Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jane Fonda Always Looks Fabulous

Jane Fonda-- recent appearance on Letterman

Here are a few beauty tips on how to get your hair to look as good as Jane Fonda's

Roy Teeluck, her New York go-to stylist recommends:

1. Pre-dry the hair with your fingers, lifting from the roots
2. Concentré de Collagène *
3. Start by blow drying the front
4. Osmo Clay as a finishing touch on the tips of the hair to give it that piecier allure.

* Concentré de Collagène, Roy's signature product, is a collagen infused serum that is key to healthy hair and scalp.
About Concentré de Collagène - "Plump Up Your Hair" 
Marking a new age in skin care biology, Concentré de Collagène by Roy Teeluck is an innovative,
concentrated collagen serum for healthy hair and scalp. Collagen for the hair, you ask?
The results are astonishing: from shinier, healthier hair to fuller, more voluminous blow-outs.
Roy's premier signature product is a fresh, innovative hair and scalp treatment formulated with
a unique collagen delivery system enhanced with peptides and botanicals. Repeated use enriches the scalp
to create fuller, healthier, and more voluminous hair.

The product infuses much-needed collagen in its whole molecular form into the scalp, which nurtures and replenishes the skin.
Concentré de Collagène promotes an enriched environment for your hair to maintain its optimal health as it grows.
Roy's clients are enjoying dramatic results from a healthier, flake-free scalp to whompier blow-outs.
Concentré de Collagène is an easy-to-use at home treatment, penetrating in seconds into the scalp.
Those of you who live in New York, Roy offers an exclusive, luxurious, in-salon spa service that includes:
Cleansing wash
Serum application
Relaxing head massage
Clarifying warm-steam treatment
Fabulous Blow-Out