Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Pouring in Southern California

And finally, finally, we have a chance to wear rain boots. We keep overhearing other locals lamenting that they don't even have rain boots and making suggestions to each other about where to find and order them.

In researching this story, it proved a big surprise at how many choices are available -- and in a wide range of prices. Check out some of our favorites.

Midnight Paisley Victoria Rain Boot

With corset back lacing for adjustability, these boots with an authentic English riding style provide comfort with a contoured fit. They feature original prints, finished top band, low heel and textured sole to help prevent slipping.

All Victoria boots feature a whisper-soft fleece lining and insole.
corset lacing in back
English riding boot styling
spur stop
textured sole

däv rain boots are made for the rain and feature Poron© inserts for shock absorption and comfort. däv boots are packaged with a nylon drawstring bag, use it to conveniently store and tote your boots.

BeansTalk note: These are our boots! We love the lining -- rainboots can get sweaty with just the fabric mesh lining in most boots. Plus, these are gorgeous. We pair them up with over-the-knee chenille socks and the matching umbrella, also available on their site. Adorable. (The boot-and-sock pair up, not us! We got them this season to replace the boring matte black, chunky wide-heeled DKNY boots we don't think we've ever worn...) BTW, dav rain also has waterproof rain pumps, purses (we have one we love, in black patent), umbrellas and more.