Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oliver Ifergan Atelier
Launches Hair Products

Located in Los Angeles' Robertson shopping area since 2008, Oliver Ifergan Atelier salon has launched a namesake product line with a range of products for all types of hair.

For cleansing needs, clients can choose from Crest Shampoo, Wave Shampoo, and ASAP Dry Shampoo. For conditioning, there is a Daily Conditioner as well as leave in treatments such as Smooth, Dive Treatment, and Long Board Leave-In Treatment. All shampoos and conditioners are available in 3 convenient sizes – 2oz for $7.00; 8oz for $18.00; 32oz for $45.00.

Crest Shampoo – A mild shampoo that gently cleanses the hair. Sulfate, Paraben, Paba and Sodium Chloride Free. Essential nutrients restore the natural beauty of your hair and balance out the deficiencies. Works on all textures and even color treated hair.

Wave Shampoo – A deep cleansing shampoo with tea tree oil. This shampoo was developed to thoroughly cleanse and penetrate each hair shaft, removing excess oils and product build-up with a rich lather. The healing properties of tea tree oil cleanse the scalp. With a refreshing peppermint scent, this shampoo also contains lemongrass, sage leaf, geranium, and witch hazel extracts.

ASAP Dry Shampoo – A volumizing dry cleanser and hair refreshener. This dry powder is the perfect answer for days you don’t have time for a traditional shampoo. A simple application renews and revives hair, giving you fuller, more voluminous hair that has body and movement. Removes oily patches around the hairline and blends effortlessly with your natural color. Give your thirsty strands a break and promote full, touchable, natural looking hair with this unique volumizing dry shampoo. 3 oz, $25.
Daily Conditioner – No need to spend up to 15 minutes waiting for results like most deep conditioners recommend, Daily Conditioner will condition dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair in just 60 seconds. Structurizing proteins of differing molecular weights penetrate deep within the hair shaft producing benefits like no singular protein can. Rice protein with low molecular weight penetrates the hair shaft to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Corn protein with mid-range molecular weight adds shine and luster. Enriched with amino acids and vitamins essential to hair nutrition, botanical extracts energize and revitalize depleted, stressed hair. The special anti-static formula fights flyaway hair and the frizzies. Produces exceptional manageability and a healthy luster. PH balanced.

Smooth – A fusion of a deep treatment and finishing product, Smooth is a botanical rich leave-in conditioner and softening balm. Straightens and controls curly and frizzy hair for maximum manageability and shine. 6.75 oz., $25.

Dive Treatment – Revitalize damaged or distressed hair with this soothing botanical and antioxidant treatment. Great for overworked, chemically treated, and damaged hair. The active ingredients of this deep conditioner will penetrate into the core of your hair strands to strengthen elasticity and lock in moisture. 4 oz., $22.

Long Board Leave-In Treatment – A revolutionary leave-in conditioner that increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling. Great with flat irons, creates shine without weight. Also detangles while it strengthens and smoothes. 4 oz., $16.

For styling needs there is a wide variety of products to choose from. From balms and waxes to sprays and serums, Oliver Ifergan Atelier has it all. Products that are sure to be best sellers include Blow Up, OMG Root Boost, Screen Styling Spray, Whoop Defining Pomade, Day at the Beach, and Wow Light Styler. Other styling products include Curl Control, YELL Styling Gel, LYL Soy Detailing Paste, XNLT Thickening Crème, BWE (Best Wax Ever) Spray Wax, and LOL WAX.

Blow Up – Spray mist that adds incredible volume to hair without stiff or tacky feel. This alcohol-free styling product provides fabulous amounts of body and shine. 4.5 oz., $25.

OMG Root Boost – A foam to lotion spray that is easy to control and direct where you want to place it. Adds lift, dimension, volume, and style support. 8 oz., $25.

Screen Styling Spray – Excellent when used with curling irons, hot and Velcro rollers. This non-sticking thermal protectant prevents hair damage by permitting a clean release from styling tools. Hair is left brushable and volumized. 8 oz., $18.

Whoop Defining Pomade – Do your thing wet or dry with Whoop. This defining pomade gives just the right amount of hold and shine, perfect for after blow drying to show the definition of layers and highlights. 1.25 oz., $18.

Day at the Beach Spray – Kick it up a notch with this salt-infused spray for volume and flexibility. Designed to work with other volume infusing products. Use on wet or dry hair for that extra oomph that is sometimes needed to retexture or just release the style. 8 oz., $25.

WOW Light Styler – A light fiber styling paste that is great for lift, texture, molding, holding, twisting, and any other method that great hands can produce. Let your hands be the styling tool to take your great layered look to the next level. 4 oz, $18.00.

Curl Control – A combination smoothing and thickening gel. It was developed for curly and frizzy hair that needs to be smoothed and still have a tremendous amount of fullness and body. Now in one product you can have smoothness, shine, volume, soft hold, lift and dimension. 3.5 oz., $18.
YELL Styling Gel – Paraben-free holding and styling gel for men. 7 oz., $18.

LYL Soy Detailing Paste – Designed to help give definition to short hairstyles and create texture. Gives hair that special break-out undone look and feel. Create your own magic between washings. 2 oz., $16.

XNLT Thickening Crème – Transform ordinary hair into luxuriously chic, tousled, sensual-looking hair. Give it a lived in natural appearance with unbelievable thickness, incredible definition and attitude. 3.5 oz., $18.

BWE (Best Wax Ever) Spray Wax – BWE is a revolutionary new product designed to produce thicker and fuller dimensionalized hair. A light spray together with moving the hair with your fingers will produce as many styles as your imagination can explore. 5.5 oz., $18.

LOL Wax – This award winning wax lets you mold your hair into styles that you never thought your hair could do. 2 oz., $18.

To finish off styles, there are two hairspray options: Kiss offers fast-drying flexible hold, while WTF is a strong hold option. Bling Shine Spray, 2GTBT (Too Good To Be True) Smoothing Serum, and Hold Me Control Cream are all great options to polish off any look.

Kiss Hair Spray – A fast-drying, flexible fixative with exceptional hold. Humidity resistant and easy to brush through, leaving no sticky residue or build-up even after re-spraying. Great for long hair that needs hold yet free movement. 10 oz., $25.

WTF Hairspray – A fast-drying stronger holding styling and control mist. This versatile design tool provides texture, natural shine and long lasting touchable support. Leaves hair looking natural while adding the strength and volume necessary to make any style last all day long. 10 oz., $25.

Bling Shine Spray – Bling is the first product developed especially for the flat iron to glide smoothly through the hair, leaving behind a lustrous shine and radiance not to be surpassed. Containing multi-weight silicones, it protects against thermal damage as it smoothes, conditions, and seals the hair. 2.5 oz., $18.

2GTBT (Too Good To Be True) Smoothing Serum – Transforms and redefines any texture hair. Loaded with performance extracts, it makes curly hair smooth and natural looking, straight hair becomes brilliant, sleek, and full of shine. Hair takes on an unbelievable form. 1.75 oz., $25.

Hold Me Control Cream – A light cream that gives your hair just what it needs to create a glamorous look and light hold. 3.5 oz., $18.00.

Products launched in Spring 2011 at the salon and online at www.oliverifergan.com.