zone technology and complicated movements, such as the Quenttin’s revolutionary 31-day power reserve. The brand continues its dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship, design and innovation, offering the finest Swiss-made.

Friday, April 26, 2013

 Dita Von Teese attended amFar Inspiration Gala in Sao Paolo Brazil wearing this full length two-tone grey silk gown with sheer beaded sleeves and red belt created by British designer Jenny Packham.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Model and television host Heidi Klum wore Catherine Malandrino April 12, 2013 on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Klum chose a black long-sleeve mesh cocktail dress with applique paillettes.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bec and Bridge's Arabella Peplum Top and Arabella Skirt. Ashley Tisdale was spotted earlier this month in NYC wearing Bec and Bridge's Arabella skirt from the 2013 Collection.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Australia’s First 
4 Billion Years 

Premieres Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 9PM/8c on NOVA/PBS

Monsters begins at the dawn of the Mesozoic Era, about 250 million years ago, just in time for the Age of Dinosaurs, Down Under. Host Richard Smith comes face to face with the previously unknown reptilian rulers of prehistoric Australia. NOVA resurrects the giants that stalked the Great Southern Land, and discovers that some of these animals were among the largest ever to have walked the Earth. Others were some of the most dangerous. In the dry desert heart, scientists unearth an ancient inland ocean, full of sea monsters. Opalised fossils of some of these beasts paint a colorful picture of the Cretaceous seascape, where long-necked plesiosaurs snacked on shelled cephalopods that grew as large as truck tires. Lord of all was the fearsome Kronosaurus, with a skull twice as long as T. rex. But reptiles didn’t have the world all to themselves. Mammals like the enigmatic platypus lived alongside them, ready for their moment in the sun. And 65 million years ago, they saw that day arrive.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Beyonce + Stuart Weitzman

Beyonce & Weitzman Team Up

Stuart Weitzman and Beyoncé’s creative team have designed the footwear for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. This is a continuation of their collaboration following Weitzman’s creation of the shoes for Beyoncé’s last two tours, The Beyoncé Experience and I Am...Tour, as well as multiple special performances.

Beyoncé’s stylists, Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith, and fashion designer Tina Knowles collaborated with Weitzman to create footwear that will compliment the multiple costumes to be worn in The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.  The shoe designs range from stiletto pumps, with Swarovski crystal details, to lace up, military-influenced boots, both short and thigh-high.  Weitzman also created styles to be worn by her dancers and band members.

“Creating footwear for Beyoncé’s shows has been one of my most inspiring projects.  She and her entire team know exactly what they need, always focusing on the fashion and the function of the styles that will be worn”, said designer Stuart Weitzman.

Weitzman has been collaborating with Beyoncé for footwear for her performances for over 6 years; Beyoncé introduced Weitzman when he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Footwear News.  In her taped video tribute to him she complimented Weitzman designs by stating:  “After countless tours and TV appearances and special concerts, I have literally danced a thousand miles in his beautiful shoes.”

“We have so enjoyed working with Stuart for this upcoming tour, and seeing our creative vision come to life on stage through his designs,” says Raquel Smith.  “He understands not only our needs artistically, but Beyoncé’s needs to perform comfortably on stage with each step she takes,” says Ty Hunter.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto Series

Coldplay reports the Mylo Xyloto comic book series is now available digitally exclusively on Apple's iBookstore for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Mylo Xyloto comic book series reveals the story behind Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto album, which has sold over six million copies since its October 2011 release. The first three issues are available to download now worldwide, with Issue One currently available for free as the iBookstore's Book of the Week. Get Mylo Xyloto Issue One for free now exclusively on the iBookstore at itunes.com/ColdplayComics.

Coldplay has also announced a special release for Record Store Day in the UK on Saturday, 20 April. The limited edition release will contain Issue One of the band's Mylo Xyloto comic book series alongside a special 7-inch vinyl picture disc, featuring "Hurts Like Heaven" and "Us Against The World (Live)." To give fans worldwide a chance to buy the package, a limited number will also be sold via Coldplay.com from Saturday, 27 April, plus selected independent record stores worldwide.

The story of Mylo Xyloto was conceived and written by Coldplay with Academy Award-nominated writer and director Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda, MORE, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie), and the Mylo comic books are published by Matt Groening's celebrated Bongo Comics Group. The six-part series is being released monthly, until July.

The physical Mylo Xyloto comic books are also available to order either individually or as a series from the Coldplay Shop at www.coldplay.com.

iiJin's Fashion Passion

The Runway of Love 
iiJin Fall/Winter 2013
The Love Revolution Collection

Creative director of iiJin June Lee, designer Cassian Lau and BeansTalk's Alessandra Incandela 

By Alessandra Incandela 
BeansTalk Contributor

The luxury fashion brand iiJin unveiled their Fall/Winter 2013 “The Love Revolution” collection at the Avalon in Hollywood.

The line inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Captain EO” comes with an important message: if everyone becomes an ambassador of love then our world would be a better place.

The creative director of the brand, June Lee hopes to have her fans feel love and happiness when wearing the clothing. “We put some thought into the line and it’s like an army of love spreading the word,” she says.

iiJin (pronounced “e-jean”)  means “precious”  in Korean and for Lee each piece is a valuable work of art. iiJin is famous for their signature invisible wedge shoes, which are loved by some celebrities such as, Cyndi Lauper, Vanessa Hudgens, Brandy, and Alli Simpson.

Pop icon Debbie Gibson, choreographer Brian Friedman and TV host Layla Kayleigh were some of the famous faces strutting down the runway of “love”. As excited as they were before the show, Friedman admitted to being a bit nervous.

“It’s funny you can be in the business so long and then do something like this and have it eat away at your soul,” he said laughing.

Members of the nouveau cirque troupe House of Kaya opened the show and DJ Kid Fish kept the energy alive playing the hottest hits.

The show featured military bedazzled jackets, lace dresses with back heart cutouts, and studded knitwear pieces. “The mix of mod military pieces are a salute to Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” concert tour”, says Lee.

Some of the male models had big red hearts painted on their chests to remind the audience of world love. “I love the theme and one love and love being universal,” Gibson said about the show. Some of Gibson’s favorite pieces include the tuxedo pants and ultra girlie dresses.

Some celebrities in attendance were Tommy Lee, Kyle Massey, Alli Simpson, Ali Afshar, Lee DeWyze and Kimberly Caldwell.
Australia's Alli Simpson and Incandela
The iiJin collection combines the rocker attitude with a glam feel, two important styles for any bold fashionista.

iiJin is available online at iiJin.com and in retail stores in New York, China and Hong Kong.

More Photos From iiJin

Debbie Gibson debuts iiJin's love dress on the runway (Photo by Albert Evangelista)
American Idols Lee DeWyze, Diana DeGarmo & Ace Young (Photo by Andy Halbeck)
"American Idol" star Kimberly Caldwell in iiJin on the red carpet (Photo by Albert Evangelista)

Actress Alli Simpson on the red carpet (Photo by Albert Evangelista)

Sofi Toufa and Tommy Lee (Photo by Andy Halbeck)

Actress Chelsea Ricketts in iiJin on the red carpet (Photo by Albert Evangelista)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Moby & Mark Lanegan

Moby and Mark Lanegan have unveiled the  time-lapse video for The Lonely Night available on limited edition 7" released for this year's Record Store Day, April 20, 2013.
Directed by LA-based cinematographer Colin Rich, 'The Lonely Night” captures California as never seen before - flitting between the desolate and far removed terrain of the Mojave desert and the endless city expanse of Los Angeles.
Rich says: "With every project I undertake, there are certain emotional undertones that need to be translated into moving image and ‘Lonely Night’ provided to me a thematic of isolation and solitude and so I attempted to create a reflective temporal voyage from ruin and desolation into the edge of civilization and back again. The project took me on my own voyage across the deserts of California, from the ruinous rotted landscapes of the Salton Sea, through the seemingly endless expanse of the Mojave Desert, and to the electric edges of Los Angeles."
Moby was introduced to Rich's work a few years back and immediately "fell in love with how slow and beautiful it was".
Moby says of his involvement with Rich: "I'm really excited to have an experimental music video from this great video artist, and I feel like the slow, rich, and languorous desert visuals fit the song perfectly."
'The Lonely Night' 7” is released on this year’s Record Store Day, April 20th and comes backed with a remix from electronic music legend Photek.
Moby on collaborating with Mark Lanegan: "I've been a fan of Mark's from his early SST Records days, and I’ve always wanted to work with him. He has one of the best and most distinctive voices of the last 25 years. Now that we live near each other it ended up being really easy working on a song together."
Moby on producing of 'The Lonely Night':   “…And in producing the song, Spike Stent and I incorporated some very unusual production techniques... we ran all of the instruments through a distortion pedal into a guitar amp. So really there are only 3 tracks: left channel through a distortion pedal and guitar amp, right channel through a distortion pedal and guitar amp, and Mark's vocals.  The end result is intentionally very broken and atmospheric.”

The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SO0qSfxqyk&feature=youtu.be

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yours Not Hers: 
A Customizable Lifestyle

Jeannine Benoit
By Elizabeth Buczak
BeansTalk Contributor

When it comes to fashion, the worst thing is to see someone wearing the same exact blouse or skirt as you. It makes you feel like your just like everyone else. Almost as if originality didn't exist. Cue in the DIY line started by Jeannine Benoit. No, not "Do It Yourself" but "Design It Yourself."

Benoit, 29, is the fashion-fueled brain behind her own semi-customizable brand Yours Not Hers, or YNH for short. (www.shopynh.com) YNH was created when Benoit realized she wanted to start tweaking certain things in her wardrobe. “I was actually on a date with my now husband, I was getting ready to go out with him and there was this top I wanted to wear and I wanted it to be a little bit different than it was, and I just started thinking, the whole day I was thinking there’s got to be an idea here,” she said. The seed for her own company was planted.

You can pick the size and shape that will best fit you and accessorize it as a reflection of your personality. “What you like isn’t necessarily what I like. You can go on and select the magenta with the gold buttons and think that’s the perfect blouse for you, but maybe I would say it’s the black with the exposed zipper for me” she said.

The lines was launched in January 2012 and up until recently, only featured one blouse, The Sheridan retailing at $88. The second blouse, The Marias, is expected to launch sometime in 2013. In the future Benoit hopes to release a high waist pencil skirt, which she explained is customizable on the waist piece. "You can pick the two buttons that are going to be on the back, and than what kind of ribbon or detail you want right on the waist band,” she said.

“I think honestly, customization is the way the fashion world is going to go so I’m excited that we’re kind of getting started from the ground up.” Alyssa Thomas, owner of Comfort Me a boutique in Chicago that carries Benoit’s line, agreed that Benoit was touching the tip of the iceberg with her line. “We have customers that come in and complain they can never find pieces that fit their body shape. The idea of being your own designer excites every woman.”

Currently Benoit’s designs can be found in 8 boutiques in the Chicago-land area and in four boutiques nationwide: San Diego, San Francisco, and two in North Dakota. “Its kind of changed the model of what YNH is for me and I’m just growing with those changes and trying to figure out how to keep that customization as much as I can but still go mass into boutiques and hopefully a retailer,” said Benoit.

Most of the publicity comes from word of mouth, which Benoit created by starting BYOD- Be Your Own Designer. BYOD brings the blouses and trims to the home for parties (be it bachelorette, birthday or just girls night), along with champagne and appetizers. BYOD creates such a buzz around the brand, that her last four clients were BYOD referrals.

But what makes Benoit such a fashion expert? Well aside from her time as a fashion correspondent for NBC 5 and a contributor at many fashion magazines, she came up with an idea that can revolutionize the way we look at fashion. By customizing our outfits, we can add a piece of ourselves into a blouse or a skirt in a way thats more personal than just piecing together an outfit from pieces everyone already has. Do you think semi-customizable lines are the future of fashion?? Will more women pick up the idea of being their own designer rather than settling for what retailers have to offer?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pep Club!

Pep Club!

Amanda Uprichard Ponte Peplum Dress 174

Alice by Temperley Tribal-Print Peplum Dress 395

French Connection Valencia Peplum Dress 158

Laundry by Shelli Segal Striped Sleeveless Peplum Dress 195

Alice + Olivia Victoria Peplum Dress 264

Ella Moss Boat-Neck Peplum Dress 198

Nanette Lepore Printed Peplum Dress 428

Trina Turk Trophie Peplum Dress, Bellini 298

Black Halo Keyton Peplum Dress, Orange 390
MARC by Marc Jacobs Drew Printed Denim Peplum Dress 398

Peplums are everywhere -- television costumers assume it's presidential -- Jenna Elfman's first lady on 1600 Penn and Julia Louis-Dreyfus' "Veep" are most frequently seen in peplums. Scan the racks of your favorite department store or boutique, and you'll find a bevy of blouses or dresses sporting a sweet, peppy peplum. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tanna Frederick: 
Running Her Way 
Through Hollywood

By: Lizzy Buczak
BeansTalk Contributor

She’s hailed the Queen of Indies in Hollywood and she doesn’t even know it. “That’s so badass, thank you for telling me that,” she said humbly. Tanna Frederick the award-winning actress and director, founder of Project Save Our Surf, the Iowa Independent Film Festival and Project Cornlight, continues to shine in her latest productions.

Set in the Midwest in 1936, during the dustbowl, “Rainmaker” is a romantic comedy that debuted in January at the Edgemar Center of the Arts in Santa Monica. Frederick plays Lizzie, a plain, self-conscious Jane, living with two brothers and her father, whose convinced that she won’t ever find a man who will find her attractive. To cope with the pain and depression she works.

 Originally from Iowa, Frederick tends to embraces characters that people can relate to, especially those from the Midwest who all have a little farm girl in them. “I love characters that inspire hope. Characters that have a transformation from being down trodden to having a 180 switch and realizing that their life is amazing.”

“Sometimes we have 90-year-old women who relate to the character and other times its 16-year old girls crying cause they relate and they feel the pain of not being good enough.  I love that girls are able to realize something about their own beauty and specialness about their own self from my character.” The play is very uplifting to women, because in the end not one but two men are attracted to her. Score!

It’s obvious that although Frederick has relocated to L.A her heart is still deeply grounded in Midwestern soil. “ A lot of times the Midwest gets overlooked. There’s a misconception that in order to be a film maker or actor you have to live on the west or east coast.” Project Cornlight, equipped with cast and crew from Iowa allowed Frederick to go back and work with the people who inspired her.

“We made our first movie ‘The Farm’, which was incredible because it was awesome to be filming in pretty much my back yard with a crew.” Frederick, executive producer of Project Cornlights second movie, Just Beautiful, will play Mave, another strong female character. “Shooting there feels like home. I can dig into the emotions.”

With so much on her plate, you’d think Frederick wouldn’t have time for anything else, but she doesn’t give up on her hobbies; tae kwon do, running and surfing, just to name a few. Sometimes, she’s lucky enough to mix business with pleasure.

“With indie films, the directors are open to collaborating and getting your input and ideas. I included taekwondo do in my first bigger indie film. Surfing I haven’t gotten to yet but I hope to.” She’s referring to director Henry Jaglom, whom she’s developed a very sacred relationship with after rising to fame in his film, “Hollywood Dreams”. The next movie she’s filming with Jaglom, ‘Running Lucid’ is about a woman who runs. “ It explores women and what drives them to work out obsessively.”

Should we expect even more from Frederick in the future? Of course!  Frederick enjoys being a chameleon, so despite her love for roles in romantic comedies, she’s waiting for the chance to tae on an action movie in the near future. She also hopes to do a larger budget picture, a biopic or something historical along the lines of ‘Lincoln’ or ‘Coco Chanel’. “Who doesn’t want to try on shoes of someone’s that lives a completely different world than the one your in?” Touché.

Weaving the Past

BeansTalk Speaks With Husband and Wife Producing Team
Shelley Morrison and Walter Dominguez

By Alex Stedman
BeansTalk Contributor

While many are interested in their ancestors and make efforts to find out about them, few make their years-long journey and make it into a documentary for the public, which is just what filmmaker Walter Dominguez did.

Dominguez and Morrison at the Genesis Awards
Dominguez, with the help of wife and executive producer Shelley Morrison (Rosario in NBC’s “Will & Grace”), made “Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery” based on his effort to find out about his grandfather’s life. At first, Dominguez simply knew his grandfather, Emilio Hernandez, to be a compassionate, admired pastor in the community. Once he looked into the story of Hernandez’ mysterious past further and interviewed family members and others who knew him, he discovered a complex and dark early life. He documented the journey and made it into the 2-hour documentary.

“When I began, it was not with the intention to make a feature film,” Dominguez said. “But by the end of the process of discovering things about my grandfather’s early life and talking to people about his later life as well, I realized that it was a story that could be shared with the public.”

Dominguez’s past film credits include working with legendary directors such as Stanley Kramer and Robert Wise (“The Sound of Music,” “West Side Story”), but he took a 20-year hiatus from filmmaking prior to “Weaving the Past,” which took quite a bit of time itself.

The film took nearly 12 years to make and the couple funded the film with money from their own pockets so Dominguez could offer the creative version that he saw for the documentary.

“You can’t make these kinds of discoveries in a month, or even in a year,” Dominguez said. “Some things, you have to keep at it and it takes time for things to unfold.”

They described the making of the film has a highly emotional experience in itself, and they had to deal with further emotional trials then as well. Dominguez’s step-grandmother, who served as an instrumental interview during the film, passed away, as did his father. In addition, Morrison was busy with “Will & Grace” at the time and also had to undergo cancer surgeries. Still, while Dominguez said there were times when he wanted to give up, the film’s message kept them going, as did their relationship, which will be 40-years long in August.

“I put my money where my mouth was,” Morrison said. “I believed in him.”

Morrison believed that finding out all Dominguez did about his grandfather made him stronger and gave him the courage to keep going with the film.

The two also have another project coming up. They’ve been working together to make a series based on the history of Los Angeles. They have already interviewed 17 people and Dominguez said the series won’t be a very academic look at the history, but rather, a “character-driven” series. However, they’ve been focusing mostly on “Weaving the Past” recently.

They have already had a private screening of the documentary and they said many of the audience of 160 people were inspired to take on similar journeys of their own. They also have taken on using the film to raise funds and awareness for certain social issues.

Both are members of the board of Social Justice in Los Angeles. They will have a screening and benefit for the film on Saturday, May 18, at the Linwood Dunn Theater of the Motion Picture Academy’s Mary Pickford Center, in which all the proceeds from tickets and donations will go to the Museum of Social Justice. They also rented the theater themselves, along with funding the entire film with their own money.

“We’re not going to get rich,” Morrison said. “That’s not the point. The point is that we love what we do, we’re committed to what we do. We want to add something to the cinema experience and not add to the confusion of the world.”

They’re having a series of screenings and hope to show the movie at a film festival in the future. For more on events and to buy tickets for the May 18 screening and benefit, visit www.museumofsocialjustice.org.

at the elegant
Linwood Dunn Theater of the Motion Picture Academy’s
Pickford Center, in Hollywood, CA
1313 Vine Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90028
May 18, 2013
6:15pm – Red carpet, wine & hor d’ oeuvre reception
7pm – 9pm – Screening
9pm – 10:30pm – Coffee & desserts
Cocktail attire
Seating Is Limited
Please arrive on time due to Security Check – Photo ID Required
Benefit supports the
Los Angeles United Methodist Museum of Social Justice’s
Exhibits & Educational Programs
Plan to attend the benefit preview screening of the feature documentary,
“Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery” – a new film with powerful social justice
themes interwoven with one man’s quest to uncover his grandfather’s early life’s secrets.
The film is already garnering acclaim as one of the most moving and inspirational
documentaries in years. All proceeds from this elegant evening’s screening and reception
will support the historical exhibits and educational outreach programs of this new and
innovative museum located in the heart of Los Angeles’ historic birthplace at Olvera
Street and the Los Angeles Plaza.
To purchase tickets by check make payable to:
The Museum of Social Justice
714 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 922
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Memo: Benefit Screening
For Further Information and Inquiries contact:
Leonora Barron (213) 749-0212 ext. 4#, Leonora@museumofsocialjustice.org

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spanx for your face!

by Elizabeth Buczak
BeansTalk Contributor

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a bloated and puffed up face? We often refer to that as having a “fat face” day. Staying up late, insomnia, crying or even consuming an excessive amount of salty foods or alcohol before bed can lead to a puffy morning face (especially after the holidays where we might have partied a little too hard and ate a little too much.) The bottom line is that no woman wants to wake up in the morning dealing with fat face, which is why a change in lifestyle may be necessary. Changing eating habits and taking care of your skin offer some quick remedies that can help reduce facial swelling or at least mask it up a little for that boost of confidence to get you through the day. They work just like spanx…. Only for your face.

“The most common culprits of swelling include overconsumption of salt and simple carbohydrates,” said Kasia Ciaston, a licensed dietician and nutritionist at Lifetime Fitness. Simple carbohydrates include processed, white-sugar foods like chips, cereals, crackers pretzels, soda, and white breads, which contain a large amount of salt that leads to swelling and bloating within our bodies.
So what can you do instead??
“Reduce the amount of processed foods that you eat and incorporate more whole foods such as fruits and vegetables,” said Ciaston. “This means that you should probably cook your meals at home, ditch the saltshaker and opt for a healthier seasoning.” Yes, that means eliminating TV dinners, fast food and frozen foods from your dinner menu.
Instead of trying a diet rich in “bad fats” which include saturated and trans fat, choose a diet rich in good fat like salmon, flaxseed, walnuts, avocados, etc.  In addition to eliminating swelling, when eaten in moderation these fats lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Keeping hydrated is key as dehydration can be a huge culprit in facial swelling. Ciaston recommends drinking at least 8 glasses of water.
Removing sugary beverage from your diet will help you eliminate pointless calories. “Drink water with lemon, lime, or orange wedges or try some green tea with a lemon twist,” she said. Green teas have been show to boost the body’s ability to burn fat.

It can be tough determining the reason behind fat face in the morning so pinpointing a specific treatment is impossible. Using the proper skin cleanser is important for the safety of your skin, they wouldn’t reduce facial swelling because they only clean the surface of the skin," said Lenah Alewaidat, an esthetician at A Matter of Style in Oak Park, IL.
 Her cure?
Home natural remedies. “I would always recommend using products that contain caffeine, green tea and cucumber for facial swelling. Chemicals cause irritation and only make the problem worse.” One of Alewaidat’s favorite home made masks is the cucumber mask. Mash up cucumbers, add in a little milk with a splash of lemon juice to make a paste. Apply for 15 minutes, than rinse of with warm water.
“Tea bags are also a fantastic way to reduce facial swellings because of their antioxidant properties," she said.
For a fast and quick fix in the morning, Alewaidat recommends washing your face with cold water or simply using a cold compress or ice pack for 10-15 minutes. With a cool washcloth stand upright and massage the face in circular motions alternating soft to medium pressure can relax the face in the morning.  To reduce the occurrence of morning face, try lying down straight throughout the night on an elevated pillow, which enables the fluids in the face.

Do you ever suffer from puffy face or "fat face"? What natural remedies do you use to fight a puffy morning face??

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thirty Seconds to Mars

The official lyric video for Thirty Seconds to Mars' new single "Up In The Air". Footage courtesy of NASA.

The iTunes pre-order for LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS is currently available. Fans who pre-order the album on iTunes will instantly receive a download of “Up In The Air.” Album out May 21. http://smarturl.it/LLFDpreorder




Twitter – http://twitter.com/30Secondstomars

VEVO – http://www.youtube.com/30secondstomarsvevo

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thirtysecondstomars

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/30secondstomars

YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/30secondstomars

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hot in Cleveland Renewed

TV Land has renewed “Hot in Cleveland” for a fifth season, it was announced by Larry W. Jones, President, TV Land. The 24-episode order brings the series to a total of 104 episodes. This past January, CBS Television Distribution announced that it has sold “Hot in Cleveland” to TV stations in 92% of the United States for a September 2014 launch. The series stars Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Betty White.

“This is an incredible milestone for the show and for TV Land,” said Jones. “To have our first scripted sitcom make it to the syndication level is a huge accomplishment. We have a brilliant creative team both in front of and behind the camera. We are so proud to be on this exciting ride with them.”

Series to date, “Hot in Cleveland” has averaged 2.8 million total viewers (Nielsen: Live+7, 68 premiere telecasts, 6/16/10-2/13/13). New episodes return on Wednesday, June 19th at 10pm ET with a LIVE telecast of the premiere episode. The fifth season will start shooting this Fall.

In addition to garnering unprecedented ratings for TV Land, “Hot in Cleveland” has been honored with numerous awards and accolades. Betty White recently received her third Screen Actors Guild Award® nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series for her performance as Elka Ostrovsky – an award she won two years in a row for the same role. Since its initial premiere, the show has received a People's Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Comedy, a Gracie Award for Outstanding Comedy Series and a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Individual Episode. The series was also awarded a Creative Arts Emmy® Award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series (Michael Andrew Hynes and Maralee Zediker). Additionally, White was also nominated for an Emmy® Award in 2011 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the same role.

“Hot in Cleveland” revolves around three fabulous best friends from LA – novelist Melanie Moretti (Valerie Bertinelli), eye-brow archer to the stars Joy Scroggs (Jane Leeves) and former soap star Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick) – who find their lives changed forever when their plane, headed for Paris, makes an unexpected landing. When the friends discover that life is better in Cleveland, they decide to stay. Starting over together, they rent a house that happens to come with a very opinionated caretaker, Elka Ostrovsky (White).

Filmed in front of a live audience, “Hot in Cleveland” is executive produced by Emmy® Award-winner Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner of Hazy Mills Productions and is helmed by Emmy® Award-winning Suzanne Martin ("Frasier," "Ellen") serving as executive producer, show runner and writer. Lynda Obst also serves as executive producer, and Larry W. Jones and Keith Cox are executive producers for TV Land. "Hot in Cleveland" is currently seen around the world in over 190 countries.