Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Our You Tube Obession


Clearly, BeansTalk is not a 14-year-old girl -- but one lurks within.

To prove this, this is our latest obsession:

Texan Rachel "Bunny" Meyer aka Grav3yardgirl, YouTube sensation.

Check out her videos:


You won't be sorry you did.

We especially like her real-life take on items she buys herself (she identifies if she's gifted anything) and came across her when we were trying to figure out what those spiral curler things were (Curlforms). We've watched numerous videos, much to the alternate amusement and chagrin of our CEO and CFO.

It took BeansTalk all of a minute to grow accustom (and eventually fond) of her OTT antics, loud voice (she has hearing issues, people!), rapid-fire banter and playful (at least it is to us) mugging.

We find her quite fun. We do!