Monday, June 08, 2009

Poof! It All Smells Good

You’re still in that magical phase in your relationship…and you’re not quite ready to break the spell. You’ve spent the night, but maybe you’ve rushed home to ah, attend to business, if we might say it delicately. Heather Locklear once said she keeps her relationship with Richie Zambora hot because they have separate bathrooms, and that he had never seen her make a No. 2. Obviously Locklear's theory didn’t work, and now there’s something that may have helped her share a restroom with her man and not worry about anything.

This product called Poof makes everything odorless and it’s safe, too. It’s not a spray that attempts, unsuccessfully, to “mask” unpleasant scents. But makers of Poof say that one drop spreads across the surface of the water in a toilet bowl so odors simply cannot penetrate. A quick flush and everyone will think you really were powdering your nose.

In other words, Poof lets you poop in privacy and peace.