Friday, November 30, 2012

“Lexie doesn’t hammer you over the head with blues mama excesses; she sucks you in with restraint and understatement.”Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Ultimately, its finest asset is Ms. Roth's voice, a rich, melodic force that promises a bright future for this emerging artist."
Julian Wise, Martha’s Vineyard Times

“Music was in my blood from birth,” says Lexie Roth, the daughter of Arlen Roth (legendary guitar god who has performed with everyone from Simon and Garfunkel to Bob Dylan) who possesses a unique musical talent of her own.
Debuting her latest album Lexie Roth earlier this year, Roth just released the official music video for calming single, “Stay Or Go” exclusively throughNylon Magazine.
The “Stay Or Go” video is about the frantic restlessness of being in your early twenties and feeling constantly compelled to seek or forge an identity and a life; it’s about the struggle of being just one person wanting to experience, see, taste, meet, be everything and everyone at once. It is about the dichotomy of living between two radically different places. Roth has lived in Brooklyn since 2010 yet the rural island of Martha’s Vineyard is what she calls home. “I identify strongly with both existences and am constantly torn between the two, never fully satisfied by either inspired this video," said Roth. Roth and director Joel W. Henderson did a beautiful job of depicting this coming of age story in the splicing of Brooklyn panoramas and Vineyard winding roads. 
“Stay Or Go” is just one of the soothing, uncomplicated melodies on Lexie Roth. The album consists of 11 original tracks written and performed by Lexie Roth on lead and backup vocals and guitar, with special guest, Arlen Roth on lead guitar. The album has drive with drum fills that will get stuck in your head, bass that chugs it along like a train and harmonies that will make your heart melt.
Roth has been playing music since she was eight years old. Just ten years later, her debut album One Long Blink was released and gained attention as far as Japan. Since then, she has appeared on two of her father’s albums, Toolin’ Around Woodstock featuring Levon Helm on drums and his previous album Landscape. Most recently, Lexie was featured on the track "Vaya Con Dios" on the brand new release of the Les Paul Tribute Album Thank You Les along side of Keith Richards, Jose Feliciano, Steve Miller, Slash, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Eddie Brigati Jr. (The Young Rascals) and many other greats who played with Les Paul through the years.
Take a peek and listen.
“I couldn’t live without music… It makes me feel, and lets me express the deepest things I need to express.  It couldn’t feel more natural to me.”