Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Believe It -- Or Not...

Moisturizer Wins Out Over Sex

According to new research released today by Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden, majority of women would rather give up sex than their moisturizer.

Sanctuary Spa surveyed over 1,000 women and found that good skincare and great skin were a top priority across the board…

·         Majority of women would rather give up sex and Downton Abbey than moisturizer
·         Over half of women would prefer to look younger than slimmer
·         A quarter of women admit they feel most self-conscious about their skin
·         Clothes and skin are the first things women notice about each other

It may not surprise you to find out that --- The revealing study on female appearance, attached, coincides with new clinical data into Sanctuary Spa’s best-sellingTherapist’s Secret Facial Oil (SRP $40), which found that two drops of this skin super food is as moisturizing as a leading luxury day cream more than five times the price.