Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Pet Shop Boys

New Pet Shop Boys



Astralwerks will release the new Pet Shop Boys album entitled Elysium on September 18, 2012.   Recorded in Los Angeles, the album was co-produced by Pet Shop Boys and engineer/producer, Andrew Dawson, who has won three Grammy awards for his work with Kanye West.

A sneak peek of the album track “Invisible” may be viewed as a short film by renowned artist/filmmaker Brian Bress at or on VEVO.  Elysium was recorded earlier this year during the three months Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe spent in Los Angeles.

Producer Andrew Dawson recently said:  “It was really exciting for me to work with Pet Shop Boys - the breadth of their career has been phenomenal. They both have incredible ideas and I’ve definitely learned a few tricks from them on making records”.

The Pet Shop Boys added “we wanted to make this album in a different environment. Despite frequent visits there we have never made an album in Los Angeles. Working there with Andrew Dawson has enabled us to make a very fresh-sounding album.”

Like several tracks on Elysium, “Invisible” features backing vocals by veteran singers Oren, Maxine and Julie Waters whose long career spans sessions with The Jackson Five to Adele, and singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy.