Thursday, April 29, 2004

Weilding Her Sword: No, Lindsay Lohan isn't fencing with alleged rival Hillary Duff, but she is wearing a diamond sword by premiere jeweler Ron Hami. the "Mean Girls" star has been wearing the necklace to a couple of recent events.

Rough Girlz: At her own party last night, Michelle Rodriguez wore a leather jacket by BCBG and a full-length, cleavage inducing La Perla dress. Guest Anne Heche chose a logo Gucci hat and Dolce & Gabbana suit. Tori Spelling has joined the blondes with small accessory crowd, as she was out last night with her pug, which was wearing a baby pink sweatshirt. Also at the Lint-Roller Event, Oscar-winner Charlize Theron was with her blond Cocker Spaniel which looks enough like Montana "Monty" Mendoza Province to be a relative.

Seinfeld Surprise: Jerry Seinfeld was surprised by a party for his 50th Birthday.

Boob Test Run: A San Diego-based company, The Curves Connection is allowing potential breast enhancement candidates to sample what it's like to have bigger boobies. They get aSaline implant filled bra to let patient experiment with different breast sizes BEFORE surgery, and before and after pics to make that ever-so-important decision. "We test drive cars or try on clothes before committing to purchase either," stated Merrel Olesen, MD, Director of the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre and creator of The Curves Connection™. "We just thought, how much more important than a car or clothes is a woman's decision to have breast augmentation?"

Red Faced?: Sensitive or Post-Procedure (read facial peel, ect.) is the focus of facialist and salon owner, Layla Fayyad of Visage de Layla. As part of this new skin care, a special line of "clinical" products was created for the particular needs of post-surgical skin, or skin that is recovering from procedures. Each product is pH balanced for extreme sensitivity, and formulated with the ultimate in soothing and healing ingredients. The products Azu-Zinc Soothing Masque and Arnica Facial Wash are said to also calm a bikini area that's feeling a post-shave or post-wax burn. Yee-Ha!

Shows To Watch: Check out BBC America's "Jonathan Creek," "Murder in Mind" and "Murphy's Law" for some comic-tinged drama. J.C. Province may dub it "derivative" (he's a hard core "Six-Feet Under" fan, but A&E's "Family Plots" is entertaining, albeit not as gruesome as it could be (not that I'm advocating more morbid moments, mind you).