Thursday, April 07, 2011

From the We Love A Great Handbag Files: Leaders in Leather

We got a cross-body variation of this style, seen directly above (BeansTalk readers know that for the last couple of years, we're only carrying cross-body pocketbooks). Ours has a flap and we love it. We got it at Nordstroms. The bag is extremely unique, a great conversation starter and very versatile. Moreover, it's super-well made.

Leaders in Leather

Every now and then we fall into a "paradise in a pocketbook" frame of mind. As retail therapy goes, a beautiful purse can make your week, if not your month! See the photos above for a look at some of the latest styles of the Austin, TX-based Leaders in Leather.

While we have a fondness for the tooled-leather styles (they remind us of the many bags, wallets and belts our mother and grandmother made in the late 1940s/early 1950s), these new bags are smokin' -- LL designer, Ricardo Zuniga has a real feel for what constitutes an accessible handbag that is also very stylish. Some are more edgy than others, and yet still more are traditionally classic. We like to refer to these kinds of items as jewelry-like -- and by that we mean that an item is heirloom quality and something you and will pass down to your children.

Founded in 1991 by Chilean Designer Ricardo Zuniga, Leaders in Leather has grown into the international company it is today. With attention to detail and style, Leaders in Leather was founded with one simple objective: to provide hand tooled leather products that are fashion forward and functional. The entire process, from the tanning of the hide to the smallest finishing details, is proudly displayed in the finished masterpiece.

Visit their website, Leader in Leather for more information and photographs.