Friday, February 23, 2007

Best Actresses Get Some Support

Pretty, huh? Our friends at Victoria Secret tell us they’ve sent the best actress nominees that brassiere in the photo, above.

Here’s who received it:

Penélope Cruz in "Volver" (Sony Pictures Classics)
Judi Dench in "Notes on a Scandal" (Fox Searchlight)
Helen Mirren in "The Queen" (Miramax, Pathé and Granada)
Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" (20th Century Fox)
Kate Winslet in "Little Children" (New Line)

And here’s what they tell BeansTalk:

"What we think makes this gift so special is that it is really geared towards the actresses' needs and the actual Oscar events. The secret embrace bra is perfect to wear under Oscar gowns since it fits invisibly and comfortably under your clothing. The lip gloss is made with actual diamond dust to give nominees that extra "sparkle" as they walk the red carpet. Additionally, the personalized boxes can be kept as a memento from the day and is great for holding make-up or jewelry.

This gift really was created with the needs of the nominees in mind."

And here' s the release they sent out:

Best Actress Nominees to Receive Secret Embrace Bra and Very Sexy Diamond Collection Lip Gloss Adorned with Diamonds and Pink Sapphires

Victoria’s Secret is helping the Academy Awards Best Actress nominees prepare for their big Oscar Night with a sexy, luxurious gift. Victoria’s Secret is gifting each 2007 Best Actress nominee with an Angels Secret Embrace Strapless bra and a Very Sexy Diamond Collection Lip Gloss adorned with diamonds and pink sapphires. Presented in a lavish, black leather train case, embossed with their name and upholstered in pink satin, the gift set is worth over $7,000.

The Angels Secret Embrace Strapless Bra is stitch-free, tag-free and seam-free and creates a smooth, sexy silhouette under clothing – perfect under any red carpet gown. The bra is adorned with a dazzling, white gold chain that is decorated with 14 sparkling diamonds, weighing approximately 4 carats. A pavé diamond circular pendant sits at the center of the chain, creating a shimmery focal point for eye-catching cleavage. The chain can detach from the bra and be worn as a necklace, to showcase sexy, plunging necklines.

The Very Sexy Diamond Collection Lip Gloss is infused with genuine crushed diamonds to capture and reflect light from every angle. Scheduled to launch to the public in April 2007, this elite group of women will be the first to wear this glamorous new gloss on the red carpet. The lip gloss is ornamented with a sparkling, pink sapphire “VS” charm, weighing 0.3 carats that can detach from the lip gloss and fasten to the necklace.

Victoria’s Secret has honored the Best Actress nominees for the past six years and is proud to bestow this year’s talented actresses with this extravagant fantasy gift.