Friday, December 13, 2013

What We're Watching Now

BeansTalk's Must-See TV

Here's a look at what we're watching

Some of these shows are ended, just ending or about to begin a season. In no particular order...

New Girl, Fox

Raising Hope, Fox

Getting On, HBO

Chopped, Food Network

Elementary, CBS
Parks & Recreation, NBC

Modern Family, ABC
Masters of Sex, Showtime

Community, NBC

Girls, HBO

Boardwalk Empire, HBO

Homeland, Showtime

Ja'mie Private School Girl, HBO

The Killing, AMC

The Mindy Project, FOX

Nurse Jackie, Showtime

Psych, USA

Some Girls, UK ( We watched the series on YouTube)

The Big Bang Theory, CBS

The Americans, AMC

Game of Thrones, HBO

Portlandia, IFC
Ray Donovan, Showtime

Episodes, HBO

What We Watch Alone

Downton Abbey, PBS (We've already seen Season 4, Don't Ask How)

Awkward, MTV (Because I'm basically still a 14-year-old girl)

Beauty and the Beast, The CW 
Teen Wolf, MTV (especially the guy on the far right; because I'm basically still a 14-year-old girl)

If you have Netflix, You MUST Watch "Top of the Lake"

And Hit and Miss