Friday, November 07, 2008

Ferrin's Fine Fashions

by Topacio Althaus BeansTalk Contributor

BeansTalk got a firsthand look at how sensational designer and all-around fashion guru Abi Ferrin, works her magic at a recent VIP shopping extravaganza in Beverly Hills, located at the Thompson Hotel. BeansTalk gawked over Ferrin's array of multi-colored fashions.

Abi Ferren names her unique pieces of clothing after women who h inspire her. The Denise dress in her 2008 Fall/Winter Collection (, is an ideal example Ferrin’s versatile and functional clothing.

Key elements to the Denise dress are Ferrin-designed pockets: any woman can enjoy a night out on the town without carrying an annoying, good-time interfering handbag.

Ferrin incorporates modern designs with a hippie vibe, which are best featured in her Nepal vest and cuffed trousers design, as seen in the 2008 Fall/Winter Collection.

Not only does Ferrin successfully combine the modern and Bohemian, but she also uses friendly knit fibers.

Ferrin tells BeansTalk, "[knit fibers] are made in Brazil and are all eco-friendly. They’re made in factories that are environmentally and socially conscious.”

Ferrin is also an advocate in helping oppressed women with the design of her beautiful Cambodian clutches, which are made by women rescued out of the Cambodian sex trade. The women are given training, fair pay, food and shelter for their work done in their micro-businesses.

All of Ferrin’s designs feature a Nepal button, which are also made by women who are rescued from the sex-trade in Nepal.

Ferrin adds, “It's beyond just sending them money, I buy a product so they have work, a job and career.” Ferrin puts a button on each garment, which supports their business, and in the end, "make women here feel great about themselves and help women overseas; it gives woman an opportunity for a different life.”