Friday, April 16, 2010


Prom season has arrived! Prom dress trends, accessorizing with right hair and makeup are offered up by style expert Nick Verreos of Project Runway and MSN’s The Victory Project. While working with the Real Woman of The Victory Project, Verreos has tricks of the trade from re-styling the traditional prom to re-vamping.

Nick’s Tips to the Girls:

* "Ladies, this is NOT your Mother's Prom! For 2010, young women have many more choices of what to wear for the Prom.

* You can be LESS TRADITIONAL and more Trend-driven.

* Girls don't always have to go with that LONG GOWN! The short cocktail length is becoming more and more the "IT Dress" for Proms. Many girls are dressing more as if they were going to the MTV Awards and less like they were a Bridesmaid at a wedding! But definitely: NO HOOCHIES!! You don't want to end up in a "Bad Prom Dress/What Were you Thinking?" website!

* Think of where your prom is being held and what you will be doing that night with your date and friends. Nobody wants to sit in the back of a limo with TWENTY yards of tulle! I remember one prom date of mine (yes, I went to many darlings!) where my date bought a Vintage wasp-waisted 50's full-skirted tulle dress. She started the night looking like a Christian Dior model from the 1950's and ended the night looking like she was the Star of a bad horror movie!

* In terms of TRENDS, metallics (a gold brocade mini dress); expensive-looking embellishments (crystal sequined detail); try and stay away from SHINY satins, look for more MATTE satins; chose dresses that emphasize the waist with a built in band or belt, that will "cinch" you in.

* Keep it YOUNG and FRESH: You may want to look like Angelina Jolie on the red carpet BUT wait until you're "nominated" to do that! You'll have plenty of time to look mature and sophisticated; you're only in high school once!

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