Monday, October 17, 2011

Florida's Zombie Alligators


Nat Geo Wild's Monster Bash

Frightening predator swarms, freaky forest killers and monsters in the swamp.  Freddy Krueger doesn’t have anything on them!  Beware of the creepy, crawly, bloodthirsty, growling animals that go bump (or bite!) in the night … especially on Halloween.

It’s Nat Geo WILD’s Monster Bash Week.  Starting Monday, October 24, 2011, through Friday, October 28, 2011, tune in at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET/PT for the best of nature’s scariest beasts, doing what they do best:  biting, attacking and killing their prey for a ghoulish good time in the animal kingdom.  Then on Sunday, October 30, and on Monday, October 31, it’s a marathon of flying demons, death worms and other nightmares in the Amazon.

Monster Bash Week schedule includes:

Monday, October 24
7p – Spiders:  The Dark Side
10p – Swamp Men:  Most Wanted (Premiere)

Tuesday, October 25
7p – Prehistoric Predators:  Wolf
10p – Africa’s Deadliest:  Killer Tactics (Premiere)

Wednesday, October 26
7p – Man v. Monster:  Cold-Blooded Killers
10p – Africa’s Deadliest:  Predator Swarm (Premiere)

Thursday, October 27
7p – Man v. Monster:  Amazon Terror
10p – Africa’s Deadliest:  Lethal Weapons (Premiere)

Friday, October 28
7p – Man v. Monster:  Flying Demon
10p – World’s Deadliest:  Forest Killers

Sunday, October 30
12p – Beast Hunter:  Swamp Monster of the Congo
1p – Beast Hunter:  Nightmare of the Amazon
2p – Beast Hunter:  Sea Serpent of the North
3p – Beast Hunter:  Mongolian Death Worm
4p – Man v. Monster:  Flying Demon
5p – Man v. Monster:  Amazon Terror
6p – Man v. Monster:  Cold-Blooded Killer
7p – Zombie Alligators
8p – World’s Weirdest:  Freaks in the Ocean
9p – World’s Weirdest:  Freaks of the Sky
10p – World’s Weirdest:  Freaks on Land

Monday, October 31
4p – World’s Weirdest:  Freaks in the Ocean
5p – World’s Weirdest:  Freaks of the Sky
6p – World’s Weirdest:  Freaks on Land
7p – Spiders:  The Dark Side
8p – Zombie Alligators
9p – World’s Deadliest:  Creepy Killers
10p – Swamp Men:  Gator Beatdown (Premiere)

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