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National Geographic Channel Highlights

"Naked Science: Tanks" (wt)
Thursday, February 15 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Tanks are one of the most effective weapons on the battleground. They can traverse rough terrain, withstand a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade and destroy the enemy with pin point accuracy. Today’s tanks are the product of nearly a century of evolution and innovation. Now, the National Geographic Channel traces the history of this ultimate machine beginning with its World War I debut as mere steel box to the fully loaded and digitally enhanced combat device used in modern warfare.

"Ultimate Factories: Apache Helicopter"
Thursday, February 15 at 10:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

The Apache, one of the world’s most lethal attack helicopters, is able to destroy its target from miles away, withstand heavy gunfire and evade heat seeking missals. But before this battle tank of the air blazes across the terrains of today’s war zones, the Apache starts in Mesa, Arizona. Ultimate Factories: Apache Helicopter heads to the Boeing plant where this stealth fighter is made, and where cameras are rarely allowed, to take viewers on an in-depth tour of the factory and its sophisticated technology. For more information, visit

"Dog Whisperer: Calvin, Rudy, and Milo
Friday, February 16 at 8:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

First, meet Calvin, a ridgeback mix recovering from a car accident that has left him with only three legs and some odd eccentricities. Calvin is terrified of strangers and is obsessively attached to his owners. Every time they leave he tries to escape the house even jumping through glass windows or opening doors. Cesar Millan is called in to rehabilitate this three-legged escape artist. Then, meet Rudy, a manic Jack Russell terrier, who likes to attack motorcycles. His owners have taken him along on motorcycle rides but it is not a pleasant experience. Dog Behavior Expert Cesar Millan has helped dogs who have become fixated on everything from toasters to guitars to lawn sprinklers but can he help a dog that fixated on a Harley? Finally, meet a border collie named Milo whose herding instincts have driven him to chase horses and even cars. It becomes a daily and dangerous chore to get Milo back into the ranch house. Can Cesar offer some tips to corral this border collie? For more information, visit

"Dangerous Encounters: Closest Encounters
Friday, February 16 at 10:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

National Geographic Channel’s Reptile Expert Dr. Brady Barr is the first scientist to capture and study in the wild all 23 species of crocodilians. But he’s always wanted to find ways to study these wild crocs without having to restrain them. In Dangerous Encounters: Closest Encounters, Brady makes his dream a reality by creating a unique suit that would protect and camaflougue him so he can approach crocs in the wild. To design this suit properly, he scientifically tests different ideas on a range of ferocious beasts ranging from grizzly bears to wolves to rodeo bulls. After making final modifications, Brady heads to Tanzania to test his new croc suit in the filed and attempt to attach scientific instruments on unrestrained Nile crocodiles. Will it pass the test?

"Planet Carnivore
Sunday, February 18, 8:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT

Narrated by critically acclaimed actor Alec Baldwin, Planet Carnivore takes viewers on an intimate and powerful high-definition journey into the unique neighborhoods of some of some of most fearsome predators on the planet. The first two hours divulge the dramatic stories of an African lioness and a great white shark and their gripping daily struggle for survival. For more information, visit

"Planet Carnivore: Lions
Sunday, February 18 at 8:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

In the first hour, Lions transports you deep inside Ngorongoro, an isolated volcanic crater in East Africa formed over two million years ago. Surrounded on all sides by walls reaching 2,000 feet high, Ngorongoro seems like a stunning paradise for its inhabitants. Thirteen thousand wildebeest, zebra and buffalo graze on the 12-mile crater floor. This land is where one of the crater’s oldest lionesses, Malkia, or “Queen” in Swahili, reigns over her kingdom. Planet Carnivore: Lions follows Malkia and her pride’s daily struggles as they endure failed attacks on prey, fierce rivals, unexpected invaders and the powerful loss of one of their own. For more information, visit

"Planet Carnivore: Sharks
Sunday, February 18 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Traveling across the continent, the second hour delves into the cold waters of South Africa’s False Bay where a 2,000 lb great white shark called Haai, the Afrikaans word for shark, stalks her prey as she has done successfully for the past 15 years. A lone, formidable force, Haai has many neighbors — jackass penguins, fur seals and cape gannets — but no allies. In the False Bay neighborhood, there is one master rule: eat to live. Planet Carnivore: Sharks tracks her adventures for five weeks as she stealthily scours for food — sometimes feasting, sometimes failing in the chase. While small, inexperienced seals are the easiest to catch, Sharks captures Haai’s ambush technique that nets an unsuspecting fur seal, as well as the clever tactics of a plump seal that outwits his predator … for now. For more information, visit

Big Boom

PBS Looks Back At A Generation That Transformed America–And Leaps Forward To Predict Their Future–In The Boomer Century: 1946-2046 Rob Reiner, Oliver Stone, Erica Jong, Tony Snow, Dr. Andrew Weil, Eve Ensler, Julian Bond, Lewis Black & More Featured with Expert Host Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. Visionary Two-Hour Documentary Premieres March 28, 2007 @ 9 p.m. ET/PT on PBS

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Who (seen above) famously sang “I hope I die before I get old” to their fellow Baby Boomers in “My Generation,” but with one of this demographic group’s 78 million members turning 60 every eight seconds, they will soon be the largest elder population in American history. Will the nation’s most closely observed generation simply kick back in its later years, or keep breaking the rules? An eye-opening new two-hour PBS documentary, The Boomer Century: 1946-2046, says boomers will rewrite traditional retirement and redefine aging, as they have transformed every other stage of their lives. With an unflinching look at the Baby Boom past, present and future, experts from across the academic, health, entertainment and business spectrum paint a visionary portrait of the unprecedented challenges society will face as Americans born between 1946 and 1964 get older – as well as the opportunities that lie ahead. The Boomer Century premieres Wednesday, March 28th, 2007, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, on PBS (check local listings).

Hosted by leading researcher Dr. Ken Dychtwald, a nationally renowned gerontologist and psychologist (and a boomer himself) who has studied this population phenomenon for more than three decades, The Boomer Century is produced by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Joel Westbrook and Neil Steinberg and written by three-time Academy Award winner Mark Harris. The film is designed not as a nostalgic reliving of youth, but as a fast-paced and extremely engaging three-part story that will appeal to viewers of all generations. The film does feature an entertaining and enlightening look back to establish why Boomers have the generational characteristics they do, but it also reveals how those traits have evolved into today’s lifestyle, marketplace and workforce trends, and perceptively probes what lies ahead. “One of the things that surprised me the most in making this documentary is how misinterpreted, mislabeled and misunderstood this generation is,” says Dychtwald. “The film attempts to show viewers what really makes this generation tick – the good and the bad – and how its unique personality will help determine how this massive generation will continually re-shape society over the coming decades.”

Interspersed throughout The Boomer Century are candid and insightful interviews with dozens of prominent boomers--academics, entertainers, authors, sociologists, economists, political figures – and voices of their generation, including filmmakers Oliver Stone and Rob Reiner; civil rights pioneer Julian Bond; author Erica Jong; futurist Alvin Toffler, healthy aging doctor Andrew Weil; playwright Eve Ensler, White House press secretary Tony Snow, political analyst David Gergen, “emotional intelligence” visionary Dr. Daniel Goleman and human genome scientist J. Craig Venter, among others.

The film’s foremost expert, however, is Dychtwald, who, in 1986, founded Age Wave, a company that has emerged as the nation’s leader in tracking and analyzing this “pig in a python” population. He sets the stage by first taking viewers on a VIP tour inside the boomer past, as millions of babies are born against the backdrop of post-war prosperity and the flourishing consumerism of the 1950s. Using archival images, interviews, and specially created sets to evoke the various eras, the audience enjoys a wild ride through the defining moments of boomer history from childhood to parenthood. Throughout their lives, the boomers have been anti-authoritarian, idealistic, self-empowered and willing to embrace change, Dychtwald explains. Those characteristics, combined with their overpowering numbers, mean that they continue to influence and affect society as they move through every stage of life.

By the time boomers reach their current age range of 40-60, or what Dychtwald calls “middlescence,” their lifetime frustration with the “status quo” and their desire for continued personal re-invention means they are often searching for new careers, new travel and leisure experiences and new ways to love, learn and to enjoy life. Some are already moving back to cities instead of heading to isolated retirement communities, and many plan to do everything possible to postpone physical aging.

But when the film looks ahead to the boomers’ future, it’s clear that this large, influential and quirky generation may be heading toward its greatest challenges. Dychtwald and several renowned economists explain how the longevity revolution and lengthening lifespans will overtax the nation’s healthcare and Social Security systems, how the boomers may have to work longer due to their notorious spending and lack of savings, and how the burden and cost may fall on younger generations – possibly even leading to “age wars.” The Boomer Century also shares practical take-away tips that can help boomers and generation Xers prepare for their future, including suggestions for better financial and retirement planning.

The documentary also provides a sobering call to action: beyond the Botox and adventure vacations, boomers must try to find purpose and meaning in the last third of their lives, says Dr. Dychtwald: The “Me” generation, he explains, must become the “We” generation, using their insight, time and opportunity to protect the country’s future. There is already a growing desire among boomers, for example, to return to their civic activism roots – 25 million of them already volunteer. Dychtwald remains hopeful that the notion of “Giving Back” and the spirit of contribution will expand even further.

Will the Baby Boom years be considered a golden era of new freedoms, new ideas and new beginnings? Or will this population be remembered as a self-centered generation who are siphoning off resources? Boomers, the documentary concludes, will soon be choosing their ultimate legacy.

Classics On New DVD

All Quiet on The Western Front, Going My Way, The Heiress and Arabian Nights, Each Digitally Remastered for DVD, Are Available February 6, 2007 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Universal Cinema Classics brings Universal Studios’ library of classic titles to DVD on February 6, 2007 in a very special series from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. A new series of top-notch, must-own DVDs for every film collector and classic movie buff, the Universal Cinema Classics line launches with an array of Oscar®-worthy films featuring All Quiet on the Western Front, Arabian Nights, Going My Way and The Heiress. Four of the most honored films in Hollywood history, these selections earned a combined 26 Academy Award® nominations and 12 Academy Awards®. Screen legends including Bing Crosby, Olivia de Havilland, Montgomery Clift, Barry Fitzgerald, Maria Montez and Lew Ayres star in the first wave of a series that takes viewers from a magic carpet ride over ancient Baghdad to a Washington Square mansion, an inner city church and a barren battleground with acclaimed performances, songs and scripts.

Universal Cinema Classics will showcase some of the finest films in the Universal archives, many for the first time on DVD. All four films have been digitally remastered for optimum picture quality and include exclusive introductions by Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne. Just in time for Oscar season, each DVD is priced at $14.98 SRP.


All Quiet on the Western Front

Relive the drama, conflict and power of one of the most influential anti-war films ever made - All Quiet on the Western Front. Universal's first Best Picture Academy Award®-winner is now available in its original glory with a digitally remastered picture restored by the Library of Congress. Follow a group of idealistic young men as they join the German Army during World War I and are assigned to the Western Front, where their patriotism is destroyed by the harsh realities of combat. The hard-hitting, timeless masterpiece returns with stunning visual enhancement to its deserving place in film history! "****! Time hasn't dimmed its power, or poignancy, one bit." (Leonard Maltin)

Arabian Nights – FIRST TIME EVER ON DVD!

Prepare for every wish to be answered in the dazzling film spectacular Arabian Nights! See the passionate romance, lavish riches and exotic splendor of this classic fable that was "beautifully mounted in Technicolor" (Leonard Maltin), nominated for four Academy Awards and is now magically brought to life with a digitally remastered picture. Jon Hall, Maria Montez and Sabu star in this lush epic story of two half brothers who battle each other for the power of the throne and the love of a sensual, gorgeous dancing girl, Scheherazade. It's a thrilling adventure you can't afford to miss!

Going My Way

Winner of seven Academy Awards® including Best Picture and Best Director, the unforgettable classic Going My Way lights up the screen as it warms the heart. Best Actor winner Bing Crosby shines as Father O'Malley, a young priest new to an established but financially failing parish. When his philosophies conflict with those of curmudgeonly Father Fitzgibbon (Best Supporting Actor winner Barry Fitzgerald), the result is a timeless story of patience, compromise and - just maybe - understanding. Featuring an all-new digitally remastered picture and filled with mesmerizing music including the Academy Award®-winning song "Swinging on a Star," Going My Way exemplifies the silver screen at its golden best! "****! Hard to resist!" (Leonard Maltin)


Academy Award® winner Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Clift light up the screen in this spellbinding, landmark drama. De Havilland is Catherine Sloper, an aristocratic young woman living under the scrutiny of her malevolent father. When a handsome but penniless suitor proposes, her father believes he could only be after her vast estate and threatens disinheritance. Can she be rich in love and money? Based on the stage version of Henry James' renowned novel Washington Square, this is the "****" (Leonard Maltin) winner of four Academy Awards®, featuring an all-new, digitally remastered picture. A masterpiece of love, deception and betrayal, The Heiress remains a shining example of a true cinematic achievement!

Spielberg, Straub and Stephen King Team on TNT

TNT Teams with Executive Producers Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy
And DreamWorks Television For Mystical Adventure Adapted from
Stephen King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman Six-Hour Limited Series About A Boy on Quest through Parallel Worlds Slated to Premiere on TNT in Summer 2008

After an enormously successful collaboration on the critically acclaimed Into the West, TNT is teaming once again with DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg, this time for an epic, six-hour adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s other-worldly adventure The Talisman, according to an announcement by Michael Wright, senior vice president of original programming for TNT and TBS. This project also returns the drama network to King territory after such high-profile projects as Salem’s Lot, one of cable’s most popular movies of 2004, and this year’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King. Frequent Spielberg partner Kathleen Kennedy will join him in executive-producing The Talisman, along with Ehren Kruger (Skeleton Key, The Ring, Arlington Road and currently adapting Nightline for DreamWorks Features), who will adapt the King/Straub novel. The Talisman will be co-executive produced by Darryl Frank (Into the West, Taken) and Justin Falvey (Into the West, Las Vegas), who head up DreamWorks Television. The Talisman is slated to premiere on TNT in summer 2008.

“We are so happy and proud to be working with DreamWorks Television and Steven Spielberg after such a tremendous experience making Into the West,” said Wright. “We’ve also had excellent results working with Stephen King’s material on Salem’s Lot and Nightmares & Dreamscapes, so the opportunity to bring these talents together on our network is just about as good as it gets. Like those previous projects, The Talisman is a truly epic production, but one that will present all new challenges and opportunities. We look forward to working with this top-notch team of filmmakers as we create what is certain to be a television event to remember.”

Written in 1984, The Talisman marks the first collaboration between bestselling authors King and Straub. It tells the story of Jack Sawyer, a boy who goes on a quest through this world and through a parallel world known as “The Territories,” experiencing both good and evil in each. His goal is to obtain a mysterious talisman that will save his dying mother’s life, as well as the life of her “twinner,” the Queen of The Territories.

TNT’s prior work with DreamWorks Television and Steven Spielberg, the 2005 production of Into the West, was an enormous critical and popular success. The epic, all-star tale of westward expansion, which was watched by more than 81 million viewers over its six-week run, earned 16 Emmy® nominations, an ad-supported cable record for a limited series and more nominations than any other 2005-06 program.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hey, Hot Lips! Cool It!

by Andrea Goodwin, associate editor (

Girls, don’t we all have a little Hot Lips Houlihan in us? Remember Loretta Switt’s smoldering and seductive kisses melting away her co-stars on M.A.S.H.? We think her curvaceous form and her pouty full lips may have been the inspiration behind Bare Escentuals’ new lip gloss collection: The Buxom Girls.

Meet Candi, Dolly, Amber, and Bambi – who adorn the boxes of the just-in-time-for-Valentine’s-Day introduction to the Bare Escentuals lip product line. Our girls, who inspire shades such as Strawberry Jam and Blushed Pink, may be described as a cross between a pin-up and a Frederick’s of Hollywood ad. We think they are adorable because if you have lost touch with your “inner Bambi”, it is time to go to therapy.

More about the product:

The Buxom Lips Big and Healthy Lip Polish is a plumping lip gloss formulated to leave lips with the same shape as the buxom girls themselves: curvaceous, voluptuous and healthy. The tingling and cooling sensation remind the wearer of the high volume shine she is experiencing. Over time, lips become fuller and smoother, thanks to an all-natural, collagen-boosting ceramide that repairs damaged lip tissue and stimuates the production of new collagen. The infusion of vitamin A and E keeps lips soft and protected.

We appreciate our friends at Bare Escentuals because this fun and high quality product reminds us that make up is about attitude. It isn’t just what you are wearing, but how you wear it. Better yet, surprise your mate with minty and yummy-flavored plump kisses, just to keep him guessing what will come next.

Buxom Lips Lip Glosses retail for $18.00 and can be found at,, at any Bare Escentuals Boutique, or by calling 800/227-3990.

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SAG Winners

13th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® Recipients

Image: 'Greys Anatomy' cast member Katherine Heigl arrives at the 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles January 28, 2007. Heigl wore a sunset orange silk chiffon ombre empire Grecian gown with encrusted beaded asymmetrical strap from Kevan Hall’s Spring 2007 collection. Co-star Kate Walsh and the Office’s Melora Hardin also wore Hall’s designs. She wore jewelry by Ryan Ryan, who designed her engagement ring from fiance Josh Kelley. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES)

Female Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries
Helen Mirren / ELIZABETH I – Elizabeth I - HBO

Male Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries
Jeremy Irons / ELIZABETH I – Earl of Leicester - HBO

Female Actor in a Comedy Series
America Ferrera / UGLY BETTY – Betty Suarez - ABC

Male Actor in a Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin / 30 ROCK – Jack Donaghy - NBC

Ensemble in a Comedy Series
THE OFFICE - NBC Leslie David Baker - Stanley Hudson Brian Baumgartner - Kevin Malone Steve Carell - Michael Scott David Denman - Roy Anderson Jenna Fischer - Pam Beesly Kate Flannery - Meredith Palmer Melora Hardin - Jan Levinson Mindy Kaling - Kelly Kapoor Angela Kinsey - Angela Martin John Krasinski - Jim Halpert Paul Lieberstein - Toby Flenderson B.J. Novak - Ryan Howard Oscar Nunez - Oscar Martinez Phyllis Smith - Phyllis Lapin Rainn Wilson - Dwight Schrute

Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Eddie Murphy / DREAMGIRLS – James “Thunder” Early Paramount Pictures

Life Achievement Award
Julie Andrews

Female Actor in a Drama Series
Chandra Wilson / GREY’S ANATOMY – Dr. Miranda Bailey - ABC

Male Actor in a Drama Series
Hugh Laurie / HOUSE – Dr. Gregory House - FOX

Ensemble in a Drama Series
GREY’S ANATOMY - ABC Justin Chambers - Alex Karev Eric Dane - Mark Sloan Patrick Dempsey - Derek Shepherd Katherine Heigl - Isobel “Izzie” Stevens T.R. Knight - George O’Malley Sandra Oh - Cristina Yang James Pickens, Jr. - Richard Webber Ellen Pompeo - Meredith Grey Sara Ramirez - Callie Torres Kate Walsh - Addison Montgomery Shepherd Isaiah Washington - Preston Burke Chandra Wilson - Miranda Bailey

Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Jennifer Hudson / DREAMGIRLS – Effie White - Paramount Pictures

Male Actor in a Leading Role
Forest Whitaker / THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND – Idi Amin - Fox Searchlight Pictures

Female Actor in a Leading Role
Helen Mirren / THE QUEEN – The Queen - Miramax Films

Cast of a Motion Picture
Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE Fox Searchlight Pictures

Alan Arkin Grandpa
Abigail Breslin Olive
Steve Carell Frank
Toni Collette Sheryl
Paul Dano Dwayne
Greg Kinnear Richard

Hostess With the Mostest:
Fashionista Jessia Alba

Jessica Alba hosted a cocktail party with Elizabeth Rickard and Binith Shah at LA boutique Iconology to launch Rickard Shah’s limited edition Icon Collection.

The Icon Collection features Rickard Shah’s popular peep toe style, regularly worn by fashion icons such as Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet, Ziyi Zhang and Rachel Bilson, made in six limited edition colors & fabrications including eggplant satin ($625), emerald green satin ($625), gunmetal metallic leather ($625), antique gold metallic leather ($625), beige silk shantung ($650) and silver lizard ($850).

The shoes can be ordered through the month of February at Iconology (323) 965-9666 and can be customized with the owner’s initials on the soles for a unique, personal touch. Twenty percent of the proceeds from sales of the Icon Collection will benefit Keep A Child Alive (, a charity Alba personally selected to partner with for the occasion.

Alba wore Sonya Ooten Jewerly to the event, which was held on January 24th, 2007. (She wore: Sonya Ooten 14k Gold Imperial Triangle Cap Drop Earrings with Miner-Cut Smokey Quartz, retail: $495.00 Alba also wore a brown silk cocktail dress with crystal accented straps and black silk sash by Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. Of course, she also wore Rickard Shah’s gunmetal leather Icon heels($625) (Photo by: Philip Cuenco, courtesy of Film Fashion; double click on image to enlarge)

"Silent Witness" Returns

On BBC America

Complex characters, gripping plots and sexual tension combine in a new season of one of the UK’s most popular crime franchises. Four two-hour episodes of Silent Witness premiere from Monday, February 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT.

London University’s forensic pathology department is now headed by Professor Leo Dalton (William Gaminara, MI-5) since the departure of the uncompromising and passionate Professor Sam Ryan (Amanda Burton, Peak Practice). Together with last season’s new recruit, young archaeo-pathologist, Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox, Coupling), and the dynamic Dr. Harry Cunningham (Tom Ward, Vanity Fair), Dalton and his expert team of scientists are charged with examining more suspicious deaths to identify victims and hunt down killers.

In a heart-wrenching opening story, Leo makes an emotional return to his home town as he seeks justice for the deaths of his wife and child killed by a shadowy criminal mastermind in a bizarre hit and run incident. Next, a drive-by shooting at a nightclub takes the pathologists into an unfamiliar urban world of street gangs. In the third investigation a series of seemingly random and motiveless murders lead the team into a nightmarish collision of science and faith and, in the final case, a trail of victims of counterfeit medicines leads to the discovery of a dangerous trade preying on our modern “pill-popping” culture.


BeansTalk Note: Thus begins “Series 9” in the U.S. “Series 10” finished in the U.K. in August 2006.

Friday, January 26, 2007

W.C. Fields Classics on DVD

Legendary comedian W.C. Fields stars in five of the funniest comedies ever made when The W.C. Fields Comedy Collection Volume 2 comes to DVD on March 20, 2007 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. An all new assortment of classic films, this very special, highly collectible anthology includes the unforgettable rib-ticklers You're Telling Me!, The Old Fashioned Way, The Man on the Flying Trapeze, Poppy and Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, all on DVD for the first time. The W.C. Fields Comedy Collection Volume 2 also includes the rarely seen 1965 television retrospective “Wayne and Schuster Take an Affectionate Look at W.C. Fields,” as well as the original theatrical trailers for all five films. Packed with hilarious routines from one of vaudeville's most popular entertainers, The W.C. Fields Comedy Collection Volume 2 is a must-own collection for anyone who likes to laugh!

One of the most enduring and influential comedians in film history, W. C. Fields first made his name as an enormously popular Broadway entertainer, appearing in seven Ziegfeld Follies revues. He created one of the great comic personas of the big screen, a cantankerous Everyman with an affinity for the bottle and an unmatched gift for stinging repartee. Whether playing a henpecked husband, an eccentric inventor, a scheming theatrical manager, a small time grifter or himself (a.k.a. “The Great Man”) Fields always managed to remain unexpectedly loveable, earning himself film immortality and millions of fans around the world. The five disc DVD set is priced at $ 59.98 SRP. Preorder close is February 13, 2007.

You're Telling Me!

In this hilarious comedy of errors W.C. Fields stars as Sam Bisbee, a tippling inventor attempting to market his own brand of bulletproof automobile tires. In short order, he ruins his daughter’s marriage plans, shoots the tires out from under a police car, befriends a princess and lassoes an ostrich. Fields is in top comedic form in this madcap satire of country club snobs versus everyday slobs, ending up, as always, at the top of the heap.

The Man on the Flying Trapeze

When Ambrose Wolfinger (W.C. Fields) takes his first afternoon off from work in 25 years, he tells his boss that he’ll be at his mother-in-law’s funeral, and he goes to a wrestling match instead. He arrives home to an enraged wife, an indignant mother-in-law and a boss who fires him. When it becomes apparent that his boss can’t get by without him, Wolfinger is brought back with a higher salary and the increased respect of his employer. He takes back his role of as head of his household and leaves his obnoxious in-laws behind.

The Old Fashioned Way

W.C. Fields, as the scheming theatrical manager, The Great McGonigle, squares off for the second time with his infant nemesis, Baby LeRoy. Wealthy widow Cleopatra Pepperday (Jan Duggan) is bankrolling his traveling troupe, so that she can star in their latest production. With Fields at the helm, it is no surprise that the lady does not get her money’s worth, but McGonigle does manage to see his daughter happily married and still stay one step ahead of the law.


Poppy is the film adaptation of the musical comedy that made W.C. Fields a Broadway star. Professor Eustace McGargle (Fields) is a small-time con man weary of fleecing backwoods locals for peanuts. He conspires with a crooked lawyer to pass off his adopted daughter Poppy (Rochelle Hudson) as the long-lost heir to the Putnam estate. Just as the irate townsfolk discover his deception, it’s revealed that the lovely Poppy is the legitimate heir.

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

In a whimsical satire of Hollywood, W.C. Fields plays himself as he pitches an outrageous script to a skeptical producer. The story unfolds in a film-within-a-film that takes Fields and his niece (Gloria Jean) on a trip to Mexico. When Fields falls off an airplane’s outdoor observation deck, he lands in the amorous arms of the formidable Mrs. Hemoglobin (Margaret Dumont). He flees the grand lady’s romantic attentions only to discover that Mrs. Hemoglobin is worth millions. Returning to her mountaintop mansion, he is about to wed his intended, when he is thrown out on his ear by the enraged producer. The whole thing ends with a slapstick car chase finale that is every bit as side-splittingly and off the wall as anything in the imaginary movie.

Family Films to DVD

Four feature film versions of family classics come to DVD on March 20, 2007 with The Family Favorites 4-Movie Collection from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Based on the unforgettable television series, The Little Rascals, Casper, Flipper, and Leave It to Beaver are perfect fare for parents, children and grandparents alike, as they enjoy hours of wholesome, funny and fun-filled entertainment. Available together for the first time, the four heartwarming films will bring back happy memories for the adults and create new ones for youngsters as they share these cinematic gems again and again. Featuring digitally remastered versions of both The Little Rascals and Leave It to Beaver, this must-own, highly collectible two-disc set is available just in time for the Easter holiday shopping season. The Family Favorites 4-Movie Collection is priced at $16.24 SRP. Preorder close is February 13, 2007.

The Little Rascals

The merriest band of imps in filmdom is back to delight a whole new generation of fans as Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Darla, Stymie, Porky, Petey the dog and more star in this hilarious motion picture hit. From an emergency meeting of the “He-Man Woman Haters Club” to a dastardly plot to steal the Rascals’ crackerjack go-cart, The Little Rascals brims with the fun, energy and hilarious high jinks that have made these kids a family favorite for decades.


A haunted house holds more than ghosts in this spirited live-action film. Ghost therapist Dr. James Harvey (Bill Pullman) is hired to rid spooky old Whipstaff Manor of its apparitions so that the new owner (Cathy Moriarty) can cash in on the house’s hidden treasure. Meanwhile, his daughter Kat (Christina Ricci) discovers a kindred soul in Casper, a friendly young ghost, but Casper’s human hating uncles, Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso (The Ghostly Trio), are determined to drive the “fleshies” out of the manor. With dazzling special effects by some of the same artists responsible for Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Jurassic Park, Casper is a comedy-adventure that the whole family can enjoy.


In this captivating, action-packed family adventure, fourteen-year-old Sandy Ricks (Elijah Woods) would rather be back in Chicago than spending the summer with his crusty Uncle Porter (Paul Hogan) in the Florida Keys. The boy dislikes everything about his new environment until he bonds with an orphaned dolphin named Flipper. As the two develop a unique friendship, Sandy is pulled into a series of high-seas escapades that make this a summer like no other.

Leave It to Beaver

Say hello to the Cleaver family again in an affectionately updated film version of the classic television comedy series. When eight-year-old Beaver Cleaver (Cameron Finley) tries to impress his dad by trying out for football, he finds himself in a bit of a pickle. Meanwhile, his teenaged brother Wally gets his first taste of girl trouble. As always, loving parents Ward (Christopher MacDonald) and June (Janine Turner) can be counted to give their boys the kind of heartwarming and wholesome advice that makes Leave It to Beaver a perennial family favorite.

Baftas on BBC America

Join BBC America for an exclusive front row seat at the UK’s biggest and most star-studded awards show, The British Academy Film Awards, Sunday, February 11, 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Fresh from Golden Globe's success and recognition in this week’s Oscar nominations, British royal drama The Queen leads the pack after receiving 10 nominations including Dame Helen Mirren for Best Actress and Stephen Frears nominated in the Best Director category.

Casino Royale picked up nine nominations at this year’s awards, including best actor for Daniel Craig with Pan's Labyrinth up for eight awards. This year’s event will be held at the Royal Opera House in London.

Like the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs are often a good indication of who will walk away with the industry’s most coveted golden statue later in February. Last year Philip Seymour Hoffman and Reese Witherspoon won BAFTAs for Best Actor and Best Actress and weeks later took home Oscars.

BBC AMERICA’s presentation of The British Academy Film Awards is sponsored by Infiniti and Heineken.


The nominations were announced Friday, January 12, 2007. They are:

The Departed
The Last King Of Scotland
Little Miss Sunshine
The Queen

THE ALEXANDER KORDA AWARD for the Outstanding British Film of the Year
Casino Royale
The Last King Of Scotland
Notes On A Scandal
The Queen
United 93

THE CARL FOREMAN AWARD for Special Achievement by a British Director, Writer or Producer in their First Feature Film
Andrea Arnold (Director) - Red Road
Julian Gilbey (Director) - Rollin' with the Nines
Christine Langan (Producer) - Pierrepoint
Gary Tarn (Director) - Black Sun
Paul Andrew Williams (Director) - London to Brighton

THE DAVID LEAN AWARD for Achievement in Direction
Babel - Alejandro González Iñárritu
The Departed - Martin Scorsese
Little Miss Sunshine - Jonathan Dayton/Valerie Faris
The Queen - Stephen Frears
United 93 - Paul Greengrass

Babel - Guillermo Arriaga
Little Miss Sunshine - Michael Arndt
Pan's Labyrinth - Guillermo del Toro
The Queen - Peter Morgan
United 93 - Paul Greengrass

Casino Royale - Neal Purvis/Robert Wade/Paul Haggis
The Departed - William Monahan
The Devil Wears Prada - Aline Brosh McKenna
The Last King Of Scotland - Peter Morgan/Jeremy Brock
Notes On A Scandal - Patrick Marber

Apocalypto - Mel Gibson/Bruce Davey
Black Book (Zwartboek) - Teun Hilte/San Fu Maltha/Jens Meurer/Paul Verhoeven
Pan's Labyrinth - Alfonso Cuarón/Bertha Navarro/Frida Torresblanco/Guillermo del Toro
Rang De Basanti (Paint It Yellow) - Ronnie Screwvala/Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
Volver - Agustín Almodóvar/Pedro Almodóvar

Cars - John Lasseter
Flushed Away - David Bowers/Sam Fell
Happy Feet - George Miller

Daniel Craig - Casino Royale
Leonardo DiCaprio - The Departed
Richard Griffiths - The History Boys
Peter O'Toole - Venus
Forest Whitaker - The Last King Of Scotland

Penelope Cruz - Volver
Judi Dench - Notes On A Scandal
Helen Mirren - The Queen
Meryl Streep - The Devil Wears Prada
Kate Winslet - Little Children

Alan Arkin - Little Miss Sunshine
James Mcavoy - The Last King Of Scotland
Jack Nicholson - The Departed
Leslie Phillips - Venus
Michael Sheen - The Queen

Emily Blunt - The Devil Wears Prada
Abigail Breslin - Little Miss Sunshine
Toni Colette - Little Miss Sunshine
Frances De La Tour - The History Boys
Jennifer Hudson - Dreamgirls

THE ANTHONY ASQUITH AWARD for Achievement in Film Music
Babel - Gustavo Santaolalla
Casino Royale - David Arnold
Dreamgirls - Henry Krieger
Happy Feet - John Powell
The Queen - Alexandre Desplat

Babel - Rodrigo Prieto
Casino Royale - Phil Meheux
Children Of Men - Emmanuel Lubezki
Pan's Labyrinth - Guillermo Navarro
United 93 - Barry Ackroyd

Babel - Stephen Mirrione/Douglas Crise
Casino Royale - Stuart Baird
The Departed - Thelma Schoonmaker
The Queen - Lucia Zucchetti
United 93 - Clare Douglas/Christopher Rouse/Richard Pearson

Casino Royale - Peter Lamont/Lee Sandales/Simon Wakefield
Children Of Men - Jim Clay/Geoffrey Kirkland/Jennifer Williams
Marie Antoinette - K K Barrett/Véronique Melery
Pan's Labyrinth - Eugenio Caballero/Pilar Revuelta
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Rick Heinrichs/Cheryl A Carasik

The Devil Wears Prada - Patricia Field
Marie Antoinette - Milena Canonero
Pan's Labyrinth - Lala Huete
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Penny Rose
The Queen - Consolata Boyle

Babel - José García/Jon Taylor/Chris Minkler/Martín Hernández
Casino Royale - Chris Munro/Eddy Joseph/Mike Prestwood Smith/Martin Cantwell/Mark Taylor
Pan's Labyrinth - Martín Hernández/Jamie Bashkt
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Christopher Boyes/George Watters II/ Paul Massey/Lee Orloff
United 93 - Chris Munro/Mike Prestwood Smith/Douglas Cooper/Oliver Tarney/Eddy Joseph

Casino Royale - Steve Begg/Chris Corbould
Children Of Men - Frazer Churchill/Tim Webber/Michael Eames/Paul Corbould
Pan's Labyrinth - Edward Irastorza/Everett Burrell
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - John Knoll/Hal Hickel/Charles Gibson/Allen Hall
Superman Returns - Mark Stetson

The Devil Wears Prada - Nicki Ledermann/Angel De Angelis
Marie Antoinette - Jean-Luc Russier/Desiree Corridoni
Pan's Labyrinth
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Ve Neill/Martin Samuel
The Queen - Daniel Phillips

Dreams And Desires - Family Ties - Les Mills/Joanna Quinn
Guy 101 - Ian Gouldstone
Peter And The Wolf - Hugh Welchman/Alan Dewhurst/Suzie Templeton

Care - Rachel Bailey/Tracy Bass/Corinna Faith
Cubs - Lisa Williams/Tom Harper
Do Not Erase - Asitha Ameresekere
Hikikomori - Karley Duffy/Paul Wright
Kissing, Tickling And Being Bored - David Smith/Jim McRoberts

Emily Blunt
Eva Green
Naomie Harris
Cillian Murphy
Ben Whishaw

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Check it out, at

We Would Love Either of These

From our friends at the Platinum Guild (hey, if we could afford it, we’d be swathed in Platinum, too) ...

Whether you’re madly in love like Brangelina, or sexy and single like Jessica Simpson…there’s no doubt that Cupid will strike Platinum when he delivers his Valentine’s Day gifts this February 14th!

Jewelry and style expert Michael O’Connor dishes on some darling pieces that are perfect for everyone’s favorite celebs:

Leading ladies including Demi Moore, Ellen Pompeo and Eva Longoria should ask their men for simple and sophisticated Platinum circle pendants like those by Cynthia Bach. Stylish men like Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Ben Affleck should hint at a pair of Platinum cufflinks like those by Herco.

For those single yet fabulous girls like Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan…don’t fret over the lack of chocolate and flowers—take the opportunity to splurge on yourself with a fantastic pair of Platinum stud earrings like those by Suna Bros. Inc. (see attached photo).

And finally, for stars like Gabriel Aubry who might be looking to pop the question to Halle Berry…you can't go wrong with a simple brushed or shiny Platinum engagement band with a big solitaire diamond like’s (see attached photo).

Celebs love Platinum because it’s hypoallergenic (great for sensitive skin), holds their gemstones securely, and makes their bling sparkle from afar.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lured by Lumar

by Andrea Goodwin, associate editor (

Attention all BeansTalk readers of the male persuasion: The following is an important announcement regarding an opportunity you have to score big with your girlfriend or wife this Valentine season. That’s right. Valentine’s Day is now a shopping season just like Christmas. Get a clue.

Because we are givers here at BeansTalk we would like to pass on a hot tip for those of you who are “retail challenged” (You are if you think Dolce and Gabbana are a folk singing group from the sixties.) or if you just lack refinement. (No offense to our valued readers intended, of course.)

(drum roll please)

The perfect, and we mean PERFECT, gift for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day is Aphrodisiac Perfume by Lumar of Beverly Hills. BeansTalk was lucky enough to try it recently as a guest of the Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet. We find it romantic for its elegant packaging, soft pink color, and fresh flowery bouquet. This surprised even us, because we are not usually the frou frou feminine type. (We are bad-ass rock and roll.) You just can not deny its appeal and intoxicating effect.

Aphrodisiac is a relatively new introduction to the competitive luxury fragrance market. The company, Lumar of Beverly Hills, was established in just July of 2005; however, the designers, developers, and marketers brought with them over 40 years of experience in the fragrance industry to develop a very fine product. Since its debut at an elegant launch party at the Mansfield Hotel in New York last fall, Aphrodisiac has already made a big impression in the fragrance world and in Hollywood.

Product details from their website: Aphrodisiac is an overstated and composite bouquet of precious white rose petals, tuberose and amber. The seductive, passionate recipe of Aphrodisiac is from the ancient world when women of royalty were bathed in water mixed with oils of this fragrance. Exquisite, long lasting, fresh rose peals release instant intimacy. White tuberose with its hunting scent leads the romance of seduction. Smooth and sensual note of Amber completes the blend of exotic garland.

Lumar of Beverly Hills’ Aphrodisiac perfume retails for about $90.00 for a 3.4 oz atomizer. To find a boutique or online retail store go to
Double click on the image above and below to find out about the L.A. Gallery showing featuring our good friend Karen Brailsford.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bringing Home The Bacon
(When You Don’t Work At Home)

by BeansTalk’s ME

When you’re working from home, there are all kinds of things that can create a potentially toxic environment. For us, it was being distracted by our bossy fuppy (that’s a fluffy puppy; our furry old man turns 12 this summer), the temptation and lure of our awesome bed (to sleep in!) and the bevy of yummy snacks that fill our pantry and freezer.

Oh, alright, we’ll admit the television/DVD/DVR (and not things we’re actually supposed to be watching) has tremendous seductive powers.

But all in all, if we were to get enough work to make this a truly viable alternative, we would still be operating out of our cozy (translate: cluttered) home office.

That said, we were compelled and seduced by the notion of regular pay and health insurance. We wish we could say it was the challenge of the daily work and the camaraderie among colleagues, but there you go.

So what, then, constitutes a toxic work environment? There was a very well-written and informative piece done recently by someone way more qualified than we are, that was on MSN or Yahoo News or one of the on-line sites.

What we got out of that is that don’t beat yourself up – don’t hang out past last call/when the bell rings/when it’s time for you to go. Don’t show up early and stay late. Why spend more time than necessary? You're not proving anything to anyone and selling your soul, to boot.

For us, the bottom line should be (and we are totally acknowledging that a brief stint as a temporary employee in a human-resources department in the early 1980s doesn’t constitute any expertise at all) – does the toxicity of your work environment affect your ability to work well, to do your job as required?

If that is the case, then you need to find a higher power (and we mean your immediate supervisor).

The next step is the state of your mental health: Are you miserable? And what constitutes miserable? Do you dread going to work? Do you lie in bed and have to force yourself to get up, shower, do perfunctory toiletries, grab a 90-calorie Kellogg’s breakfast bar and leave, heaving a big sigh? Are you always running late? Are you always looking for excuses to not go into work? Have you checked your company’s policy for extended leave?

Why are you miserable? Find the source. If you are doing a job that requires skills that you are qualified for, in an industry that interests you, let’s assume that what makes you unhappy is actually not (actual) work related.

Your supervisor (the person who does your performance reviews) probably has a great deal of (unwitting) responsibility. Is your supervisor supportive? Do you respect her/him? Do they respect you? Are you doing the job you were hired for? Are they giving you the responsibilities they promised?

There are numerous aspects to just this faction alone. You cannot, under any circumstances, loathe your supervisor and not have an escape route planned. If you’re the mercenary type (of which we are not remotely), then you may gun for their job. But bear in mind, that whoever is their immediate supervisor will be yours, too.

For us, it has to do with the entire work environment experience. Since we are of a certain age, we remember what it was like to work without computers and without the internet. At any lull in work, there’s always email to answer, Ebay to troll, Weboggle to play. In many ways, these types of activities can keep you out of trouble.

Let's use an example. In our (clearly fictional) situation, let's take an office job in which there is a very small staff.

Before a former-work-at-homer (admittedly) reluctantly leaps into a full-time, they're likely to take nearly everything into consideration -- and that involves who they'll be sharing their office space with. In every industry (we're aware that we could encounter the same personnel problems at Three-Day Blinds as we would as the second-in-command at Paramount; trust us, there are definitive archetypals who stand out in any work environment)

By the time you reach our (golden) age, you're probably in an industry where people rotate around a lot. That said, rumors may abound about a potenial or new co-worker. Having worked a tabloid, we know that there almost (almost) always is kernel of truth. Say someone in the office, male or female is diva, a very superfically friendly, even falsely affectionate, but truly self-serving....That situation although not always easy, is doable in many ways. Hiding in your pen helps. Being polite also helps.

A common "surprise" could be a co-worker you didn't know existed until you start/started your first day. Of course, we’re not talking about anyone in particular.

Our point here is that one singular person or small coven can create a toxicity (perhaps this is amplified by the fact that our "sample" office is a very small one).

How? This can happen in numerous ways. What if that person was always on the edge, the kind of person who the slightest thing set them off? What if swore frequently (but out of the boss' earshot)? Had phone fights? Made endless personal calls that you're subjected to, because you sit in extremely close proximity? But what if it wasn't so blatant? What if one person repeatedly refused to respect your mutual supervisor? What if that co-worker daily comes in up to an hour late or always leaves an hour early? What if that same co-worker felt themselves far above the fray? What if they had tantrums in the office?

What can you do? Or, what should you do?

Bearing in mind that we are not an authority of any kind: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The only recourse you have is to focus and worry only (and only) about yourself. Sometimes when things are so very obvious, it’s hard to ignore and you can lament and whine to yourself about the unfairness of things, but it’s really energy expended that doesn’t ever come back to you.

What if you worked in a satellite office and the big bosses are across the country and there was another co-worker who stole your work or took credit for what you did? Now this is a situation that takes careful consideration. Each person’s issues are relevant only to themselves, so you have to evaluate the best way to handle it. We can only say this: don’t back down. Fight the good fight. But only the good fight.

We try to be glass half-full about it all. The money. The fact that the work is good. All of that.

But we want you to be able to acknowledge that there is an issue. And remember these are not your friends. These are colleagues. Colleagues. Unless you are in your 20s, as we once were, oh so long ago and culled your friends from this pool, look elsewhere for socialization.

Just like you shouldn’t frt about colleagues (and what they are and aren't getting away with), you shouldn’t be worrying about establishing a “relationship” with everyone at work.

But the high road is called that for a reason – by being a good person, you genuinely benefit. The receptor of all this may not even realize it, but if you can be a good person without subjugating yourself (because that would make you feel yuckier), it all becomes better in the long run. It really does. We have come a long way to come to this conclusion.

By all means, a seemingly friendly environment always makes it easier.

You have nothing to prove. Except to yourself and the people who write your paycheck.

(Images: The Office (US/NBC) and The Office (BBC))

Hollywood’s “World Experience”

By Andrea Goodwin, associate editor (

As a celebration of the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Nathalie Dubois, a trend-setter in the world of celebrity gifting suites, and DPA, a top Hollywood entertainment strategist company, hosted the World Experience 2007 gifting lounge at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel last weekend. Golden Globe nominees, presenters of the Golden Globes, and press members including BeansTalk were invited to discover the latest in fine products from each continent of the world.

Starting with the “old continent”, which Nathalie had named "The European Boudoir", guests were first taken to Paris, France, with "Oh dis le moi" -- translated "Oh say it to me". This Parisian jewelry line offered their classy and sophisticated jewelry rings engraved with sweet words and introduced their one- of-a-kind “attachantes” brooches. Annah Roxxah, the accessory brand that embellishes their crochet chales with the famous Swarovsky crystals, offered guests some of their most beautiful items. Meanwhile, guests quenched their thirst with Volvic "created by volcanoes" and Badoit sparkling, both French pure water.

If the guests preferred something a bit more savory, Valdobbiadene Italy came to them to serve one of the finest prosecco producers, Bisol sparkling wines. "Exhibiting zesty grapefruit/citrus notes, well-formed, consistent bubbles, and a fruity, dry finish, Prosecco is the Little Black Dress – toujours tres chic – to Champagne ’s Ball gown." Some of the guests even took home the exquisite Murano glass buckets all hand blown by an artist on the island of Murano, Italy. All were numbered individually. While in Italy , Nathalie Dubois introduced her guests to Meltin’ Pot, one of the best designer denim lines, which gifted diverse articles from their newest line. BeansTalk was lucky enough to receive a pair of straight-legged “Mesh” jeans and appreciated the rock n’ roll attitude these denims seem to have. We have heard that the Rolling Stones wear these jeans, and that is good enough for us.

From there, Nathalie and guests crossed yet another border into Germany , where one of the finest jewelry brands, Niessing, displayed and offered some of their most unique diamond crafted gold and platinum jewels.

Leaving the old continent for the new, American Dreams was the theme, where beauty and fashion were the nucleus. Nathalie’s long time participant Frederic Fekkai Salon and spa offered their latest hair product to the Stars. The new Fekkai Advanced Hair Care Ageless is a revolution three-step hair care regimen that visibly corrects the first signs of aging and proactively prevents future damage. Still for the guests’ coiffe, Hai-Elite offered ceramic styling tools and ceramic hairdryers. BeansTalk will be giving both of these new hair products a try soon and will have a review in a future article. For the skin, Nia 24 gifted their "innovative, Niacin-based skincare providing 24-hour prevention, repair and protection for moderate to severe sun damage". ( You have heard us preach about that topic before!) Also present for the beauty of the eyes Xtreme lashes offered their semi-permanent lash extensions.

If guests needed a break, manicure and pedicure services were at the courtesy of Nails Plage, a Japanese nail salon on Montana. Guests could then relax there while nibbling on Millie’s Cheesecakes or Belgian chocolates from Madame Chocolat. (Sounds rough doesn’t it?)

After the little break, the guests continued to indulge in lavish presents like Kumi Kookoon fine silk eye mask and sleepers, gorgeous wool jackets from Woolrich established since 1830, and exquisite sexy lingerie from Biatta and Donna L’Oren. BeansTalk thought that the Woolrich ivory-colored parkas were especially memorable, and hopes to own one soon! Bill Blass Couture, courtesy of the fashion house Inc, accessorized special guests with their beautiful couture shoes, and Oscar de la Renta offered exquisite sunglasses. Jody Vialy introduced her private collection of fine luxurious vintage jewelry

One of the highlights of DPA and Nathalie’s "2007 world experience" talent lounge was the Organic Lounge. Here, Nathalie introduced to her famous guests the B’well Clinic. B’Well Clinic provided special guests with $20,000 worth of wellness services including a 360-Degree Total Wellness Assessment, 14-day clinical detoxification, cosmetic acupuncture, and bodywork.

From there, guests were invited to another continent, the cradle of the world: Africa . The stars then were surprised with the second important highlight of the suite -- a safari in Kenya, including airfares inside Kenya , hotel rooms, safaris, spas food, jewelry, artifacts. To highlight the trip, Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa, will offer 5 and 7 nights packages, and Heritage hotels will provide guests with the high-quality safari product and personal, attentive service for which East Africa is renowned, offering 2 nights at Samburu Intrepids and two nights at Mara Explorer-- their flagship tented camp in the heart of world renowned Maasai Mara. During their stay in Kenya , they will be exposed to two charities, David Shelirick Wildlife Trust and Mama Ngina's Children’s Home. BeansTalk offers that the charity visits may be the highlight of the trip for some travelers.

Moving onto the Nordic Trends, Nathalie introduced her guests to Scandihoovians, a bright, innovative and cutting-edge Scandinavian jewelry and design store featuring a new wave of brands in Scandinavia such as: trendy Danish fashion jewelry Pilgrim, the stylish handcrafted Rabinovich designs, the magical Trollbeads - personalized jewelry in sterling silver, gold, diamonds, Murano glass, the most innovative Danish design for your home, wine cellar from Menu, the bold and the beautiful Marimekko handbags, as well as Singelringen, the ring for singles, worn by proud, confident and available singles all over the world. Kerstin Florian offered her Signature Caviar skincare line.

Star Guests were then taken to the “Pacific/Asian Trades” area. In this corner, jewelry, dresses, exotic locations, and wedding arrangements were presented. Specifically, BeaValdes, from the Philippines , offered her fantastic jeweled bags, featured in Vogue. Tahiti Creation Poema by Orama, a unique custom-made spiritual ethnic jewelry line, which features beautiful Tahitian pearls, gifted the stars unique pendants and bracelets. Maggie Coulombe from Maui offered some lucky ladies her exquisite and elegant silk wraps and dresses. Lucy B, from Australia offered their organic lip-gloss. A willing star could have the opportunity to enjoy an exotic wedding offered by Tikki Village. Pearl Resorts and Le Tahaa private island and Spa invited the guests for 6 nights.

In the event she had underwhelmed her special guests, Nathalie offered trips to India where the Radisson Plaza Resort & Spa Kumarakom will present 5 and 7 night packages, along with aryurvedic spa treatments. Wow.

Finally, as the guests were seen leaving the lounge, they were invited to take home and enjoy all natural Biotene mouth hygiene kit by Laclede, Fifibear’s brasserie frozen organic baby food, Lonely Heart Club dolls, the St Tropez diet book and Vmoda latest plugs headsets, plus an extravagant gift bag courtesy of STUDIO at Fred Segal which included exotic Nectars, BURN candles and Gift Certificates for their Memoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery. Nikki Beach, in honor of their 10th anniversary, treated guests to a Nikki Beach membership card, an invitation to the 10th Anniversary in Miami Beach, and a beach towel and beach bag.

"The 2007 DPA world experience” gifting Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel was open on Friday, January 12th and Saturday January 13th for Golden Globes nominees from 10am to 6pm, and on Sunday January 14th, for the Golden Globes presenters from 9am-til 8pm.

More information:

Volvic $2.50
Lucy B $17
Lonely hearts club dolls. $22
Biatta $30
FifiBear’s Brasserie $42
Kumi Kookoon $50
Laclede, Inc $50
Donna L’Oren $70
studio at Fred Segal $75
Madame Chocolat. $75
Frederic Fekkai $115
Nia Skincare $120
Vmoda $120
Millie's Cheesecake $150
Oh Dis Le Moi $170
HAI hair accessories $250
Meltin’ $265
Bill Blass $325
Oscar De La Renta $350
Xtreme Lashes $600
Manea Spa $50
Maggie Coulombe $700
Bisol $720
Jody Viali $750
Kerstin Florian $750
Woolrich $1000
Annah Roxxah $1200
Scandihoovians , $800
Niessing $1250 (Niessing rings are seen in the image above)
Creation Poema By Orama$1500
Bea Valdes $2900 (a Bea Valdes bag is seen in the image above left)
Tiki Village $3500

BeansTalk's Tuesday TV

National Geographic Channel Premieres...

"The Final Report: Blackhawk Down”

Monday, January 22 at 10:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

On October 3, 1993, Somalis armed with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades ambushed elite units of the U.S. Army's Rangers and Delta Force. The U.S. soldier’s mission was initially to undermine a warlord but instead it becomes a tragic 15-hour firefight that leaves 18 Americans dead and 84 wounded — one of the single bloodiest firefights since Vietnam. Drawing from a wide range of sources, including interviews with experts and survivors, The Final Report: Blackhawk Down presents a fresh and comprehensive perspective on this failed operation and how the harrowing story that continues to haunt the U.S. military and foreign policy today. For more information, visit

"The Real Roswell"

Tuesday, January 23 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

On July 8, 1947 the U.S. Army issued a press statement claiming to have recovered a ‘flying saucer’ on a ranch outside Roswell, New Mexico. But within hours they retracted the statement saying that they had only found the remains of a weather balloon. Sixty years later the debate still rages and Roswell has become the UFO capital of the world. Did the military really recover dead aliens and their spaceship, as some people claim? If true, the United States government has kept one of the greatest secrets in history. Now, the National Geographic Channel investigates the clues behind The Real Roswell.

"Is it Real?: Life on Mars”

Wednesday, January 24 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

As long as we have lifted eyes into space, we have dreamed one day finding life on another planet. Scientists believe Mars may be the planet in our solar system that has life. But could there really be life on Mars? Join Is it Real?: Life on Mars as the National Geographic Channel interviews top planetary scientists and amateur researchers, who have dedicated their lives to the subject; scrutinizes pictures of the surface of Mars; and explores Mars-like terrain here on earth to separate scientific evidence from flights of fancy.

"Deep Sea Drillers"

Thursday, January 25 at 8:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

In an attempt to tap into some of the most inaccessible natural gas resources on earth, 5 high-tech mega vessels are building an 1,800 square mile gas network in the Gulf of Mexico. This record breaking project costing more than $2 billion dollars could produce enough gas to supply nearly 5 million U.S. households. Join NGC as Deep Sea Drillers take viewers 1 1⁄2 miles below the ocean’s surface to witness this project in action. And see how the world’s largest pipe laying ship, which carries 22,000 tons of pipes or the equivalent weight of more than 1,000 jet planes, builds an underwater gas export pipeline.

"Dog Whisperer: Skyler, Cassie & Tori"

Friday, January 26 at 8:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

First, Cesar meets an adopted miniature schnauzer named Tori compulsively spins in circles. After about a year, Tori’s owners tried to solve the problem by giving her some playmates, two more miniature schnauzers Cassie and Skyler. However, whenever Tori started her whirling routine they corner and attack her. With the attacks escalating and now drawing blood, can Cesar set this spinning schnauzer straight? Then, Cesar travels to New York City to meet four French bulldogs — Boris, Bella, Tallulah, and Groucho — who have begun their own French Revolution against their owner. Can Cesar stop their protests before they storm the Bastille? Finally, county police outside Atlanta, Ga., found Howie, a Lab/chow/shepherd mix, with a leash tied so tightly around his neck that it had grown into his skin and it had to be surgically removed. For two years now, Howie has resided at the local Animal Hospital and is now finally ready for the “real world” but he is aggressive towards new faces. Can Cesar rescue this rescued dog? For more information, visit

"Hunter and Hunted: Cougars” (wt)

Friday, January 26 at 10:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Cougar attacks on humans happen more often on Vancouver Island than anywhere else. Shockingly, one-third of cougar attacks in all the Americas have happened on this rugged island. What is making the cougars here so dangerous? Join the National Geographic Channel as two teams of experts investigate six cougar attacks, including one on 4-year-old girl who was defended by her mother. Their scientific analysis sheds new light on these attacks and reveals the surprising combination of factors that make this the Isle of the Cougar.

"Ultimate Factories: Harley-Davidson”

Sunday, January 28 at 8:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Harley Davidson is a legendary machine that is a symbol of freedom, adventure and the open road. Riders around the world love them but how many really know how they are put together? And how do the Harley-Davidson designers, engineers and technicians test the boundaries, creating the fastest factory-built drag racer ever made? Now, in Ultimate Factories: Harley-Davidson, NGC goes behind the scenes of the 10-acre flagship factory in Kansas City, Mo., to witness the birth of the latest model, the V-Rod, as it’s built from the ground up. Part cruiser, part sports bike, the V-Rod is a new breed of Harley built for speed, pure horsepower and packed with a list of firsts for Harley-Davidson — the first liquid-cooled, fuel injected engine; the first exterior frame; and the first hog to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.52 seconds, twice as fast as any other Harley models. For more information, visit, starting Wednesday, January 17.

"Ultimate Factories: Budweiser"

Sunday, January 28 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

Beer is the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Every year, factories brew more than 40 billion gallons of the foaming libation, enough to fill 50,000 Olympic swimming pools but the Anheuser-Busch factory brews more beer than any of the others. This manufacturing goliath is a state-of-the-art technological marvel. With the daunting task of making every drop taste like the perfect Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch has used the same yeast strain since 1876. Crucial to its flavor, this secret ingredient is under lock and key at the 100-acre brewery. What are the steps, secrets and science behind their legendary concoction? NGC has answers on tap inside the Budweiser Ultimate Factory in St. Louis, Mo. For more information, visit, starting Wednesday, January 17.

"Ultimate Factories: Peterbilt”

Sunday, January 28 at 10:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)

They are workhorses of the U.S. economy and a cultural icon of our open highways. Each day these trailblazing titans transport 25 million tons of goods across America, clocking more than 412 billion miles annually. Last year, more than 80 percent of America’s cities and towns would have come to a screeching halt as they rely solely on trucks to deliver all their cargo. At the Peterbilt factory in Denton, Texas, NGC uncovers the awesome power and secrets behind Peterbilt’s design as viewers witness one of the world’s most sophisticated trucks being built from scratch. From exploring Peterbilt’s history to attending the exceedingly popular big rig drag races, Ultimate Factories: Peterbilt shows why these massive trucks proudly bear the title of “Kings of the Road.” For more information, visit, starting Wednesday, January 17.

Underground Comedy

Spoons reveals painful-but-funny moments in the lives of twenty and thirty-somethings

BBC America’s late night comedy destination, The Underground, presents a brand-new sketch comedy about the fragile relationships of twenty and thirty-somethings — especially the ones held together by bad sex and worse marriages. Tune in to meet some characters that you may already know all too well, such as the “Keeping Tabs Boyfriend,” “Blind Date Man,” and “The wife who wants a f-ing baby!”. Spoons premieres Friday, February 23, 11:00 p.m. ET/8:00 p.m. PT.

The cast of Spoons has created a collection of spot-on characters based on young urbanites, mining the awkward, yet funny, moments from parties, job interviews, bad dates, bars, as well as the odd brothel. There’s the wife who forcefully reminds her partner that she “wants a f-ing baby!” at every possible waking moment, even during a game of charades. We meet the caring husband who offers to cook dinner for his wife, since she has just spent 29 hours delivering their first child. There’s also the paranoid boyfriend who reminds his girlfriend, “try to keep your knickers on this time!” whenever she’s out of his sight — getting popcorn at the movies or taking a driving test for her license. And who could forget the shameless “Blind Date Man,” who thinks a cockfight, or maybe paintball, is the path to romance.

Written by Charlie Brooker, Ben Caudell, Peter Holmes and Neil Webster, Spoons features some of today’s most talented young comic performers, including Rob Rouse, Kevin Bishop (Peep Show, Love Soup), Josie D'Arby (Look Around You), Tom Goodman Hill (Green Wing), Rosie Cavaliero (Feel the Force, Clatterford), Simon Farnaby (The Mighty Boosh), Elizabeth Bower and Kerry Godliman.

The Guardian described the series and challenged readers to use Spoons catchphrases, “It seems that the writers of Spoons wrote down all the things that are most on the minds of middle-class people in their 30s: relationships, work, relationships at work, sex, exes, sex with exes, children. And it’s very funny. Bottle of cider for the first person who, when a waiter asks them if they want anything, says, yes, they want a ….f-ing baby!”

Catch a Fire on DVD

Director Phillip Noyce (Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games) captures the intensity and tension of a crucial moment in the history of a nation and the life of one man in Catch A Fire, available on DVD January 30, 2007 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Oscar(r) winner Tim Robbins (Mystic River, The Shawshank Redemption) and Derek Luke (Glory Road, Friday Night Lights) star in this gripping saga of one innocent man's transformation into a national hero. Based on the true story of Patrick Chamusso, Catch A Fire vividly renders the turmoil and political intrigue of South Africa as the white apartheid government struggles to maintain its control of the black majority. Vibrantly photographed on location in South Africa and Mozambique, Catch A Fire has been critically acclaimed for its powerful portrayals and its
still passion and insight into issues that still resonate today.

Catch A Fire tells the true-life tale of Patrick Chamusso (Derek Luke), an oil refinery worker in 1980s South Africa who is transformed into a warrior against apartheid by his experience with law enforcement. After being falsely accused of a bombing and tortured by the brutal Colonel Nic Vos (Tim Robbins), Chamusso is radicalized and begins a journey that will make him one of South Africa's heroes. The DVD is priced at $29.98.

New DVDs

Man of the Year on DVD

What would happen if a popular late night talk show host ran for President of the United States - and won? Audiences will learn the hilarious answer when Man of the Year comes to DVD on February 20, 2007 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Written and directed by Academy Award® winner Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam) and featuring an unforgettably hysterical performance from Academy Award® winner Robin Williams (Good Morning Vietnam, RV), Man of the Year boasts an all-star cast, including Academy Award® winner Christopher Walken (Wedding Crashers), Academy Award® nominee Laura Linney (Love Actually), Jeff Goldblum (Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou) and Lewis Black (The Daily Show). A must-see for all Robin Williams fans, Man of the Year, a Morgan Creek production, delivers an original straight-from-the-headlines comedy about politics that are anything but usual. The DVD is priced at $29.98 SRP. Preorder close is January 16, 2007

In Man of the Year, popular talk show host Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) speaks the mind of an exasperated nation, aiming nightly zingers at politicians and their cronies. When Dobbs makes a joke about running for president, a grassroots movement sweeps him onto the ballot. Soon Dobbs is skewering his opponents and winning huge laughs - but even he never dreamed that he would win the election! Hilarity ensues as Dobbs must decide whether he should return to his late night time slot or stay in the Oval Office.

Synopsis: Acerbic performer Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) has made his career out of skewering politicians and speaking the mind of the exasperated nation on his talk show. He cracked scathing jokes at a fractured system night after night...until he came up with a really funny idea: why not run for president, himself? After a flip comment, Dobbs ignites a grassroots movement that puts him on the ballot. Hot on the campaign trail, he debates elected drones and says exactly what frustrated voters have often thought. Nov. 2nd later, the muckraker wins-only to learn that a computer voting error gave him the victory. With time ticking on the inaugural clock, Dobbs has a big decision to make: should he go back behind the mike or stay in the Oval Office?