Thursday, November 30, 2006

ghd for an Oh So Good Hair Day

If you want to give someone a gift they will use daily and adore...

We love our ghd irons. We have one at work, one at home, one for travel. We are that addicted. This is a photo from NY Fashion Week which shows the locks of super models being tended to by stylists using our favorite iron. You cannot compare results. All other hair irons pale (pale) next to this one. Believe me, we know. Our three times Japanese Straightening has long grown out and we're condemned to iron when we want super straight. But with this iron, it works like a dream and even gives a tiny curl at the end if we want. It seals in natural oils. We look nice and sleek. We use the ghd Thermal Protector and a little bit of Kerastasse serum at the tips and then we ghd away.