Tuesday, October 05, 2004

What to Watch, What to Carry, What to Do

Thinking XXX: Subjects Include Adult Film Stars Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane, Sean Michaels, Tera Patrick And Chad Hunt, And Cultural Observers Gore Vidal, John Waters, Faye Wattleton And Nancy Friday, Pornography has become a part of the American cultural mainstream. While X-rated actors once lived in the show-biz shadows, today's top porn stars have become celebrities in their own right, their work and lives followed by an ever-increasing fan base. Portrait photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders presents a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his new book of adult film star portraits, combining candid insights from a diverse collection of porn stars with reflections on sexuality from cultural observers, authors and artists when “Thinking XXX” debuts Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 11 p.m. on HBO. The film is produced and directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders; editor, Lukas Hauser; principal camera, Steven Seymour.

Hot Handbag: Sure, the UGG handbag will be hot this winter, but Neiman Marcus is also predicting the pretty velour Juicy Couture bags will be hot, too. The oft-replicated (but never duplicated) Marc Jacobs handbag is getting a tiny makeover, too and you can find them at Neiman Marcus. The buttery soft leather is amazing.

Lifetime Shows: PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS November 2004


IDENTITY THEFT: THE MICHELE BROWN STORY (Lifetime Original Movie Premiere)

· Airs Monday, November 1, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· Every six minutes in America, someone’s identity is stolen. This film is based on a true story of one woman’s (Michelle Brown) terrifying ordeal to regain her identity after it is stolen by a complete stranger. The identity “thief” not only stole all of Michelle’s identity information and wracked up thousands of dollars in debt, she also became so obsessed that she wanted to become her. Starring Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Annabella Sciorra and Jason London. (Drama/2004)


Popping the Question with Star Jones

· Airs Sunday, November 14, 10-11 PM ET/PT

· Star Jones' own proposal was a dream come true, and now that she's planning her fairy tale wedding, the star of ABC's “The View” wants to help love-struck men planning to propose on the upcoming special. The night after Star's real-life nuptials to Al Scales Reynolds, she will help three would-be grooms mastermind over-the-top and hilarious proposals that will leave their girlfriends speechless. (Reality/2004)


How Clean Is Your House?

· Airs Monday, November 1, 11-11:30 PM ET/PT

· Airs Monday, November 8, 11-11:30 PM ET/PT

· Airs Monday, November 15, 11-11:30 PM ET/PT

· Airs Monday, November 22, 11-11:30 PM ET/PT

· Airs Monday, November 29, 11-11:30 PM ET/PT

· Two British cleaning experts shake filth offenders out of their horrible cleaning habits and turn them into domestic Gods and Goddesses!


One Night Stand

· Airs Saturday, November 6, 10-11PM ET/PT

· Jess and Nicole are looking for a missing woman who could possibly be a murder victim. The clues lead the team to discover that the woman is actually alive, and that she has faked her own disappearance and murder in order to help her fellow convicts escape from jail. Starring Vivica A. Fox, Caterina Scorsone, Mark Consuelos and Justin Louis. (Drama 2004/)

Judgment Day

· Airs Saturday, November 13, 10-11PM ET/PT

· Nicole and Jess find themselves helping a judge who sits on the case of a big profile mobster. The judge soon learns that her daughter has been kidnapped, and that if she doesn't dismiss the trial, she will get her daughter back...but in pieces. Starring Vivica A. Fox, Caterina Scorsone, Mark Consuelos and Justin Louis.

(Drama/ 2004)


· Airs Saturday, November 20, 10-11PM ET/PT

· A woman's husband was killed in a car accident, but their baby boy who was also in the car, was never found. When the boy is seen on television in a crowd at a football game, Nicole and Jess are sent to find the boy and discover how he survived the car accident. Starring Vivica A. Fox, Caterina Scorsone, Mark Consuelos and Justin Louis. (Drama/ 2004)



· Airs Sunday, November 7, 9-10 PM ET/PT

· When babies start coming in to the ER deathly ill, it seems there is an epidemic outbreak in Philly. Lu discovers that the donated baby formula being handed out by Rittenhouse was missing a critical B-1 supplement and the babies are suffering from beriberi. Lu, Ben, Peter, and Lana take to the streets to gather up the defective baby formula and rectify the dangerous situation. Andy's patient is in need of a kidney, but the only donor match is her biological father--the man who raped her mother. Starring Rosa Blasi, Philip Casnoff, Josh Coxx, Jenifer Lewis, Tamera Mowry, and Patricia Richardson. (Drama/2004)

What Should You Do?

· Airs Saturday, November 6, 11 PM-12 AM ET/PT

· A pleasure cruise turns into a nightmare when a couple is stranded at sea as their sail boat capsizes in shark-infested waters. A newspaper carrier saves two sisters who are trapped inside their burning house. A motorist comes to the aide of a woman who passes out behind the wheel during rush hour traffic. A classmate saves his choking friend on the school bus. Two women are kidnapped and held hostage in a car while their abductor commits an armed robbery.

· Airs Saturday, November 13, 11 PM-12AM ET/PT

· A man on a snow mobile is buried alive by a sudden avalanche. A deranged gun man holds a teacher and her students hostage in their classroom for 91/2 hours. A woman saves an elderly driver that is trapped in his burning truck before it explodes. A woman fends off a bear that attacks her in her own home. A man rescues another from going blind when a car battery explodes sending acid into his face. Robbery suspects who appeared on the news arrive at a family’s front door.

· Airs Saturday, November 20, 11 PM-12AM ET/PT

· A woman is shot by a sniper while working in a remote nature preserve. Host Montel Williams rescues a driver from a burning overturned car that has careened off the road. A woman must remain calm when a snake suddenly crawls out of the car vent and onto the dashboard while she’s driving on a bridge. A woman is electrocuted when a live power line falls on her motor home. A freshman band member is badly beaten by his band mates as part of an initiation ritual.


NOWHERE IN SIGHT (Basic Cable Premiere)

· Airs Tuesday, November 2, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· A woman, who has recently lost her sight in a terrible accident, now depends on her boyfriend for even the simplest tasks. When he goes out of town, she is terrorized by two men who have broken into her apartment and want the combination to the safe. Starring Chris Heyerdahl, Andrew McCarthy, and Helen Slater.(Suspense Thriller/2000)


· Airs Monday, November 8, 9-11PM ET/PT

· A young woman mourning the tragic death of her husband who fell in a rock-climbing accident at Snowman's Pass three years ago, meets a young man who wants to hire her as a guide for Snowman's Pass. He promises that he can help her locate her husband's body using satellite imagery. Starring Nicole Eggert, Mark Singer, and George Stults. (Suspense Thriller/2004)

YESTERDAY’S CHILDREN (Basic Cable Premiere)

· Airs Tuesday, November 9, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· A pregnant architect is haunted by dreams of a woman who lived in 1930s Ireland. Based on the book by Jenny Cockell. Starring Jane Alexander, Claire Bloom, Clancy Brown, Hume Cronyn, and Jane Seymour. (Drama /2000)

CONTAGION (U.S. Premiere)

· Airs Monday, November 15, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· A top virologist is summoned to the aid of US President when he is poisoned. The President's Chief of Staff begins receiving mysterious phone calls that claim the president is infected with the Ebola Virus and that the caller provide the antidote for a fee. Starring Bruce Boxleitner, Megan Gallagher, Dan Lauria, and David Wells. (Suspense Thriller/2001)

NOT OUR SON (Basic Cable Premiere)

· Airs Tuesday, November 16, 9PM-11 PM ET/PT

· Based on a true story upon a police sketch, the parents of a man who turns out to be the Seattle Specter, a notorious arsonist, turn him in to the authorities and give the reward money to the victims. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Gerald McRaney, Ari Meyers, and Tom Verica. (Suspense Thriller/1995)

RETURN TO ME (Basic Cable Premiere)

· Airs Thursday, November 18, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· After losing his wife, a lonely man learns his new possible love interest has his wife's donor heart. Starring Jim Belushi, Minnie Driver, David Duchovny, Bonnie Hunt, Robert Loggia, and Carroll O'Connor. (Drama/2000)

V.I. WARSHAWSKI (Lifetime Premiere)

· Airs Saturday, November 20 , 12AM-2 PM ET/PT

· A Chicago cop works on a case, but she is hampered by her personal involvement. Starring Charles Durning, Jay O. Sanders, and Kathleen Turner. (Drama/1991)


· Airs Monday, November 22 , 9-11 PM ET/PT

· Three escaped convicts led by a violent murderer force their way into a woman's home. Along with her teenaged daughters and estranged husband, she fights to save her family. Starring Thomas Cavanagh, Azure Dawn, Melissa Gilbert, Cydney Hedgpeth, and BrianWimmer. (Suspense Thriller/2004)

TWISTED DESIRE (Lifetime Premiere)

· Airs Tuesday, November 23, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· Based on actual events. A high school girl convinces her ex-con boyfriend that her parents are keeping them apart, so he must get rid of them. Starring Daniel Baldwin, Melissa Joan Hart, Isabella Hofmann, Jeremy Jordan, and David Lascher. (Drama/1996)

PERSONALLY YOURS (Basic Cable Premiere)

· Airs Thursday, November 25, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· After placing a singles ad for their father, three kids scheme to hook him up with his perfect match...their mother. Starring Valerie Bertinelli, Brittany Irvin, and Jeffery Nordling. (Drama/2000)

SILK HOPE (Basic Cable Premiere)

· Airs Friday, November 26 , 9-11 PM ET/PT

· A woman's life is filled with too many parties and too many men. When her mother dies, and her sister wants to sell their childhood home, she refocuses her priorities. While trying to raise money to buy her sister's portion of the house, she finds true love. Starring Ashley Crow, Farrah Fawcett, and Brad Johnson. (Drama/1999)

DUE EAST (Lifetime Premiere)

· Airs Saturday, November 27, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· An intelligent high school senior who is poised to graduate as the class valedictorian, teaches a night class and takes care of her widowed father leaving little time for becoming popular. However, when a teen loner moves to town, she connects with him and becomes pregnant before his sudden and accidental death. Starring Clara Bryant, Kate Capshaw, Robert Forster, and Cybill Shepherd. (Drama/2002)

SECOND HONEYMOON (Basic Cable Premiere)

· Airs Sunday, November 28, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· A couple who is experiencing troubles in their marriage and are getting ready to separate receive a tropical vacation for their wedding anniversary from their unsuspecting parents and children. The vacation is nonrefundable and they decide to take the trip, but agree to spend the time apart. Starring Roma Downey and Tim Matheson. (Dramedy/ 2001)

COMBUSTION (U.S. Premiere)

· Airs Monday, November 29, 9-11 PM ET/PT

· City engineer Scott Daniels is determined to find the cause of the suspicious blasts that are erupting all over town. Fire chief Kyle Patterson suspects arson, but Scott believes that the blasts are due to natural causes. When Scott realizes that the blasts are caused by deadly methane gas, he must race to eliminate the gas as soon as possible, rescue the city from further explosions and save his wife and teenage son. Starring Gabrielle Carteris, Michael Gregory, Joe Lando, and Johnny Pacar. ( Action Adventure/ 2004)

MR & MRS LOVING (Lifetime Premiere)

· Airs Tuesday, November 30, 9-11PM ET/PT

· Childhood friends who fall in love as they grow older decide to get married. With the blessings of their families, they marry in the 1960s, but the interracial couple must then petition the Supreme Court in order to legalize their marriage. Starring Timothy Hutton and Lela Rochon Fuqua. (Drama/1996)

New Home Makeover Show: Eight Amateur Remodelers Tackle the Master Bedroom Suite in TBS's New Reality Series THE MANSION Episode 3 Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 10 a.m. (ET/PT)

Full renovation of the master bedroom suite is the third challenge in TBS's new reality series THE MANSION airing Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 10 a.m. (ET/PT). THE MANSION, from Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. (Switched!, Bands Reunited), ups the ante on home-renovation as eight supercharged competitors renovate a Cincinnati mansion that one of them will eventually get to keep. Hosted by Mark L. Walberg (Temptation Island), the series challenges amateur remodelers to work together on home-improvement projects with time and budget constraints, while facing personality conflicts, sharing a living space and following the leadership of a new foreman each week. In Episode 3, the team has five days to completely renovate the master bedroom, bathroom, closet and sleeping porch. With $20,000 and a new foreman, they plunge into their new task with enthusiasm and determination. The twist of the episode is presented when, without warning, four limousines snake up the driveway of the Mansion ready to take the contestants on missions in pairs. One pair is sent to a luxurious day of pampering at a spa, another pair is sent to a local dump where they have to dig through rubble, and the remaining two pairs are taken for a ride around the block only to return to the Mansion to continue working on the challenge. The foreman must decide who goes in each limousine knowing its final destination.

Who’s Wearing What: Actress Melora Hardin arrived at the Noche De Ninos Charity Gala benefiting the Childrens Hospital LA on Saturday evening in Beverly Hills for the event which honored actress Jennifer Lopez’ vital charitable work on behalf of Childrens Hospital LA. For this red carpet gala, Hardin wore A Pea in the Pod’s ombre chiffon strapless cascade front evening gown in color that ranges from a soft petal pink to a rich chocolate color. She recently starred in Hollywood Mom’s Mystery and can be seen next portraying Linda Evans in Dynasty: Behind The Scenes. She and her husband are expecting their second child at the end of the year.