Thursday, December 02, 2010

Celeb Stylist's Holiday Hair Tips

Stylist Jason Townsend at Essensuals London in Los Angeles has some Holiday Hair Tips. Celebrity fans of this new salon include Emily Blunt, Michelle Williams, Kate Bosworth, Heidi Klum, Scarlett Johansson, and many others.

All of the product suggestions are from Oliver Ifergan Atelier, the namesake product line from the Beverly Hills salon. The line just launched this month! Celebrity clients at this salon include Sofia Vergara, America Ferrera, Ana Ortiz, Shannon Doherty, Paulina Rubio and many others.

Holiday hair means a lot more styling, blow drying, curling/flat irons, hot rollers so to keep it on top shape there are a few things we can do.

First off since it is winter, we tend to take hot shower and that leads to color fading and dry hair.

The best thing to do is to use a color safe or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, after shampooing put the conditioner in and clip it up on top of your head that way you keep it out the water and let the conditioner do it job, after cool the water down and rinse it completely out.

* Crest Shampoo from Oliver Ifergan Atelier is a great option. A mild shampoo that gently cleanses the hair. Sulfate, Paraben, Paba and Sodium Chloride- Free. Essential nutrients restore the natural beauty of your hair and balance out the deficiencies. Works on all textures and even color treated hair. Comes in three convenient sizes. 2 oz., $7. 8 oz., $18. 32 oz., $45.

If you are using a deep conditioning treatment, only use it once a week and for no more than 20 minutes. Over doing will also result in color fading and dryness.

* A great product is the DIVE Treatment from Oliver Ifergan Atelier. Revitalize damaged or distressed hair with this Paraben-free, soothing botanical and antioxidant treatment. Great for overworked, chemically treated, and damaged hair. The active ingredients of this deep conditioner will penetrate into the core of your hair strands to strengthen elasticity and lock in moisture. 4 oz., $22.00.

To create and keep your hair looking its best here are a few styling tips:

- Before blow drying always use a styling product to protect the hair from the heat, this could be a mousse, volume spray, or a cream, not only will it allow your blow dry to last longer but it will protect it from humidity.

* The first step in creating any style this winter is Blow Up from Oliver Ifergan Atelier, a spray mist that adds incredible volume to hair without a stiff or tacky feel. This alcohol-free styler provides fabulous amounts of body and shine. 4.5 oz., $25.00.

-To finish use a shine spray or serum not only will it keep it looking healthy and shiny but it will give extra bounce to those curls and keep the flyaways down on those smooth waves.

* Bling Shine Spray from Oliver Ifergan Atelier is the first product developed especially for the flat iron to glide smoothly through the hair, leaving behind a lustrous shine and radiance not to be surpassed. Containing multi-weight silicones, it protects against thermal damage as it smoothes, conditions, and seals the hair. 2.5 oz., $18.00.

If you are going to using the curling irons or flat irons make sure to spray on a workable hair spray, nothing to sticky or wet this will just make your hair look like plastic, use one with a dryer finish not only will it act as a barrier between your hair and the iron for protection but it will keep your style lasting longer.

* Kiss, a fast-drying, flexible fixative with exceptional hold from Oliver Ifergan Atelier is a great choice. Humidity resistant and easy to brush through, leaving no sticky residue or build-up even after re-spraying. Great for long hair that needs hold yet free movement. 10 oz., $25.

- From Jason Townsend, stylist at Essensuals London in Los Angeles

- Oliver Ifergan Atelier products are available at