Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Swamp Men

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Rescuing wild alligators, venomous snakes and feral hogs -- it's all in a day's work at the Billie Swamp Safari in the Florida Everglades. Best described as controlled chaos, the park offers its visitors face-to-face encounters with swamp animals. But sometimes these close encounters can mean trouble for people and wildlife. Its up to the park's director, Ed Woods, and his tough team of self-described Swamp Men to patrol the land, relocate animals from dangerous situations and rescue animals in need.

Swamp Men: Fire Hazard
Monday, January 3, at 10PM ET/PT

The Safari staff have a lot of work and danger in front of them as they round up overpopulated bison to relocate to a ranch in Illinois. The team also searches for injured animals while a forest fire ravages the adjacent Seminole cultural area. Meanwhile, Shea, who is quickly becoming one of the top gator handlers at the Safari, is getting one-on-one training in his deepwater gator-catching technique from Paul, a master of this skill. To thank the guys for all their hard work, Ed holds a frog leg-eating contest. Who will get the crown and who will get housekeeping duty for a week?