Saturday, October 02, 2004

Mildly Forgettable "The Forgotten"

Producers and directors should celebrate the presence of Julianne Moore in their films -- Moore will make anything, even the deplorable Revlon "movie-style" theater and television ads, seem amazing.

Unforgettable is a cleverly concocted thriller about a woman who slowly realizes that things are being taken away from her. It starts small, with her parking space, her coffee and moves to larger things, like the memory of her dead son, Sam. Sam, as Telly Paretta (Moore) insists to those around her, was killed, along with six other children, in a tragic plane crash 14 months prior. She's seeing a therapist (Gary Sinese) to help her with her grief. Suddenly though, she finds out that she's seeing him, because, as he and her husband (Anthony Edwards), insist she's delusional -- they've never had a son.

As expected, Telly feels she's being gaslighted. Soon, she and her one comarade, Ash Correll (Dominic West, playing the father of another victim, a girl named Lauren), are being chased by the NSA. Brits West and Linus Roache (as a mysterious man who seems to have something to do with the "conspiracy") do a commendable job as Americans.

The thrills and special effects work in this film, as do the performances -- everyone here is very good. However, the story is very M. Night Shymalamadingdong. There's a strong build up to one umbrella, conclusive reason and it doesn't feel entirely satisfying. It's completely enjoyable during the viewing. Moore captivates. But upon leaving the theater, and reflecting, it ultimately is more forgettable than not.