Monday, February 01, 2010

Grammy Nominee Performs Live

by Michael Robinson
Contributor, BeansTalk

Oren Lavie spent the Thursday before the Grammys celebrating his nomination by performing at the Bergamont Station in Santa Monica.

Lavie was nominated in the category “Best Short Form Music Video” for the video of his song “Her Morning Elegance,” which he also produced and co-directed. He faces stiff competition with Coldplay, The Black Eyed Peas and Depeche Mode also battling for the award and The Black-Eye Peas won.

The stop-motion music video has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube.

Lavie’s manager, Mike Savage understands that the competition for the award is very tough, but also knows that this could be just what Lavie needs to boost his career.

“If somehow the dark horse wins out, it would be huge for [Lavie] right now,” said Savage, about his client who released his last album on his own label.

The night wasn’t only a celebration for Lavie. A gallery was also set up for photographer Eyal Landesman, who shot all 2,096 photos that were used for the music video.

Lavie announced during his performance that there will be multiple galleries set up around the world where they will be attempting to sell all of the original photos from the video. Lavie confessed that he and everyone else involved loved the video so much that they couldn’t just let it be over.

“We’re trying to sell 2,096 photographs … which could take up to 25 years,” said Lavie through a bit of laughter.

The tentative locations for possible future galleries are New York City, Berlin, and Tel Aviv to go along with the gallery already set up in Santa Monica.