Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Farmhouse Fresh Products Offered At NYC Spa

FarmHouse Fresh® bath and body products are now available for retail, as well as incorporated in two nail and body treatments, at Just Calm Down boutique day spa in New York City.

Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh® brands, describes the company's concept as “adding a touch of whimsical humor to our bath and body routine." “Spa lovers can enjoy our ‘tempti-licious’ products such as the award-winning Whoopie! shea butter body cream in a decadent dessert scent, Bourbon Bubbler body polish with real Kentucky Whiskey, or Honey Heel Glaze moisturizer with rich honey and live papaya fruit cells.”

According to Tara Oolie, Owner and President of Just Calm Down, “We love FarmHouse Fresh® because it combines seduction with girlish fun, and we wanted to blend their down-to-earth concept of life on the farm with sophisticated Gossip Girl-inspired Manhattan culture which combines lots of shopping and high-maintenance beauty, with mystery, intrigue, jealousy, and romance, topped off with flirtatious socializing over evening cocktails.”

The new Queen Bee manicure and pedicure available at Just Calm Down include: polish removal; soak; filing; cuticle trim; pedicure filing and callous removal; application of a sugar scrub followed by a Queen Bee scrub made of brown sugar, honey and bee pollen extract warm water rinse; and a FarmHouse Fresh® Honey Heel Glaze massage for hands and feet to seal in moisture and keep hands and feet feeling silky, smooth and ready for a day of shopping and late-night escapades. Says Oolie, “Kick-off those Louboutin’s and soak those couture toes in a one of a kind mixture of milk, honey and bee pollen extract. A seductive scrub and signature Honey Heel Glaze massage will keep your hands and toes in the social media know! Watch out B and S, the Met steps has the newest Queen Bee ready, willing and going to sting! You know your digits will love me. XOXO, Just Calm Down.” The one-hour Queen Bee pedicure retails for $85.00, the 30-minute manicure retails for $45.00, and they can be purchased separately or combined into one service. Extremely lightweight in texture with smooth finish, the FarmHouse Fresh® Honey Heel Glaze is fragranced with velvety cinnamon notes, sweet cloves and actual honey. It contains genuine all-natural honey--a humectant that helps attract and retain moisture--and vitamin-packed ingredients such as aloe leaf juice, pineapple and papaya fruit extracts. The Honey Heel Glaze retails for $24.00 in a 3-ounce glass jar, for those who want to feel like a Queen Bee at home.

Drinks on the House! body exfoliation service (50 minutes; $135.00) at Just Calm Down includes: application of the FarmHouse Fresh® Bourbon Bubbler body scrub for exfoliation; warm shower; and a rub down using the FarmHouse Fresh® Whoopie! shea butter body cream. “Your skin will feel sexily soft with our Just Calm Down southern hoe down Bourbon Bubbler scrumptious body scrub,” explains Oolie. “A mixture of brown sugar, real Kentucky whiskey, vitamin E, and rice bran oil circulated city style will give your body a nourishing jumpstart before any backless event! A Whoopie! cream rubdown sounds as good as it feels, and will leave your skin glowing, dewy soft and ready for whatever comes next…” The Drinks on the House! treatment can be followed by any sunless tanning service, such as Just Calm Down’s Sunner in the City, as the Bourbon Bubbler scrub uses rice bran oil, which does not leave the typical oily residue that prevents tanning lotions from sticking to skin. “It’s of real benefit for spray tan goddesses because of its squeaky clean finish,” states McLinden. Fragranced with sweet molten gingersnap and pecan, the paraben- and sulfate-free Bourbon Bubbler retails for $32.50 in a 12-ounce glass jar. “The Whoopie! cream is a jarful of joy reminiscent of the home baked Whoopie pies made famous by farmers of yesterday who would shout with joy, ‘Whoopie!’ when they found the heavenly desserts in their lunch pails,” explains McLinden. The paraben- and sulfate-free Whoopie! contains a supple blend of Shea and cocoa butters, jojoba seed oil, soybean oil, aloe and vitamins A and E. The butters and oils soften and soothe even the severest of dry, chapped skin, while helping to improve the skin’s elasticity. The aloe and vitamin E also help to calm skin irritations and sunburns. Whoopie! retails for $30.00 in a 10 oz. glass jar in a vintage-inspired box with a fun memorabilia image that makes it a beautiful gift and keepsake.

Just Calm Down was founded by beauty and fashion junkie and entrepreneur Tara Oolie who created a European-inspired, warm and welcoming environment to pamper and soothe her treasured clients. The spa offers clients the opportunity to select their own music, ingredients and scents for the treatments, including the oil blend for massages and products for their facials. Just Calm Down offers face, nail, and body services, including facials, massage, spray tan, waxing and eyebrow shaping.

Just Calm Down is located at 30 West 18th Street in New York. (See map For more information about Just Calm Down, visit their website at or call 212.337.0032. For more information about FarmHouse Fresh® products, please contact FarmHouse Fresh® at 888-773-9626 or visit online at