Monday, December 01, 2008

Introducing Pinnington Bags

Diaper Bags For Stylish Moms

Long gone are the days of vinyl pastel diaper bags. Think you'll be stylish with your Petunia Picklebottom bag? Think again.

Pinnington Bags, the non-diaper bag/diaper bag offer a stylish carry-all for new moms.

During graduate studies at New York University, Pinnington designer Carly Liberatore, ventured off course from her B.S. degree, and took a side job as an interior designer.

Liberatore discovered a new found passion when she learned to sew in a high-end drapery workroom. Combining luxurious fabrics, her new-found knowledge of interior design and her flair for fashion, Liberatore soon created her own collection.

Although it started as a collection of women’s handbags, and inspired by the blossoming motherhood around her, Libertore’s Pinnington evolved into an assortment of diaper bags.

Libertore tweaked her collection to grow with the new lifestyles of her pregnant friends, family and fans. She called the collection Pinnington Bags for her mother, whose maiden name in Pinnington.

Each Pinnington Bag is handmade and takes about five hours to make. The bags come in a variety of patterns and materials including modern swirls in ivory and purple blue cut velvet stripes, pink and rust silk damask and orange on tan cut-velvet pinwheel pattern.

Three collections make up Pinnington Bags: The Emily Messenger Bag, The August Ruffled Bag, and the Anna Rouched Bag. Each group is named after a Liberatore niece or nephew- who are currently her three most important little ones.

Available in two sizes, the large diaper bag is designed as a classic, hold-all diaper bag, while the smaller accessory bag is better suited for carrying just basics. All bags have clean lines, a stylish tapered shape and feature a wipe-able change pad, comfortable carry straps and plenty of pockets (five interior and two exterior.)

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell plan to use their Pinnington Bag once their twins are born, and Tori Spelling and Constance Zimmer have requested to tote their must- have mommy items around in Pinnington Bags (retail $330 to $350).

Pinnington Bags are available at local retailers and nationally at