Monday, December 21, 2009

Anna Griffin Embellishments, Papers and Albums

We know, you are thinking that this is a total weird-ass list, but we did say it was what we wanted for the holidays, with the caveat that it might be something you might want, too.

It makes us sound like home schoolers -- or Mormons (we are neither), but here we announce to the net wide that we make scrapbooks and scrapbook journals. We make them to pass onto the Chairman of the Board and we make them for (very) good friends. We find it relaxing and creative. Sneer if you will, but if you ever received one of these beauties from us, you'd be forever grateful.

There are many companies in the world of (we don't like this word) "Scrapbooking" and they're primarily based in Provo or other environs in Utah. But one of our particular favorites are papers and epoxy embellishments and chipboard letters by Anna Griffin. We've always loved all things antique-y and retro and the 1940s are probably our favorite "pattern" era (think large floral oilcloth couches and the like). Griffin's products, found at QVC, craft stores and the like, are just beautiful quality.