Thursday, November 30, 2006

Because Complexions Don’t Stop At The Neck...

Beautiful skin means soft shoulders, sleek skin back and front, and smooth, supple legs. And that means time, lots of maintenance and lots of products. Or one Spongellé™.

Spongellé™ is the first and only all in one bath product that takes care of the body complexion, from neck to toe. Spongellé™cleanses, tones, hydrates, exfoliates and massages – courtesy of an infusion of skin-pampering ingredients and a user-friendly texture that changes from smooth and soft to slightly exfoliating whenever you change your grip. A four-in-one “bodywash,” this patent-pending bath treat (with 93 claims for unique attributes) is formulated with everything the body’s complexion needs for strength, beauty and good health, including…

Skin-building collagen, Green Tea extract to send free radicals on their way Potent anti-oxidant vitamins Rich Olive Oil for the ultimate in healthy long-lasting moisture (especially important for areas like knees, ankles, elbows) Sea Kelp for essential iron and minerals Bergamot fruit essence to soothe irritated skin and fight breakouts Gentle glycerin-based cleanser
Lemongrass Essence, lightly astringent and antiseptic, to heal existing acne without drying and prevent future outbreaks

A bouquet of healing, soothing and nourishing botanicals for healthy, clear, youthful and clean.

Spongellé™'s One of a kind fragrance blends like Sandalwood-Papaya, Green Apple-Lilac, Citrus Accord-Musk, Grapefruit-Amber, Peony-Cassis, Hot Spice-Ginger, Lily of the Valley-Green Tea, and French Lavender-Meyer Lemon make the pampering perfect. Spongellé™ are available in 5, 10 and 30-wash sizes (MSRP $5, $8, $18). Green-Apple-Lilac Infusion and Grapefruit-Amber Infusion are specially gift boxed with custom dishes (MSRP $36).

From the makers of Spongeables: Spongellé™ All-In-One Bodywash Infused Sponge – the new best thing to happen to showers and baths. For product information, please call 1-866-753-8324 x17, or visit the website at www.Spongellé.com.