Monday, December 02, 2013

Our Skin-Care Favorites

We Love....

We have to call these our skin-care favorites, because we can't, in good conscience, call them "must-haves," because we can't always afford them. If you can, you should invest. Your skin will thank you. I mentioned in the above article that my favorite product was the Omega-3 for Irritation, but if I had to choose from the extensive line it would be the Retinol Renewal.

Kate Somerville's Quench -- it feels incredible on your skin. Today, with the code Holiday2013, you can get  this, and any other Somerville product, for 30% off.

Ultraluxe Retinol Renewal. Visit for details of any "Cyber Monday" deals.

Liz Earle's Superbalm -- even though it is designed for hands, we use this on our face, too.

(We just realized that, at one point or another, all of our skin-care faves were represented by PR guru extraordinare, our friend Tina Thomson of Tina Thomson and Associates.)