Thursday, January 25, 2007

We Would Love Either of These

From our friends at the Platinum Guild (hey, if we could afford it, we’d be swathed in Platinum, too) ...

Whether you’re madly in love like Brangelina, or sexy and single like Jessica Simpson…there’s no doubt that Cupid will strike Platinum when he delivers his Valentine’s Day gifts this February 14th!

Jewelry and style expert Michael O’Connor dishes on some darling pieces that are perfect for everyone’s favorite celebs:

Leading ladies including Demi Moore, Ellen Pompeo and Eva Longoria should ask their men for simple and sophisticated Platinum circle pendants like those by Cynthia Bach. Stylish men like Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Ben Affleck should hint at a pair of Platinum cufflinks like those by Herco.

For those single yet fabulous girls like Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan…don’t fret over the lack of chocolate and flowers—take the opportunity to splurge on yourself with a fantastic pair of Platinum stud earrings like those by Suna Bros. Inc. (see attached photo).

And finally, for stars like Gabriel Aubry who might be looking to pop the question to Halle Berry…you can't go wrong with a simple brushed or shiny Platinum engagement band with a big solitaire diamond like’s (see attached photo).

Celebs love Platinum because it’s hypoallergenic (great for sensitive skin), holds their gemstones securely, and makes their bling sparkle from afar.