Friday, June 13, 2008

Beauty “Lies” and Realities
From Jan Arnold, Co-Founder of CND
for BeansTalk

1. Lie: “Eat gelatin to grow strong, healthy nails.”

Reality: There is no scientific evidence of any benefit to nails from eating gelatin.

2. Lie: “Never file ‘back and forth’ on the nail.”

Reality: Filing ‘back and forth’ is perfectly safe IF you are using a fine grit file (240 or higher).

3. Lie: “It is best to leave toe nails square to prevent in-grown toe-nails.”

Reality: Square corners create sharp spikes that are driven into the surrounding skin under the pressure of tight or pointed shoes. Always trim corners at a 45 degree angle and smooth nail into a rounded square.

4. Lie: “Remove enamel and all coatings from the nail periodically to ‘let them breathe’.”

Reality: Coatings – anything from a thin base and top coat to a nail enhancement coating – protect nails and help to prevent them from becoming dry and brittle.

5. Lie: “Acetone polish remover is bad for nails.”

Reality: Acetone-based removers are superior because they efficiently remove pigment from the nail, leaving no residue or stain. Non-acetone removers evaporate very slowly, leaving a gummy film behind.

6. Lie: “Square shaped nails are stronger than oval or almond shapes.”

Reality: Strength comes from the sidewalls of the nail. Always keep the sides parallel, where the pink meets the white, and then begin shaping near the extended edge.

7. Lie: “It is OK to cut off calluses.”

Reality: Smooth, do not remove calluses. Calluses protect the pressure points of the feet. You need them. Use a gradual process of exfoliation to smooth and polish callused and very dry areas of the foot.

8. Lie: “Wear only pale enamel shades on short nails.”

Reality: In fact, short nails can carry dark shades best because the darker color helps to give the illusion of a beautiful, classic, well groomed nail.

9. Lie: “Nail enhancements (tips and/or coatings) are bad for the natural nail.”

Reality: Today’s nail enhancement technology is light, thin, safe and protective. Coatings protect the natural nail from the rigors of everyday impact. (The bonding process comes from advanced technology without the use of primers or filing damage! They grow out with the natural nail only requiring maintenance once a month.) Polish never chips and a custom-blended natural look offers great fashion freedom.

10. Lie: “Cutting cuticles makes my nails look so clean and healthy.”

Reality: Over time, cutting cuticles will lead to thickened scar-like tissue. The more you cut them, the thicker they will become. Stop the vicious cycle by using an AHA cuticle remover to gradually micro-exfoliate the non-living tissue. If used daily, this will prevent dry skin build-up and deeply hydrate the skin to keep it tight, clean and healthy.

11. Lie: “Skin that easily tans can’t successfully wear purple nail enamel.”

Reality: All skin tones can wear all colors, if the correct hue of the color is chosen. If you tan easily, this means you have a lot of yellow in your skin. Choose a lilac or purple with yellow in it. Such as “Rebel With A Cause.” If you easily burn in the sun, you have ‘cool’ or ‘blue based’ skin, choose a purple without yellow in it. Such as “Jiggy.”