Thursday, August 14, 2008

Celebrity (Legend) Sighting

Wednesday afternoon, while on a Tuesday Morning run, we noticed the slip of a woman in front of us, returning a fancy colander. Blonde, but Asian, we were talking to ourselves wondering when the “France Nuyen-like woman” was going to be done, when we realized it actually was France Nuyen, the legendary star of “South Pacific,” “Diamond Head,” and “The Joy Luck Club.” She spent four years as a doctor on “St. Elsewhere.”

The French born, half French/half Chinese actress, who lives in Beverly Hills, was a wisp of a thing, with her blond hair pulled back into a braided (and netted) bun. She had on black ballet flats with an oval accent, black thigh-high (gasp!) stockings, a black lace-accented skirt and a shrugged-on khaki colored coat. Very cute. When she eventually finished her transaction, she stayed in the store, looking at chenille slippers.

After Anna-May Wong, Nuyen broke ground and introduced the Asian actress as star. Ironic, since Nuyen (who never discusses her Chinese/Vietnamese father) speaks no Asian languages. She also didn’t see another Asian person until she was 18 years old. She was raised by a cousin in Marseilles, while her mother and grandfather were tortured for being gypsies by the Nazis.

Nuyen made news when she publicly spoke out against her “Joy Luck” director Amy Tan. But she’s an icon. At least to us. We almost said something, but opted not to. Let her shop in peace.