Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Luxury Gifts, Memberships and other Asundry Cheer

Breitling Emergency Watch- Designed originally for pilots and air crews, the Emergency Breitling is an instrument watch with built-in microtransmitter broadcasting! Made for the high adventurer, the Breitling will broadcast a signal for 48 hours at the push of a button. It retails in yellow gold for $25,000 and white gold for $32,250.

Reuters reported that two British pilots, Squadron Ldr. Steve Brooks and Flight Lt. Hugh Quentin-Smith, crashed their helicopter in Antarctica and were rescued after activating their Breitling Emergency transmitter watches. The two pilots were in their lifeboat when a Chilean Otter aircraft found them after homing-in on signals from their watches. The Breitling Emergency watch contains a micro-transmitter, which is programmed to transmit on the international aviation distress frequency of 121.5 MHz.