Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Seeing Green: Jeweler Simon G is jumping on the colored diamond bandwagon – green, he says is the “must have” color in fashion accessories. He offer a green hued collection from cocktail to cluster rings to stacked bands in lime to sage, emerald to olive in shades. More info, call (213) 622-2660 or visit

The Shadow Knows: Stila now has shadow pots, which retail for $20. The shadow is light and shimmery (powder with the ease of cream) and stila’s Jeannine Lobell says, “As soon as you put it on, you get WOW…with a shimmery glow.” Colors include mist, pearl, moon, iris, lime, honey, smoke, flame, amber, taupe, lily, sky, petal. Call (877) 565-1299 or visit

Berry Good: Dr. Howard Murad’s discovered a way to draw on the benefits of the Goji Berry in his new Redness Therapy Line, designed to Reduce Rosacea-like redness. It has 500 times the vitamin c of oranges and more beta carotene than carrots. A Man named Li Quin Uyen supposedly lived from 1678 to 1930 – that’s 252 years -- he apparently consumed the berries daily. The Goji Berry, used in traditional Mogolian and Tibetan medicine for centuries is used in Murad’s products as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory agent and hydrator. More info, (800) 33 MURAD or

In other Murad news, he appeared on ABC’s “The View discussing the issue of blemishes in teens. He designed a program for a group of teens that included his Clarifying Cleanser, Moisturizing Acne Treatment Gel, Clarifying Mask, Pure Skin Clarifying Supplement, West Suit Cell Hydrating Supplement, and Skin Perfecting Lotion.

Still more Murad…Murad products were featured prominently when “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” made over their first Gay guy, in June. Queer Eye’s Kyan Douglas suggested Wayne (the makeover) use Murad Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 15, Murad Claifying Mask, and Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Supplement.

Back Pain?: Join the club – some 80% or 65 million Americans suffer from it. LPG, the world leader in connective tissue treatments, have developed the Spine Force system, which is a new way for therapists to work with patients. Developed for more than six years in France, they consulted with kinesiotherapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, biomechanics and physical trainers. The customized technology works up to 180 muscles at a time and targets the Intrinsic Stabilizer Muscles , responsible for overall spinal health and often difficult to reach for doctors and therapists. Users noted an improvement in range of motion, balance, strength, posture, cessation of pain.

Sponge It Up: This sounds fun: Spongeables, a soap-infused sponge with bright colors and fragrances (like Citrus Basil, Lemon Berry and Sun-Kissed Fig) and an exfoliating texture. The sponge holds an olive oil-and glycerine based soap. Each lasts for 30 showers.

Brush-On Sun Protection: Sunforgettable is Colorscience’s nanotechnology, SPF 30, brush-on powder sun protection and relies on micornized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. One application lasts all day. Sunforgettable is already a favorite of Brittany Murphy, Natasha Richardson and Daryl Hannah. Retails for $45. For nearest retailer, go to or call (866) COLORE.

Predicting Hair Trends: One of the best hairstylists around, Stuart Gavert (he does the locks of Christina Applegate and Lisa Kudrow), and his equally cool partner, Cody Kusakabe (Brooke Shields and Keanu Reeves) offer up what they think will be the hottest look for fall and winter. Kusakabe says that the “sexy and disheveled” will be sexy, but less disheveled. Achieve waves by setting hair in pin curls or using a wide-barreled curling iron. Take hair down, tousle and tease a bit at rooms. Bangs will no longer be long and heavy, but wispy and side-swept, sexy and playful. No more slick up-dos, either. It’s about the “un-do” as hair accessories accent tousled, voluminous hair. Gavert’s color report suggests summer blondes turn into winter blondette by adding muted gold or smoky champagne highlights. Brunettes should add soft, muted reds. Chunky, disconnected highlights flatter the hot voluminous hair look. Less color in the bangs and more color throughout the back complements randomly placed highlights. Gavert Atilier is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit or call (310) 858-7898.

Functional Art: Umbra’s Ensalada Bowl was awarded IDEA’s Gold Award in the category of consumer products by a jurly of 17 non-affiliated designers juding more than 1500 submissions from more than 25 countries. Ensalada was designed by Scott Henderson of Mint Inc. in NY.

Speaking of Umbra, they have these great Phatboy Pens featured in their Fall 2004 catalogue that come in blue, green, orange and pink and come in a case. Very cool.

Post-Summer Glow: Avia Spa’s C Glow Spritz protects skin against environmental damage and is made from natural extracts, amino acids and is fortified with Vitamin C. Avia says it will restore elasticity and pliability by providing protection against free radicals which lead to premature skin aging. For more info,