Friday, May 11, 2012

Prince Charles' Bachelor Party Menu For Sale

Rare Royalty Memorabilia from Prince Charles' Stag Party

From BeansTalk friend Alicia Carroll and Everything Royal:

For Sale -- Menu from Prince Charles' bachelor dinner held at White's, a 300-year-old gentleman's club in London.

Signed and Dated July 22, 1981 by HRH Prince Charles

Simply signed Charles; also signed by Nicholas Soames, Hugh Van Cutsen, Nick Gaselee (his daughter Sarah Jane was a bridesmaid), Lord Romsey, and Nicholas Jenkins (tutor to Prince Charles) among others.

Purchased directly from a gentleman who attended the bachelor party in 1981.

Respected royalty expert Carroll tells BeansTalk "This is the only known menu to have survived. I have never seen another bachelor menu signed."

Prince Charles is seen leaving White's, 22 July 1981, the night of his Stag Party, the evening before he married his first wife, the late Diana, Princess of Wales.


Signatures from attendees, including the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

Laminated in plastic.

Two sided with crease in center. 7" X 9"

$3,500.00 includes postage and insurance in the US

All questions answered via email.

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The day of Prince Charles' wedding to Lady Diana Spencer. He is seen walking down the abbey aisle with his younger brothers, Prince Andrew, to his right and Prince Edward, to his left.