Friday, October 07, 2011

Brad Pitt Dons Sama in Moneyball

From Director Bennett Miller (Capote) comes the much anticipated film, Moneyball starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s general manager who is rarely caught without a positive attitude, a witty comeback, and a pair of Sama Louis aviators.

Moneyball marks Brad and Sama Eyewear’s first partnership onscreen, but Brad and Sama’s relationship developed many years ago with his personal wardrobe. This relationship proved beneficial when it came to Brad’s new film. Designer and CEO of Sama Eyewear, Sheila Vance, was called upon to design the perfect pair of iconic aviators for Brad Pitt’s character Billy Beane.  Similar to Beane himself, Sheila knew that the key to creating the best product was extensive research.  Collaborating with the props and wardrobe team, Sheila began a three-prong process to create a set of aviators that were both stylish and reflective of Beane’s character.

The first wave involved determining the perfect aviator shape, base, curve and size for Brad’s face, while also incorporating the style of the time.  After testing a series of Sama styles, Sheila and the props and wardrobe team determined a variety of aviator that would be the most suitable and after the first fitting with Brad the Louis aviator was selected. The second wave involved working on the frame colors to find the perfect combination of shades and finishes for the aviators.  The final wave was all about the finishing touches--lens colors, density and non-reflective coating--resulting in a total of nine custom Louis aviator shades that not only translate beautifully on film but also manage to enhance Brad’s already undeniable appeal.

The Louis frames are available for purchase at Destination: Sama boutiques as well as Ilori stores nationwide and retail for $395.00. Various frame and lens colors are available including Brad Pitt’s personal favorite: platinum frames with a custom vintage green lens.

Moneyball trailer:

Sama Eyewear is headquartered in West Hollywood, California and in addition to the Sama brand; exclusive Sama collaborations include the Loree Rodkin Eye Couture, Badgley Mischka Couture Eyewear and L’Agence.