Friday, February 16, 2007

So Ludacris

Guests got their sexy on at the XM Satellite Radio "Release Therapy" Grammy Party for Ludacris at Social Hollywood thanks to Vibrel

Guests were abuzz Sunday night about the Vibrel "Sexy Time" Kits. They were so into them and thought it was a very sexy and clever party gift. The Vibrel "Sexy Time" Kit encourages users to try the "Release Therapy" experience and came with a sample of Vibrel, a condom and a breath mint in a sleek royal purple velvet pouch.

When the VIP hostess presented director Quentin Tarantino with a Vibrel "Sexy Time" Kit he took it, smiled a huge smile and said "I got my own 'sexy time' right here!" and left the party with a hot lady by his side.

Kevin Davitian, the actor who played Azmhat in the summer hit movie "Borat" which brought the term "Sexy Time” into the public consciousness, dispersed Vibrel "Sexy Time" kits to dozens of beautiful women who were all excited to meet him and learn his sexy time secrets. You may remember that Sascha Baron Cohen specifically thanked Azmhat at the Globes.

After Vanessa Minillo (our Filipina kababayan) gave her boyfriend Nick Lachey a lap dance when the new Ne-Yo joint "Because of You" came on, she made it clear she had plans to make good use of their Vibrel "Sexy Time" kits.