Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super Scoop on the Hottest Eyewear Trends!

BeansTalk had the honored pleasure of meeting and interviewing Sama designer Sheila Vance.   
Here's the super scoop she gave us on what's HOT in eyewear trends. 
Sheila Vance, Designer, Sama Eyewear

Q:What are the latest trends in eyewear?

A: Metal glasses are coming back strong and the newest trend is featuring them in palladium plated metal. Palladium is light, naturally white, durable and sensitive to skin. A touch of semi or precious stones gives a story and color to the eyewear. Rose gold and palladium plated metal frames makes the eyewear precious and luxurious.

Q: I want sunglasses like a celebrity. Which are your most popular with celebs? (Tell us which celeb wears which style).

A: Brad Pitt wore Sama's Black Onyx aviator frame which features rose gold metal with rose gold lenses.  There is also a onyx stone on the temple which made him ready for the red carpet at the cannes film  festival. Angelina Jolie recently has been spotted around the world in the Sama Gossip sunglass in black tortoise with colorful metal temples.  This medium size soft square shape is one of the more popular styles for our female celebrity fans. Additionally, Rhianna completed a summer beach look with Angie, a cat eye Loree Rodkin by Sama sunglass in a black/tortoise color. Sexy cat eye shapes is our focus for all plastic releases this year.

Q: What styles are considered classic/never-go-out-of-style?

A: Metal aviators for men and metal/plastic combo for women in classic lens shapes will always be a wardrobe staple. The Sama incognito collection is entirely timeless, showcasing classic shapes that will never go out of style.

Q: We have a big collection of sunglasses from the last decade. We don't want to be outre! What styles are definitely OUT?

A: Very futuristic sharp angular and shield frames

Q: Are there any tricks to finding a flattering pair of sunglasses, based on, say, age or styling or coloring or facial shape?

A: Stay away from very sharp bright colors , natural tones of brown, black, gray and warm colors are more flattering, a bit of a lift on the corner of the eye glasses makes it younger.  Choose frames that are larger in size not too small.  With lenses when they are  gradient, they are always very complimentary.

Q: Shelia, tell us about the new Magic Hour Collection. What was the inspiration for it? How did you come up with the name "Magic Hour?

A:  As the sun is nearest to the horizon, sunlight travels through the atmosphere in a fashion that reduces the intensity of light so the radiant glow of illumination comes from the indirect light in the sky. For a small window of time each day, a natural light with this soft and warm quality is truly at its most beautiful. This golden brilliance, is referred to as the “Magic Hour”, which is known around the globe as incomparably perfect, precious and pristine. This to me was the perfect name for a collection which reflects perfection and precision of high jewelry and the magnificent harmony between technology and design, creativity and craftsmanship, precious gemstones and metals.  The sexy, yet elegant shapes were inspired by strong, sophisticated, intelligent women living a modern lifestyle. Setting fashion trends and requires only the best of designs and quality.

Q: The Tresor frames are gorgeous. There's such intricate detail in the frame and choice of gemstones. What was the thinking behind the rose (?)  and [other colored] gold frames and the combination of gem colors?
A: These frames are introduced in gold and palladium and the stones were combined based on the influence of each stones characteristics.  Each stone brings a energy and power, for example the Pink Tourmaline's are viewed as possessing the power to promote emotional and physical healing, Citrine's promote self-confidence and success and retains no negativity and the Peridot's promote harmony and healing.